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Buff System

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Your tactics should rely on the consumption of food and drinks, each granting various buffs to enhance your character's abilities.

  • All types of food and drinks add permanent buffs and temporarily increase the maximum health of the character.
  • Uncommon food and drinks offer additional bonuses, such as fighting regional challenges or increasing the speed of resource gathering!
  • Rare food and drinks provide even greater benefits, enhancing combat parameters in addition to increasing maximum health. It is best consumed during the most challenging battles, such as Canyon Trials, Alliance Gold Rush raids, and fights in the most difficult Bandit camps.

Buff durations

You need to eat and drink to become stronger and face tough challenges. Each dish offers a dual benefit, providing a permanent buff upon initial consumption and a temporary buff during every consumption. Temporary buff remains active for a specified duration, divided into distinct stages.

  • Full Power — the buff is at its maximum strength and lasts for 30 minutes after consuming food or drink.
  • Decreasing Bonus — a short period at the end of the buff's effect, during which its impact gradually diminishes to avoid the sudden weakening of the character in combat.
  • Neutral — the bonus from food or drink has ceased to have an effect.
  • Weakened — the character has been without food or water for over 25 hours and is affected by hunger and/or thirst debuffs.

Please note!
After applying a buff to your character, the timer will continue running in all scenarios, whether you are on a location, the global map, or even offline. If you are planning a lengthy expedition or expect to take breaks from the game, it's essential to carry an adequate supply of food and drinks with you.

Your character can simultaneously receive bonuses from 2 different foods and just 1 drink. If you eat more dishes, their effect may:

  • Replace one of the already consumed food.
  • Extend the duration of the current buff to the maximum if the new food is similar to the one already eaten.

The effects of drinks work in a similar way, with the only difference being that your character can have a bonus from only one drink at a time.


Debuffs in the game are seamlessly integrated into the Buff system, ensuring clear visibility whenever your character is affected. 

  • Hunger — If your character goes without any food for 25 hours, their attack power will be reduced. The debuff will be instantly replaced with a buff as soon as the character eats something.
  • Thirst — If your character goes without any drink for 25 hours, their healing effectiveness will be reduced. The debuff will be instantly replaced with a buff as soon as the character drinks something.
  • Bleeding — gradual health loss over a period of time after being wounded.
  • Cold — May take place in the northern region. A character without cold protection will experience a rapid reduction in the duration of the food buff. As soon as the buff disappears, the character starts freezing. The cold is less dangerous now and no longer paralyzes the frozen character. Now, it only significantly slows down the character's movement.
  • Heat — May take place in the southern region, located beyond the River crossing. A character lacking heat protection will quickly reduce the duration of the drink buff. Once the buff disappears, the character starts feeling the heat. An overheated character slows down just like when freezing.
  • Stunning — inability to move and attack.
  • Intoxication — impaired movement coordination after excessive whiskey consumption.
  • Slowing — reduced movement speed.
  • Healing Debuff — can occur from mosquito bites, affecting the effectiveness of healing.