Creating an Alliance Creating an Alliance

Creating an Alliance

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To begin production in the Gold Mine, you have to team up with other players. Therefore, you will need to establish or join an Alliance. This will be your first step towards becoming the wealthiest cowboys in the Wild West!

Conditions you must meet before creating or joining an Alliance:

  • You must be at least lvl 50.
  • Complete Storyline: Chapter 3.

First of all, to start mining works and creating an Alliance, you will obviously need a Gold Mine. That’s why the foundation of your own Alliance will require some investments. You can buy your papers for Gold Mine ownership for 5000 Silver coins.

Alliance Leader advantages

  • Build a great team β€” Accept new members or exclude those who did not live up to your expectations.
  • Be an architect of your Alliance base β€” Choose the places to build some of the Alliance buildings.
  • Name the Alliance β€” Create the name that will glorify you and scare your enemies (a name must be no longer than 18 symbols);
  • Create Alliance Symbol β€” This is your emblem, it should be stylish and catching. A special editor is ready to help you make the perfect one;
  • Lead your Alliance to wealth and fame!

A freshly formed Alliance can include up to 5 cowboys (including its Leader). You can increase this number by upgrading certain buildings at your Alliance base.


Joining an Alliance

If you want to join an already created Alliance, open the tab Join Alliance. Here you can search a certain Alliance by its name or choose the main language of the Alliance you're looking for. When you choose the Alliance also pay attention to the next parameters:

  • Authority β€” If you don't know what alliance to choose, pay attention to its Authority counter. The higher buildings levels and members, the higher is authority counter. 
  • Members β€” Does an Alliance have a free slot for you?
  • Gold income β€” Some Alliances already have started mining Gold Nuggets. They are the most worthy of your attention, but at the same time they usually request being a top-level player and being very active.

Alliance leader has 24 hours to accept or decline your request. Later it will be declined automatically. You can cancel your request at any moment and send it to another Alliance.