Coal is a handy resource you'll often use on the Ranch to craft various useful components and items. There are three types of coal you can find.

Resourse_primary_coal_1.png Charcoal It's used to make gunpowder and also to heat up the forge in the blacksmith to craft melee weapons. You can obtain it right at your ranch by burning wood in the campfire.
Resourse_primary_coal_2.png Brown coal It's necessary for smelting iron. Brown coal deposits are mostly found in the North in the Highlands and in the Iron mine, but you can also find it in the Tin mine and Foggy Plateau.
Resourse_primary_coal_3.png Сoking coal You won't find a better fuel. It's essential for smelting steel and alloyed steel. Cocking coal deposits are mostly found in the Cromite mine, and Salt mine.