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Outlaws Anger

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During your adventures, you'll often run into bandits who'll try to attack you. Of course, you'll defeat them but don't think it'll be without consequences. The more bandits you take down, the angrier the rest will get. You can monitor their anger level through the "Outlaws Anger" icon. When the meter fills up and turns fully red, the icon will start flashing, and you'll hear a warning sound. Moreover, the music on the global map will change to a more alarming tone, signaling that an attack on your ranch is being prepared!

If you feel that you're not ready for a fight, you can pay off the bandits. But it's better to be prepared for battle. After all, by defending your ranch, you'll get the chance to score some valuable loot!


Here are some useful tips:

  • How to better protect your ranch? 
    Make sure you build your defense nice and strong: wooden or iron stakes will be a great addition to the walls. Make sure to kill all the bandits to prevent item loss!
  • Made bandits angry?
    There is no need to wait for them to reach your base right in the game. Leave your character with a big gun at the Ranch, and the raid will begin only once you are back online.
  • Got killed, or bandits break through your defenses?
    It happens even to the best of us, so don't panic. You can get all the stolen goods back. Kill the bandits that raid your base next time, and you will get a chance to loot a map of their stash. A few visits to it, and you will get all the stolen items back! 


If you manage to defeat all the bandits, you'll find a map on one of them that shows where their stash is located. Study the map and set off on your journey. You'll spot a secret location on the global map where the bandits keep their recently stolen goods. But be quick—if you don't get there in time, the bandits will move their camp to a new spot!


Heading to the Bandits' stash, you won't even need to bring a weapon. The camp is guarded by just one limping vagabond who you can easily take down with your fists. Around the camp, you'll find pine trees and a few stone deposits, so it's worth bringing an axe and a pickaxe along. The loot will definitely make you happy. The bandits always have glycerin, gunpowder, metal, sugar, and other valuable items, as well as some kind of weapon and armor. The higher your level, the better items you'll find in the Bandits' stash!