Projects and bonuses Projects and bonuses

Projects and bonuses

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Every building at your Alliance not only looks great, but also provides you with some benefits. Alongside furniture and decorations, you will find Projects inside each building. These special objects have their own functions. They unlock special bonuses to the Alliance members.

At the moment, the maximum level of any Project is level 2. The increase of the maximum level will be introduced in the future.

Please note!
To level up a Project inside a building, you need to upgrade the building itself first. 

Special bonuses

Upgrade buildings and projects on your Alliance base to unlock special bonuses! These bonuses are applied to all members of the Alliance. There are 3 types of these bonuses:

  • Buildings bonuses — Special abilities of the buildings themselves. Like producing electricity, or mining Gold Ore. Some buildings may not have their own bonus. But their projects have!
  • Passive Projects’ bonuses — Such bonuses get and stay active once you unlock them. For example, Hall increases the amount of experience you get in your journeys.
  • Active Projects’ bonuses — They give you an instant benefit. To obtain an active bonus, you need to interact with a Project. In certain cases, this action requires some special resources. For example, Coffee is required in bunkhouses.

    This type of bonuses can be activated several times during the day. The number of activations depends on the Project and its level. For example, you can recover a certain amount of Energy in the Bunkhouse. Activating of the bonus doesn’t spend special resources immediately. The amount of them in the Projects’s storages decreases with the time.