Breeding mechanics Breeding mechanics

Breeding mechanics

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If you want to own a truly powerful pet, you should consider breeding it at your Ranch. Time to find out why that is so and how exactly you can do that!

To breed animals at your Ranch, you will need 2 compatible pets to breed and a Pet house. More details can be found in the How to breed pets article. 

When breeding animals, there are 3 outcomes possible:

  1. A pup a grade higher than its parents (the highest chance of reaching this income is by breeding animals of the same tier and rarity);
  2. A pup of the same grade as its parents;
  3. A pup a grade lower than its parents.

The grade refers to a change within Tier or a change of Tier for an animal of a low/high rarity.

  • Tier 1 — Common and Uncommon animals
  • Tier 2 — Common and Uncommon animals
  • Tier 3 — Common, Uncommon, and Rare animals
  • Tier 4 — Common, Uncommon, and Rare animals
  • Tier 5 — Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic animals

💁 Outcome examples:

By breeding two Tier 3 Rare animals, you can get:

  • Uncommon Tier 3 pup (1 grade lower)
  • Rare Tier 3 pup (same grade as its parents)
  • Common Tier 4 pup (1 grade higher with Tier increase)

By breeding a Tier 3 Common animal and a Tier 4 Uncommon animal, you can obtain:

  • An Uncommon Tier 3 pup
  • A Common Tier 4 pup

General tips & notes

  • In the wild, you can easily meet Common and Uncommon animals. Rare animals are pretty hard to find. Epic ones can only be obtained through breeding.
  • As in real life, captive breeding is not as effective as breeding in wildlife. Still, Tier 1 and 2 animals are guaranteed fertile. Starting with Tier 3, you will begin meeting those who are infertile. So, if you want to breed a strong pup, it is better to start by breeding a Tier 3 Rare pair.
  • In most cases, the pup inherits its parents' fur color. With luck, it can obtain a rarer, higher-tier color.

Strong genes trait

Some animals possess a Strong gene trait. If even one of the animals you breed has it, its pup will inherit its fur color with a 100% chance. Speaking of tier and rarity, it will be of the same tier and rarity as their MOST POWERFUL parent.

Breed a Common Tier 3 lion with an Epic Tier 5 puma to get an Epic Tier 5 lion!