Update 4.4.0 — Uncle Bill is coming to town! Update 4.4.0 — Uncle Bill is coming to town!

Update 4.4.0 — Uncle Bill is coming to town!

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Ho-ho-holidays are coming, partners!

🎄 Get ready to celebrate them in Westland! Participate in the Winter Wonderland event from December 15th (17:00 UTC) till January 2nd (21:00 UTC) and claim useful rewards! 🎄

  • Take part in 4 improved time-limited thematic activities!
  • Collect loads of festive items, from weapons and armor to Ranch decorations, and don’t miss out on new, never-before-seen goodies!
  • Get yourself a new companion Polar bear! 
  • Save the holidays and celebrate in New Silverton!

Dashing through the snow, Uncle Bill and Jill are excited to present to you the improved and reworked programme of their winter show. It’s gonna be freezing cool this year! 

What is more, you will get to meet the new year in the refined Silverton, looking and feeling better than ever. A complete overhaul attracted new faces to the town. Hurry up and explore the updated Silverton among the first!

Want to know about all the changes in the town? Let’s get it started!

New Silverton


Silverton has always been popular with Westland cowboys, and the time came for it to get upgraded. New streets are easier to navigate and are a pleasure to look at — try to notice every little change out there! More decorations, thought-through layout, new exciting places… There’s so much to see and explore! 

Please note that Silverton will keep getting more updates in the future. It is just the beginning of the town’s changes, and it will get even more lively in it!

Let’s start by greeting the first new trader to arrive in Silverton!

Trade Square


Set foot onto the Trade square! You can find all types of vendors here, offering different types of goods. Right now you will be meeting familiar faces here and there, but new traders are on their way to the area!

While the others are still on the go, one lad has already made it to Westland. Meet Cattleman Joe Bacon! 

This sturdy guy is in the middle of opening his meat-selling business here, in Silverton. He’ll need some help before he can start selling things, so go greet him!

🎯 Please note that in order to meet Joe and start his quest, you need to upgrade your Pet House to level 2. 

A new stall is just the starting point of all the changes. You’ll get to meet new traders in the future, as well as experience other exciting changes in the town!

Shall we take a look at its new layout?

Town overhaul!


New look, same core — Silverton is the biggest town in the area, so if you need something, that’s the place to go. Walk the updated streets and see how the place has changed! 

With the recent changes in the town’s layout, its minimap has also been updated with important icons. Can you spot a new place on it already?


A brand new place you can already visit in Silverton is… a Casino! Dora Duran, the owner of the Saloon, has recently received an offer she could not turn down. Now, within the Saloon’s walls, a brand new Casino is open!

The owner of the place is yet settling in, and all the fun activities will become available in the future. Can you guess what exactly will you be able to do here? No matter the activity, the reward will follow!

Future improvements

In the future updates, Silverton will keep on getting more lively — new faces will pop up here and there, some places will change for the best, and more events will be taking place within the town. Stay tuned for more, there’s much for you to see, explore, and experience!

By the way, what do you think of the Trade square current decoration? The Town government placed a beautiful festive tree next to the Hall of Fame. Go take a look at it and wish upon a star!

Speaking of festivities… It’s time for the Winter Festival to begin!

Winter Festival


When it’s cold, the best way to warm your heart and body is by spending time with your family in a cozy place. Jill’s once again inviting you to celebrate the holidays with her, her troupe, and, of course, Uncle Bill at the Buffalo family household!

Go speak to Fred at your Ranch to join the Winter Festival questline! Adventures, fun, and festive prizes are waiting for you!

⚠️ Please note!

Your character must be level 30 or above to take part in the Winter Festival event. Talk to Fred Hatter at your Ranch to start the festive questline and get access to event locations!

Thematic rewards


Jill and Uncle Bill always pay attention to detail and make sure they’ve got quite a lot of rewards to give away during this special time of the year. Care to get some? 

  • Polar bear — A renowned symbol of winter, a fierce fighter, and a great buddy to travel with! The color of their fur will always remind you of winter holidays, even when the summer will begin. It is a Tier 3 common animal that is guaranteed to pass its unique visual trait upon breeding.
  • Icy terror backpack — They say this backpack used to belong to an evil shaman back in the day. It has a unique property — even though you can’t place much in it if you manage to get defeated, the items you are wearing and storing in it (including itself) won’t get damaged!
    Such a backpack will suit Alliance attacks the best, allowing you to fearlessly wear your best pieces in battle. How’s that, cowboys?
  • Aurora musket — This musket will make your enemies fall like cows on ice! It is believed to hit the hardest in Westland, at least, for now. 
  • Stormchaser’s hat — This fur-lined hat will keep you warm while making you stand out with its unique look! Put it on and enjoy its bonus — getting resources will get easier!
    While it is on your head, your resources obtaining speed will increase by 25%. Note that this bonus can be summed up with a VIP one. This combo can turn your resource routine upside down! 
  • Thematic Ranch decorations — Bring the celebration to your Ranch! Ge all the Winter Festival pieces you can get!
  • Winter festival armor sets — Santa Sheriff set, Courier Elf set, and Santa’s Armor set are once again to be found in Westland! Hurry up to get these to celebrate holidays in style.
  • Event Rings — Special useful rings available only during Winter Festival!
  • Event Gears — Make your workbenches work more effectively! 
  • Fair Sweets — Eat candy and travel more! 
  • And other cool rewards!

That’s quite a lot, eh? Try to claim all the rewards available!

Uncle Bill’s Ranch Residents


Is it your first time at Uncle Bill’s Ranch? Even if you’ve been here before, let’s quickly recap who’s who!

Familiar faces:

🤠 Rick — Your good old friend! He’s still trying to win over Jill’s heart. 

🎩 Buffalo Jill — The host of the most anticipated shows in Westland.

😘 Hannah Bunny — Jill’s assistant of a rare charm. 

🎪 Quartermaster Briggs — Briggs ensures everyone behaves well around Jill and her troupe. You’d better not get on his bad side!

🚂 Chris — A Snowy Express chief courier who cares deeply about the Snowy Express. It’s his home, after all!

Event traders:

🎁 Fred Hatter — Fred sells all kinds of festive goods! From weapons and armor to Fair Sweets! Come, you won’t leave unsatisfied!

🧝 Dum & Dee — Showy Express elf couriers who never take off their costumes. Dum has some Factory keys for sale, while Dee can offer you some Firecrackers.

🍺 Jan HacElhone — Got hungry or thirsty? Trusty Jan HacElhone’s got your back!

💈 Ed Razortoes — He’s not quite a trader, but if you want a festive haircut, Ed will make it come true!

Now, after shaking hands with everyone at Uncle Bill’s Ranch, it’s time for action. Save the holidays and get yourself some cool new stuff!

Get Firecrackers and relish the rewards!


The celebration calls out for a hero!

Corny Rampus, an old rival of Uncle Bill, has kidnapped him and stolen a solid number of Firecrackers prepared for the Winter Wonderland show! The evilman still can’t get over the fact that Uncle Bill’s shows have been more popular than his. Instead of finding a new calling, he spends all his resources on executing revenge! What a freak…

And that’s now the end! He uses the stolen Firecrackers to scare the honest people of Westland. You can’t let him hurt anybody! It will be a good start to claim the Firecrackers back from Rampus’ henchmen first.

Get the Firecrackers back to Uncle Bill’s place and make sure the Winter Wonderland show takes place! Witness how colorful and glorious the firework you launch can look!

⚠️ Please note!
To move forward in the event progression, you need to blast Firecrackers from the Launcher. Just storing them somewhere won’t do!

The more Firecrackers you get back, the more useful the rewards you’ll get! Jill will make sure of it. To make things even better, the prizes will differ for those who are taking part in the Winter Festival for the first time from those who have already helped Jill out during it last year!

Don’t forget that Dee and Fred have some Firecrackers in store. These come from some private collections and remained safe only by some miracle alone.

Retrieve as many Firecrackers as you can!

Gift Factory


Uncle Bill is the one who takes care of the winter holiday celebration the most in Westland. He organizes gifts delivery with the help of his workers who dress as snowy elves, carefully picking the presents. His Gift Factory is a true delight. Anyone would like to visit it!

But this time around, poor Uncle Bill couriers can not work in safety there due to Rampus’ thugs' attacks. They had to lock the place and the presents & flee for their life!

Save the poor lads from bandits and get keys to the chests with presents at the Gift Factory! You can rescue up to 5 elves per day, depending on how lucky you are and how many locations you have access to. 

Gift Factory Keys

Each courier has a key of one of the 3 rarities: Common Key, Uncommon Key, Rare Key. The rarer the Key, the sweeter the surprise! Please note that you can exchange Keys of one rarity for Keys of another rarity with Dum, if you wish to! 

What is more, if you get to find Keys to all the chests at the Gift Factory and open them, you’ll get the one and only Epic Key that unlocks the master chest full of awesome goodies! 

What’s that, inside that chest? A festive tree decoration? You already know where to put it, don’t ya?

Tree Decoration


You’ve got the toys, now you need a tree to put them on! Cut one down at Uncle Bill’s Ranch and place it on your Ranch. Use toys obtained from the Gift Factory to decorate it and enjoy daily Snowy Express present delivery!

What are the delivery terms?

  • Gifts are delivered only while the Winter Festival is active.  
  • The deliveries happen once a day. 
  • The gifts can be found in the Ranch Mailbox. 
  • To get a new gift the next day, make sure to open the previous one. Only then the couriers will be able to keep the deliveries up! 

A tree at home makes the place even cozier, doesn’t it? You’ll get to keep it once the Festival is over! 

Gnome Alone!


Rampus won’t settle down before he ensures the utter crash of Uncle Bill’s company. His thugs are marching towards the Snowy Express Station, and if they get to destroy it, who knows if winter holidays in Westland will ever be the same…

Grab your best gun, cowboy, and don’t let them succeed! Defend the Station and ensure all the common folk of Westland will get their special gifts when it’s all done with!

You might have participated in this activity before, but it has been improved and redesigned to be more challenging and rewarding. The Station got a new look, and the bandits thought of a strategy this time around!

Bandits will try to suppress you in numbers, heading to the core of the Station. Your job is to stop their rush! Act fast and think fast to protect the Station. Use the unusual layout of the place to your advantage, as well as levers that will explode the nearby firework supply. 

Don’t let the thugs destroy the present boxes and ruin the Holidays!

Wheel of Fortune


If Jill is around, it means the Wheel of Fortune is somewhere nearby! Get Festival Chips for participating in the Winter Festival activities and claim useful rewards!

The wheel spins, the arrow points… at Silver Coins, Refined sugar, Fish, Firecrackers, and the main prize — Lucky Backpack! Get yourself a nice sturdy backpack that will store lots of your future items. A much-needed helper for any cowboy out there! 

No one will leave without a prize!

Rampus' Revenge


You didn’t think it will be enough to deal only with Rampus’ thugs, did you? Corny is a pyromaniac who should be dealt with in person. Ordinary weapons are not his go-to option — all his pockets are filled with Firecrackers. Boy, what he can do with those! And not in a good way!

Rick volunteered to track him down while you are at other doings during the Festival. Once the whereabouts of Rampus’ Lair is on his hands, you’ve got to make him pay for almost running the celebration!

Knock the villain down and bring joy back to Westland! 

Snowball Fight


Hey, is it winter already or not? If it’s here, then where are the snowballs? At Uncle Bill’s Gift Factory and Snowy Express Station, of course! Find snowballs and try out some new strategies!

Throw snowballs at your enemies to slow them down. It can be especially useful when fighting against tough enemies in the Marshlands. Use this new tool to your advance and have fun!

⚠️ Please note that once Winter Festival ends, snowballs will melt away.

Grab it, aim it, poof!

Other Changes and Improvements


  • Level up faster! — The experience penalty upon death is bestowed upon you only once per day, making it easier to progress in levels;
  • Various UI improvements — From Projects interfaces to icons, navigate Westland’s UI with more comfort! 
  • Improved shooting animation.
  • Other minor but useful improvements.