Your pet deserves the best place you can provide it. A Pet House will definitely do! 
Make sure to complete its construction before bringing any lured animals to the Ranch.

⚠️Please note:
To build the Pet house, you need to complete several stages of the Paws in troubles questline. 

Pet House serves multiple purposes, so let’s wrap them up:

  1. Store your pets — Your pet is going to adapt, live, and rest here. Upgrade the Pet House to store more than one pet at a time!
    If you want to part ways with an animal you’ve brought to the Ranch, you can release it to the wild using the Pet house. A freed animal can not be re-lured and won’t return to your Ranch.

    Hey, wanna try a new pet out but can’t say bye to any currently owned ones? Joy’s got your back. Handle one of your pets to her for a while, and there you go — a slot for experimentation is now open! 
  2. Heal your pets’ wounds — If your pet gets wounded, make it back to the Ranch and let your pet rest for a while. Make sure there is food for your pet in the Feeder, though!
  3. Feed your pets — Fill the Feeder to feed all your pets at once. Treat your pets with high-quality food for them to grow strong! Who knows what such a great comfort may lead to in the future…
  4. More features will become available in the next updates!