There are lots of animals in Westland. Most of them are extremely dangerous. But some of them can be turned into mighty allies. If you want to do so, you need to invest skill points in Spirit or you may lure them with a special bait and make them your pets!

Here is a list of all Westland animals and mythical creatures with some useful information about them.


Gray wolf Buffalo wolf Northwestern wolf Black wolf Red wolf
wolf_skin_1_icon.png wolf_skin_2_icon.png wolf_skin_3_icon.png wolf_skin_4_icon.png wolf_skin_5_icon.png
Gray wolves usually hunt on weak animals: old or ill ones. Buffalo Wolf can cross up to 50 miles in one night. They prefer to hunt in packs. Alone, much less dangerous. The black wolf has very few natural enemies in the wild. Like cats, wolves see well in the dark.
Spirit: 5 Spirit: 25 Spirit: 45 Spirit: 65 Spirit: 90

Alpha Wolves

Gray alpha wolf Buffalo alpha wolf Northwestern alpha wolf Black alpha wolf Red alpha wolf
direwolf_skin_1_icon.png direwolf_skin_2_icon.png direwolf_skin_3_icon.png direwolf_skin_4_icon.png direwolf_skin_5_icon.png
In fights between wolves packs winners usually don't kill a whole pack but only a leader. Every wolf pack has not only an alpha male but also an alpha female. The cubs of the leader and his partner are usually brought up by the entire pack. Wolves have extremely sensitive hearing, much above the range of human hearing. Wolves' level of intelligence is above-average compared with domesticated relatives — dogs
Spirit: 15 Spirit: 35 Spirit: 55 Spirit: 80 Spirit: 110


Wildcat Lynx Canada lynx Redlynx Southern lynx Louisiana lynx
lynx_skin_1_icon.png lynx_skin_2_icon.png lynx_skin_3_icon.png lynx_skin_3_summer_icon.png lynx_skin_4_icon.png lynx_skin_5_icon.png
Wild cats are much larger and more aggressive than domestic ones. Meow! During the run, the hind legs of the lynx step exactly on the prints of the front paws. Canada lynxes habitat is dense forests, along with their primary prey — the white hare. Due to the unusual color red lynx are of particular interest among poachers. Due to the spotted skin southern lynx perfectly merges with the terrain. The lynx has special bumps on its tongue that help it chew meat.
Spirit: 10 Spirit: 30 Spirit: 50 Spirit: 50 Spirit: 70 Spirit: 90


Puma Cougar Mountain lion Jaguar Panter
puma_skin_1_icon.png puma_skin_2_icon.png puma_skin_3_icon.png puma_skin_4_icon.png puma_skin_5_icon.png
The puma's hind legs are more powerful in relation to body size than those of other cats. If a cougar gets a large prey, it hides leftovers up until next time. All mountain lions lead a solitary lifestyle. With one exception — females with cubs. Many Native American tribes worship jaguars, finding them sacred animals. Better not anger black panthers: most of them have a pattern of aggressive behavior.
Spirit: 20 Spirit: 40 Spirit: 60 Spirit: 85 Spirit: 110


Cinnamon bear Black bear Glacier bear Grizzly bear Louisiana black bear Polar bear
bear_skin_1_icon.png bear_skin_2_icon.png bear_skin_3_icon.png bear_skin_4_icon.png bear_skin_5_icon.png bear_skin_6_icon.png
Cinnamon bears have an excellent memory. Black bears have excellent sense of smell. However, the same cannot be said about vision. Glacier bear got its name due to a silver-blue coat color. Standing on its back legs, Grizzly bear reaches a height of 10 ft. Louisiana black bear sense of smell a hundred times better than human one. Polar bears have black skin, but you won't see it because of their white fur.
Spirit: 25 Spirit: 45 Spirit: 65 Spirit: 90 Spirit: 115 Can't be tamed


Rottweiler Haskie Werewolf Watchdog  
dog_skin_1_icon.png dog_skin_2_icon.png dog_skin_3_icon.png Badboy_256.png  
Rottweilers are excellent guards ready to defend their owners with dedication. Blue eyes — a characteristic feature of huskies. Horrific dog-werewolf? No. Just an ordinary husky colored with phosphorus Usually accompanies bandits. Beware of them!  
Can't be tamed Can't be tamed Can't be tamed Can't be tamed  


Plains coyote Mountain coyote White coyote    
coyote_skin_1_icon.png coyote_skin_2_icon.png coyote_skin_3_icon.png    
If a coyote senses danger it may start barking — just like a dog! Coyotes choose their partner once and for their whole life. What a love story! Stands out from the other coyotes with its snow-white hair. This is an extremely rare color in nature.    
Spirit: 1 Spirit: 1 Can't be tamed    


Wild pig Wild boar      
boar_skin_1_icon.png wild_boar.png      
Wild pigs adore wallowing in mud pits. A fierce wild boar, a distant ancestor of the domestic pig.      
Spirit: 5 Spirit: 20      


Alligator Mature Alligator      
crocodile_skin_1_icon.png crocodile_skin_2_icon.png      
Unlike crocodiles alligators cannot swim in salt water. Alligator is the most toothy reptile. It's around fifty teeth in its jaws.      
Spirit: 90 Spirit: 110      

The habitat range

Location Wolf Alpha Wolf Lynx Puma Bear Alligator
Forest lake lvl 15 lvl 20 - - - -
Pine forest lvl 15 lvl 20 lvl 15 -

lvl 25
(in cave)

Stone plateau - - lvl 15 lvl 20 lvl 25 -
Copper mine lvl 15 - - - lvl 25 -
Foggy lake lvl 35 lvl 20, 40 - - - -
Dense forest lvl 35 lvl 20 lvl 35 - - -
Oak forest lvl 35 lvl 20 lvl 35 - - -
Mountain plateau - lvl 40 lvl 35 lvl 40 lvl 45 -
Tin mine lvl 35 lvl 40 - - lvl 45 -
Stone outpost lvl 35 - lvl 40 - - -
Dried forest - - lvl 55 - - -
Northern lake lvl 55 lvl 60 lvl 55 - lvl 65 -
Snowy maple forest lvl 55 lvl 60 lvl 55 - lvl 65 -
Highlands - - lvl 55 lvl 60 lvl 65 -
Iron mine lvl 55 lvl 60 - - lvl 65 -
Winter outpost lvl 55 - lvl 55 - - -
Shallow lake lvl 75 lvl 80 lvl 75 lvl 80 lvl 85 -
Ash grove lvl 75 lvl 80 lvl 75 lvl 80 lvl 85 -
Flooded plateau - - lvl 75 lvl 80 lvl 85 -
Chromite mine lvl 75 lvl 80 - - lvl 85 -
Interfluve lvl 75 - lvl 75 -   -
Bayou - - lvl 95 lvl 95 lvl 105 lvl 90, 105
Cypress swale - - lvl 95 lvl 95 lvl 105 lvl 90, 105
Salt mine lvl 90 lvl 100 - - lvl 105 -
Cultist camp - - - lvl 95 - lvl 90, 105