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Character Development

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After each level up, you will be able to invest a characteristic point in one of the four stats β€” Damage, Speed, Defense, and Spirit.


Investing points into Damage will increase the amount of damage dealt by all types of weapons, including the damage you can do with your bare fists.


Investing points into Speed will increase your attack speed and DPS (Damage Per Second).

Tip: Upon tapping and holding any weapon in your Inventory, you can see its speed.


Investing points into this stat reduces the amount of incoming damage. The best way to increase your Defense is to wear armor, a backpack, or jewelry. Defense points provide you with a permanent damage reduction, whilst items’ protection lasts only whilst they are worn.


There are many wild creatures to be found on the prairies of Westland Survival. You can tame its animals and make them your allies! That will come in handy. The more points invested into Spirit, the more powerful creatures you can tame.

When you tame a creature, the number of Spirit points decreases temporarily. It will stay this way until the tamed animal dies or you leave the location. If you have enough Spirit points, you can even tame several creatures at a time!

You cannot set a creature free manually. The only way to let go of your temporary pet is by leaving or re-entering the location you are currently at.

Tip: Once a creature is under your control and attacking your opponents, the enemies will redirect their attention to it, allowing you to safely deal damage in the meantime.