Refined sugar Refined sugar

Refined sugar

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Let’s talk about refined sugar — one of the most valuable resources in Westland. You can reach any unlocked location on your horseback. What is especially great about owning a horse is that it makes traveling faster and provides additional slots for transporting items. You’ll get even more additional slots by using a wagon. But everything has its price. And the price for comfortable journeys is refined sugar. There are different places and ways to get it.

  • Canyon Trials — The best place to 'farm' refined sugar. Beat as many waves as you can and get refined sugar as a part of the reward.
  • Trade with Loren Bernar in the Town. She can sell you any number of it. Or you may buy one of the packs in the in-game shop.
  • Other places where you may RARELY find refined sugar are:
    — Ranches of your neighbors.
    — Bandits’ Stash.
    — Time-limited events (Shootout Spot, Train Attack, Emergency Stop).
  • In addition, sometimes you may find refined sugar in chests and dead bodies in any other location.