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Power Station

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Mining Gold Ore with just a pickaxe and bare two hands like Carmack doesn’t seem too effective. Who wants to get just a bite of the possible profit instead of a full meal?

A modern mine needs special equipment and electricity to function. Before you will be able to mine Gold Ore, you have to build a Power Station. A Power Station is a true miracle of progress, a result of numerous tries and errors. It uses the power of nature to its advance and generates electricity. Without it, neither Mine, nor Railway Station can work. And even more buildings and processes rely on electricity!

The place the Power Station will be standing on is predetermined.
So hurry up to the river — the construction site is waiting for you!

Note: A dam is an important part of the Power Station. It will be redirecting the water flow to the Gold Mine, allowing you to wash Gold Ore so that it can turn into Gold Nuggets later. 

Power Station building bonus

The higher the Power Station level, the more electricity it generates.

Defense post


Someone dangerous can hide in the dark and sneak into your Alliance base without alarming the defenders. During the night, defenders' range of view gets decreased. When all you see is darkness, how can you aim? But there is a way to prevent this from happening! Want to know how?

Turn on the spotlights!

Talk to your Alliance buddies and discuss who will be defending the Power Station. If a night falls on the prairies during the attack, the watchman will turn on the lights to illuminate the area! Then no one will have a chance pass to your HQ undetected.