Update 4.5.0 — Season of Fortune Update 4.5.0 — Season of Fortune

Update 4.5.0 — Season of Fortune

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Howdy, partners! In the previous update, Silverton’s Casino has opened its doors to all visitors. And now, the time has come to fill its walls with life, prizes, and fun! 

The festive mood spread further than the Saloon’s walls. Please welcome the second Battle Pass Event! Improved mechanics, useful tips, and valuable rewards for daily activities will be waiting for you from January 13. Get ready to grab all Season of Fortune goodies!

The last, but not the least main feature of the update is the exclusive VIP shop. Sheriff’s helpers can now get access to unique trade offers! A nice addition to the already existing bonuses, eh?

Ready to roll? Let’s roll! 

Spin the Wheel of Fortune!


Well hello there, cowboy! Came to test your luck?

Do you remember Jill’s Wheel of Fortune? One of the most beloved attractions is now available in Silverton — with its own unique look, easier access, better rewards, and, of course, another host! 

Greet Belle Young, Casino’s croupier. Belle’s made sure any cowboy can get the full experience, so spinning the Wheel of Fortune at the Casino is easier than ever! After all, you do get your pay in Silver from the Sheriff, don’t ya? Time to put it to some good use!

Casino Wheel of Fortune special traits:

  • Get to spin the Wheel for watching ads once per day!
  • Next spins per day will cost you 10 Silver.
  • Spin the Wheel 10 times with a 20% discount for 80 Silver! 

It’s all about the rewards, isn’t it? Belle’s got something to surprise you up her sleeve! Her place is the only one in Westland where you can get Pet Bowls except for Old Road & rare arrivals at Henry the Stumble’s Shop! 

Spin the Wheel and get:

  • Pet Bowls;
  • Pet treats;
  • Uncommon blueprint;
  • Resource Mystery Box;
  • And other goodies!

With that free spin available each day, you are guaranteed to get a prize of your desire one day. Don’t hold back, partner, make that lucky spin!

This attraction is just the first one getting accessible at the Casino. Its owner’s got some grand plans on it, so make sure to follow the news! More activities and prizes to enjoy will get available later.

And now, let’s get to the new Battle Pass event!

New Battle Pass Event


The Wheel spins, the Battle Pass Event begins! 

Get ready to take over the Second Battle Pass Event rewards!
This time, it's themed around the Casino Wheel of Fortune. To make it even more exciting than the first Season, several improvements have been made to the second Season based on your feedback. Let’s wrap them all up:

  • Season of Fortune lasts longer than the Thanksgiving Season!
    Participate in the new Battle Pass Event from January 13 15:00 (GMT) up to January 30 21:00 (GMT) and claim all the prizes!

  • Per your requests, the Battle Pass task mechanics have been improved:
    1️⃣ New Battle Pass tasks will be appearing every 24 hours (upon completing the previous ones), giving you more time and room for their completion.
    2️⃣ New Battle Pass tasks will stop appearing 2 days before the end of the Event. This change will grant you more time to complete the last Season tasks, making it easier to get all of those sweet Battle Pass rewards!

  • Each task in the Battle Pass received a useful tip.
    Completing the objectives will now get easier and clearer!

Need a reminder on how the Battle Pass Event works or taking part in it for the first time? We've got you covered!

Battle Pass Event mechanics

Get your daily routine done and claim useful rewards for doing so!
And for completing some easy-to-follow tasks, of course 🙂

  • Earn Silver Horseshoes — Complete Battle Pass tasks to get Season special currency — Silver Horseshoes.
  • Fill out the reward scale — Get Silver Horseshoes to reach milestones & get rewards.
  • Get the prizes — Move forward the event scale and obtain blueprints, VIP, and other useful items!
  • Get ready for more! — New tasks appear every 24 hours upon completing previous ones.
  • Choose the task — Skip tasks for Silver if you are not into it. Every next skip will cost you more than the previous one, so consider using this feature carefully! 
⚠️ Please note!
You have to reach level 25+ to take part in the current Battle Pass.

Care to get even more rewards for your daily activity?
Consider getting a Premium Pass!

Premium Pass

Unlock the second row of Battle Pass rewards and gain even more useful items! Dynamite, Pet Bowls and treats, Mystery Gear box & some handy healing items are waiting for you to claim them!

Spoil your character with the Season of Fortune Premium Pass! 

⚠️ Please note!
You can activate the Premium Pass at any moment and claim all the rewards from the already-reached milestones right away. 

With all these rewards filling out your chests it is quite possible you’d like to go for more. From now on, if you get to purchase some VIP, you’ll gain access to the Exclusive VIP Shop!

Exclusive VIP Shop


Welcome, welcome, dear customer!

Any cowboy who has purchased VIP can now get some cool offers from a new VIP Shop. The assortment of goods here is truly astonishing, so everyone will be able to find something for themselves!

⚠️ Please note!
Only users who purchased the VIP can use the Exclusive VIP Shop. Getting VIP from daily rewards/Battle Pass/by other free means won’t do. 

Gain access to 6 different offer categories! Within each of them, you can find truly unique items that can not be obtained any other ordinary way, including regular Shop deals!

  • Pet goods — From Happy Paw cans and Pet Baits to Halloween limited edition dog breed! 
  • Daily offer — Cool and valuable deals of the day that can help you get through tough circumstances!
  • Backpacks & Blueprints — Dreamed of an awesome-looking rare backpack? Get yourself one now or gain it through opening blueprints!
  • Native American goods — Available for purchase only in the Exclusive VIP Shop — the best armor, weapon, and jewelry crafted by Native American artisans! 
  • Event items — Missed the chance to get a particular event decoration or armor/weapon? Hurry up to this category and become their proud owner!
  • Gears — Want to make your Ranch as modern and effective as possible? This tab will grant you access to new Gears that will step up your production game!

There’s one more important feature for you to note:

  • Weekly freebie — Get useful items for free on a weekly basis!
    The freebie from the Exclusive VIP Shop is a lot more valuable than one gained for watching an ad in the ordinary Shop. Get Dynamite, Happy Paw Cans, Fish, and even Rare Blueprints!

And that’s not the end! The Exclusive VIP Shop’s got one more special feature in stock:

  • Reroll offers — Only at the Exclusive VIP Shop, you can reroll almost any offer present in it. Rerolls are unlimited, so get the deal of your dreams and snatch it, partner!

How cool is that, huh? With this Shop now available, being a VIP in Westland is even more valuable! 

Other Changes and Improvements


  • Keep more loot securely protected! — With this update, Safes have been turned into Projects entities. In addition to that, they can now be upgraded, making it possible to store more items inside! 
  • Don't Dream It's Over — The Winter Festival is over, so it’s time to put the festive decorations aside. The festive tree will stay at your Ranch, but not its toys. Till the next winter, cowboys!
  • Hey, Joe! — Cattleman Joe is now present at Silverton merchant district even if you haven’t yet upgraded the Pet House to level 2 (this requirement is still applicable to the start of his questline).
  • Meet a new face! — Lumberjack Jason Graham has finally made it to Silverton. Go say hi to him! 
  • Updated visuals — Nick Bumpo’s house has been revamped, so make sure to check out how he’s doing out there! 
  • Improved NPC animations;
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.