Update 4.2.0 — Pets breeding! Update 4.2.0 — Pets breeding!

Update 4.2.0 — Pets breeding!

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Howdy, cowboys! How are your pets doing? Now, when they feel like at home at your Ranch, they are about to… get an offspring!

Breeding the chosen animals is the most efficient way to get your dream pet with cool perks. Trust the process and raise a fanged powerhouse! 

Hurry up to Vernon and Joy to find out all the details!

How to breed pets?


Breeding is instinctual to your furry friends, so all you need to do is set the right conditions. Bring together a couple of matching animals and give them some time!

  1. Check your already lured pet's type and gender. 
  2. Craft a bait fitting for an animal of the same type and go to the location where they live.
  3. Lure the animal and bring it to the Ranch.
    🐾 Naturalist tip:
    It’s quite complicated to check an animal's gender in the wild. You’ll get to know it only when you bring your new pet to the Ranch.
  4. If you now have 2 animals of the same type and different genders, enter the Pet House's Breeding tab and proceed. If not, repeat until successful!
    🐾 Naturalist tip:
    In order to breed pets, it’s necessary to upgrade your Pet House to level 2.

If you'd like to learn more about the breeding process, please visit Vernon and Joy. They’ve decided it’s time for their coyote, Charles, to get an offspring as well. After all, Charles has such a unique fur color that would be great to pass on to future generations!

Let’s get it started!

Time to breed!


As an experienced naturalist, Joy couldn’t help herself but point out some important nuances about breeding and raising fluffy families.

Inheriting perks

Pets inherit certain features of their parents. It applies both to their looks and their perks. If you are fortunate enough, the offspring of your pets may end up being even stronger than their ancestors!

  • Baby pets inherit the looks of one of their parents.
  • Tier 1-3 baby pets heir one of the perks their moms or dads have.
  • Tier 4 and 5 baby pets get a combination of their parents’ perks or obtain new ones.
  • With a certain chance, the newborn pets may be of a higher tier than their parents!

Genes are tricky, but eventually, you will be able to come up with the pet of your dreams!

Growing up

Before setting paws on the Wild West prairies, pet younglings will have to grow up. They will stay in the Pet house until they reach adulthood. Only once they are all grown up, you will be able to take them to the outside world with you.  

Get ready to test your new pet’s power in the wilderness!

New pet perks


Vernon has thoughtfully described 7 new perks that tier 4 and 5 animals may have as a second set of perks. 

  • Fast paws — A pet moves faster.
  • Increased health — A pet has more health than usual. 
  • Fast hits  — A pet attacks faster.
  • Thick skin  — A pet ignores part of the incoming damage.
  • Learning — A pet gets more experience in battles.
  • Fast recovering — Increased healing speed when a pet is in the Pet house.
  • Partner — Your character gets more experience when a pet accompanies them.

Which one sticks out to you the most? Try to get yourself a pet with it!

Improved encounters


How can one not react when seeing an animal? Most of the Westland NPCs you may meet during your adventures will now do so. How do you think will that turn out?

What is more, a new special encounter has been added into the game. You can stumble upon it only when traveling alongside your pet

Go on, be among the first ones to experience it!

Other changes and improvements


  • Interface adjustments — Changed some icons and slightly improved several UI details.
  • Camera changes in the Microsoft Store version — Now you can zoom the camera both as in the building mode in the mobile version of the game and on the Global map via scroll. The camera position has been set a bit farther, allowing you to be wary of your surroundings!
  • Several other minor but essential game improvements.