Leather is an important resource needed to create armor, along with Clothing Materials. Leather is made of hides. And usually, their owners don't want to lose it. The best hides can be obtained by defeating some really strong beasts. So prepare well for the fight!

blobid0.png Rough skin Animal skin used to produce leather.
blobid1.png Thin hide Animal hide. It is possible to produce fine leather from it.
blobid2.png Hide Processing this hide will give you soft and warm fur.
blobid3.png Fine hide Good material for leatherworking.
blobid4.png Perfect hide Perfect material for leatherworking.
blobid5.png Thin leather Good for making light clothing
blobid6.png Leather Suitable for clothing manufacturing
blobid7.png Thick leather Good for making durable clothing
blobid8.png Strong leather Good for making quality clothing