UI — Global map UI — Global map

UI — Global map

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This is a Global Map where you can see the whole Westland with all its locations including your home in the center. Let's take a closer look at the interface elements available here.

  1. Home — this is your Ranch, the place where you live.
  2. Trader — one of the events on the Global Map. It appears only for a certain period of time.
  3. Pine Forest — one of the farm locations. You can get some resources here or go hunting.
  4. VIP status gives you a certain number of benefits. Shows how many days left till the expiration.
  5. Bandits’ Anger level — when it becomes red, bandits will try to raid your Ranch.
  6. Settings menu — here you can choose the quality of the graphics, change the language or contact Support.
  7. Deal of the Day — a really good offer!
  8. Gold Nuggets — you will need them to get the best items in Westland.
  9. Silver coins — main game currency. 
  10. Energy — helps you travel faster. 
  11. Horse Energy — once you get a horse, you will become able to travel on its back. 
  12. Quest book — here you can find the list of your current tasks.
  13. Leaderboards — try to become the best of the best.
  14. Daily reward — enter the game on a daily basis and get free gifts!
  15. Horse — feed your horse or put something into additional inventory slots.
  16. Wagon — useful when you’re going to carry lots of items around.
  17. Alliance — the place to interact with your buddies.
  18. Chat — if you need to say something right here and right now!
  19. Shop and Inbox — when you want to get some useful stuff right now!
  20. Craft — tap here if you need to craft something basic on the go. An axe, a pickaxe, or a torch? There you go!
  21. Inventory — the content of your backpack and pockets!