Animal perks Animal perks

Animal perks

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All animals (not only lured pets) have special perks. Animals may have one or two of those depending on their Tier! 

Some pet perks give advantages with a certain chance:

Crit_damage.png Fury Deals double damage.
Slowdown.png Slowdown Slows an enemy down.
Stranglehold.png Stranglehold Stops an enemy.
Bleeding.png Sharp claws Makes an enemy bleed.
Insidiousness.png Sudden attack Deals additional damage to an enemy with 100% HP.
Increased_attack.png Increased damage Always deals additional damage.
Taunt.png Improved provoking Provokes an enemy for a longer time.

Other perks give a constant bonus:

Dodge.png Dodge Avoids enemy attacks.
Reduced_hunger.png Thrift A pet requires less food than usual.
Revenge.png Revenge Deals additional damage while being attacked.
Broken_defence.png Mighty jaws Ignores the target's armor.
Rapidity.png Fast paws A pet moves faster.
Increased_HP.png Increased health A pet has more health than usual. 
Attack_speed.png Fast hits A pet attacks faster.
Increased_defense.png Thick skin A pet ignores part of the incoming damage.
EXP_pet_bonus.png Learning A pet gets more experience in battles.
Quick_recovery.png Fast recovering Increased healing speed when a pet is in the Pet house.
EXP_bonus.png Partner Your character gets more experience when a pet accompanies them.

Ain’t those cool? All of the possible combinations of perks are making the taming process even more exciting. And even more cool perks will be added into the game in the future updates!