Update 4.3.0 — Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Update 4.3.0 — Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Update 4.3.0 — Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

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Howdy, partners!

🦃 Participate in the Thanksgiving Battle Pass Event from November 24 (17:00 UTC) to December 5 (17:00 UTC) and get useful rewards!

Thanksgiving is a time of abundance. Back in the Wild West days, this celebration was all about the harvest and reaping the fruit of your hard work. What’s a better date to honor the tradition and launch a special Battle Pass that will help you gain some neat items? 

Complete special tasks to get useful rewards on a daily basis while the Battle Pass is active! And don’t forget to check out the festive Black Friday chain offer — there are plenty of things to pamper yourself with!

Sounds promising, right? Let’s get into all the detail! 

Battle Pass Event


True cowboys celebrate Thanksgiving both with their families at their Ranches and in action. Please welcome the first Westland Battle Pass event dedicated to this special occasion!

⚠️It is important to mention that this is but the first event of this type and there will be more of them in the future. So, make sure to follow Westland Survival news!

And now, to the current Battle Pass! What is it all about? 

  • Earn Silver Horseshoes — Complete Battle Pass tasks to earn special event currency — Silver Horseshoes.
  • Fill out the reward scale — Get Silver Horseshoes to fill out the scale, reach milestones, and get rewards.
  • Get the prizes — As soon as you reach certain milestones, you’ll get some neat prizes! Treats for your pets, blueprints, VIP, and even more goodies are waiting for you!
  • Get ready for more! — New tasks appear every 12 hours in case you have completed previous ones.
  • Choose the task — You can skip a task for some Silver coins if you are not into it. Use this feature wisely — every next skip will cost you more than the previous one. 
⚠️ Please note!
You have to reach level 25+ to take part in the current Battle Pass. 

Care to learn more about the rewards? Well, there ya go!

Enjoy useful rewards!


Show them what you’ve got and claim all the available prizes!
They are suited both for your character and your pets, so it is a total win-win. Get started with some basic resources and climb to the Silver coins, VIP, and pet treats!  

With an active Battle Pass, your everyday chores will turn into a profitable adventure. Let’s see what stage you’ll be able to reach! 

Already filled with the desire to get more goodies than ever?
There’s one more point about that!

Premium Pass


Eager to get even more rewards?
Unlock the second row of Battle Pass prizes and rejoice!

Cool items for true sharpshooters — from guns to gear mystery boxes! Get your beloved pets even more tasty treats and decorate your Ranch with a special decoration.

There’s even more to it, partners! Active cowboys can get themselves a unique Pilgrim hat. It looks cool, it feels nice on the head, and it protects you from the threats around you. Made out of truly durable materials, according to one of the best Westland weavers. Everyone will be jealous!


⚠️ Please note!
You can activate the Premium Pass at any moment and claim all the rewards from the already-reached milestones right away. 


Ready to give it all you’ve got?
All the rewards are waiting for you to claim them! 

Black Friday Chain Offer!


Thanksgiving and Black Friday go hand in hand like you and your pet do. From November 25 till November 28, strike amazing deals and get even cooler offers!

The Chain Offer becomes better with each set purchase. Get some great items for your character, pets, and Ranch! Plenty of beneficial sets will become available on November 25, so don’t miss them out!

⚠️ What is more, getting a set will also come with gaining Battle Pass currency! So, you will not only get some great goodies in the Inbox but also become able to claim Battle Pass rewards faster! 

Get yourself some cool stuff for Thanksgiving Day!

Other Changes and Improvements


  • Turn Whiskey into Alcohol — Now you can get pure Alcohol from Whiskey for your chemical experiments!
  • Attack replay improvement — Now you can watch replays of your Alliance attack and analyze each and every action of your Alliance buddies!
  • Better Gears — Lens Set, Wheelwork, Marking gauge, and Mainspring now have tiers from 1 to 5 of the rarity from common to rare. The best ones can be found in the Cultist camp.
  • Several other minor but essential game improvements.