Update 6.1 β€” Season of Knowledge Battle Pass! Update 6.1 β€” Season of Knowledge Battle Pass!

Update 6.1 β€” Season of Knowledge Battle Pass!

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Prepare for BOOM OF BLUEPRINTS during this Battle Pass event! Nearly 30 tubes of various rarities as well as plenty other prizes are worthy of your efforts! Get ready for an illuminating adventure! 

Participate in the event from August 25th till September 13th (GMT) and earn nice rewards!

The prizes are brimming with valuable items, ranging from rare cooking ingredients to a big variety of blueprints! With the Premium Pass, you can gain access to even more exclusive rewards, including a unique Ranch decoration – Globe of Knowledge!

Get ready to kick up some dust and have a rootin' tootin' good time!

Season of Knowledge Battle Pass rewards


Cowboys! It's time to load up your wagons with the finest fronter booty ever!

Following the latest updates, we've added some yummy rewards as well as cooking related quests to the event! 

  • Nearly 30 Tubes of various rarity! Yeehaw!
  • Various dishes and rare regional ingredients!
  • VIP!
  • Useful weapon (depends on your character level)!
  • Gun parts (depends on your character level)!
  • and more...!

Get ready for a flavourful adventure!

Premium Battle Pass rewards


By unlocking the Premium Pass, you'll access even more exclusive valuable rewards. Take your gaming to the next level and reap the rewards of the Premium Pass right now!

  • Globe of Knowledge decoration β€” A simple tap sets it spinning!
  • Even More VIP days β€” For faster progression! 
  • Epic Tubes β€” Boost your gear so cool that enemies shake!
  • Rare dishes β€” Feast your way to powerful buffs!
  • Happy Paw Cans β€” Your furry friend will be happy!
  • Other useful items and resources!
⚠️ Please note!
You can activate the Premium Pass at any moment and claim all the rewards from the already-reached milestones right away.

Now it all comes to your progress in the Battle Pass event. Let’s recap everything you need to know about participating in it!

Battle Pass Event currency & mechanics 


Complete Battle Pass tasks to get special event currency β€” Golden Apples β€” that will be filling the reward scale! 

Thank you, faithful horseshoes, for your dedicated service. Starting with the Season of Knowledge, there will be a special themed currency for each Battle Pass Event. Having more variety is great!

As usual, reaching a certain mark on the scale will get you another reward!

Here is how you participate in the Battle Pass event and get rewards:

  • Earn Golden Apples β€” Complete Battle Pass tasks to get this special currency.
  • Fill out the reward scale β€” Get Golden Apples to reach milestones & claim rewards.
  • Get the prizes β€” Move forward the event scale and obtain lots of useful items! Even more can be gained if you get yourself a Premium Pass.
  • Choose the task β€” Skip tasks for Silver if you are not into it. Every next skip will cost you more than the previous one, so consider using this feature carefully! 
  • Complete them all β€” New Battle Pass tasks will stop appearing 2 days before the end of the event. This way, you’ll be able to make that last push towards the desired reward without any rush. 

⚠️ Please note!

You have to reach level 25+ to take part in the current Battle Pass event.

Difficulty and rewards scaling:

  • Battle Pass tasks' difficulty is based on your character level prior to the beginning of the event. So, they are basically tailored for you to participate comfortably in it, no matter your experience in Westland!
  • The rewards are also corresponding to your character level. This way, they stay desirable and juicy for every cowboy out there! The more effort put, the better the loot, as they day. 

There are two types of tasks:

  • Daily tasks – They are grouped in stages and appear every 24 hours. To get to the new stage, you need to complete the previous one.
  • Long-term tasks – They are more challenging, but give a lot more Golden Apples! These tasks are completed simultaneously during the event.  

And remember, you can skip quests if you are not up to completing them! 

Other Changes and Improvements


  • Bigger HP bar β€” Right chasing your last feedback, we improve the visual appearance making it brighter and more noticeable!
  • Balance changes β€” Other recent Update 6.0 changes were also revised in favor of the players. Learn more about this on our official Facebook page!
  • Building Menu improvements β€” Starting with this update, we are improving the building interface to make it even more comfortable and visually appealing!
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.