Update 4.6.0 — Winter fine-tuning! Update 4.6.0 — Winter fine-tuning!

Update 4.6.0 — Winter fine-tuning!

Support Agent Support Agent


Howdy, partners! It’s been a while since you heard from Doctor O’Connor, hasn’t it? He’s got a favor to ask you. Pay him a visit and gain a cool permanent bonus in return!

There is always room for improvement, and in this update, there are quite a few for you to enjoy. Starting with the upgrade of the daily quest system, followed up by highly-anticipated journey cancellation, and even often requested brighter night! Your feedback helps us shape Westland for the better, so hope you are excited about all the changes! 

There’s even more to this compact update, so let’s get into detail!

New storyline quest!


Doctor O’Connor has worked hard to stabilize Molly’s condition, and the fruit of his labor is clearly visible. Molly has gotten a lot better, but she is still in need of medical supervision. Doctor O’Connor volunteers to keep an eye on her, but his own place is too small for more than one person. Help him get his own office! 

Doing so will not only improve healthcare in Silverton, but also grant you an unexpected cool bonus! Any ideas on what this bonus is? A permanent boost to your HP

Surviving at the prairies is hard, and a unique bonus like this will aid you greatly on your way to glory. Make sure to aid Doctor O’Connor and get tougher than ever before!

Please note:
To gain access to this quest, you need to complete all previous storyline tasks and talk to sheriff Karl Schultz.

Quests updated


As time goes on, new dangers pop up here and there. And who’s better to take care of them than a trusty experienced cowboy? 

Daily quests have received quite the upgrade! New tasks for all types of players, as well as improvements of already available ones, are waiting for your attention!

And remember — the harder the task, the better the reward!

Marshlands Bounty Hunt quests

If you’ve already unlocked Marshlands, there is plenty of work for you to take care of. Marshal Barnes issued solid rewards for those ready to take care of especially nasty and strong bandits. They thought that swamps were the best place to lay low. Prove them no one can hide from justice!

Hunt quests improvements

Nick’s got some exciting news for ya! A hunter must hunt, and to improve your hunting experience, new hunt tasks and conditions are now available. 

  • New Hunt quests — More variety in profitable daily routine! What is more, from now on, you will get to use more weapons than just bows for completing certain Hunt quests. Ain’t that cool?
  • New type of Hunt quests — A new type of challenge for players of all levels! Get to hunt down a number of certain animals and get your reward.
  • Hunt quests for high-level (105+ lvl) players — Nick’s also thought that the time has come for some truly challenging tasks for experienced cowboys. Put on your best armor and load your best gun — these tasks are pretty challenging, but the reward for their completion is worth it! 

Sounds like a whole lot to try, doesn’t it? Show them what you’ve got!

Enemies now have pets, too!


Westland inhabitants have to keep up with the changes of the world if they want to survive. Looking at how your pets aid you in battle, they’ve decided to get some for themselves as well!

Bandit dogs

Bandits can now be accompanied by specially-trained (and very aggressive) dogs. Let’s get to know about these enemies better:

  • Loud and clear — As loyal companions, bandit dogs will alert their owners or whole bandit camps in case you get near those. In return, if you get to attack their dogs, bandits will protect them and avenge them with their lives.
  • A special trait — Some bandit dogs can smell you from a further distance than their owners can spot you. Be careful, you don’t want bandit dogs to alert a whole camp!
  • Always on guard — You can not get close to a bandit dog without getting unnoticed. However, you can use stealth mode to carefully lure the dog out from their owner’s company and deal with it without making too much noise.
  • Meeting conditions — Keeping a pet is no easy task, so not every bandit can afford a dog. So, only tier 3+ bandits can be accompanied by them. The more dangerous the area (meaning the more precious loot can be found there), the more bandits there will get to have dogs.

It’s not just bandits who’ve decided to get themselves pets. Who do you think has also come up with this idea?

Cowboy NPCs’ pets

Walking around the prairies all alone may be a little sad, don’t you think so? Other cowboys thought so too and can now be followed by their pets!

  • Pet variety — Unlike bandits, cowboys can be accompanied by dogs, wolves, coyotes, and other sorts of animals!
  • I’ve got your back! Or not… — Cowboy NPCs, as well as their pets, are not as loyal to each other as you might think. In case you get to deal with any one of them, the other one may run away.
  • Meeting conditions — Only Cowboy NPCs at Tier 3+ areas may be met in the company of a pet. 

Now the world of Westland will get even livelier! Tread the prairies carefully!

Travel cancellation


We know you want it, you know you want it, and here it is!

From now on, you can cancel your trips whenever you want when it comes to traveling on foot. There is no need to wait in case you forgot to take something important with you from the Ranch. Cancel the journey and get back to the starting point right away!

Hope you enjoy!

Hares at the Ranch


Hey, do you hear that stomping on the outside? That’s hares! They are back! These Jumpty Dumpties will no longer abandon you for long. In case you get to kill the hares, they will come back in about 24 hours. 

Isn’t it neat to have them back around? 

Other Changes and Improvements


  • Brighter night — Found it hard to see during the Westland night when the sunlight hit your device’s screen? Got you covered! Now it should be comfier. 
  • Make yourself a cuppa coffee — A new recipe is now available! Upgrade your Kitchen to at least lvl 3 and make yourself a tasty and useful drink. One cup of coffee will restore 5 Energy points, as well as 10 thirst points  (eating coffee as it is, without brewing it, will only restore 2 Energy points). 
  • Easier navigation — All important NPCs in Silverton are now marked with special icons on your minimap. 
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.