Update 5.0.0 — Grow Your Fortune! Update 5.0.0 — Grow Your Fortune!

Update 5.0.0 — Grow Your Fortune!

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Howdy, partners!

Ranch holds a special place in any cowboy’s heart. This is where you rest, craft, nurture your pet, and many more! It’s time to welcome a fresh addition to this list. Behold, the highly-anticipated ranching feature!

Prepare to grow crops and take care of your own livestock! Plant your future harvest, reap the fields, and tend to your chickens! Become a true rancher and enjoy the fruit of your works. 

This update is only the beginning of this global system, so make sure to try it out and share your feedback on it with us! There’ll be more ranching activities coming up in the next updates. 

Start transforming your household now!

New Ranch buildings


Becoming a true rancher is a complex task. You’ll need some additional constructions to set a production chain. More detail on each of those will be provided further down the patchnotes. For now, let’s briefly mention them all! 

  • Fields — They’ll replace your Garden Bed. What’s more important, you can build a few of them! 
  • Water tower — Upgrade your Well to level 4 to turn it into a Water tower!
  • Chicken coop — That’s where your chickens ‘bout to live! Cluck-cluck.
  • Farming workbench — A necessity for a rancher. Use it to craft compound feed for your chickens and get some tasty white meat.
  • Barn — Stores all your crop seeds, compound feed, harvest, and fiber.

And now, let’s discuss all the new Ranch activities waiting for you! 

Grow more crops!


Time to go bigger

Garden bed has been a cozy, but compact place to grow your crops at. A real rancher needs more room for their harvest! So, in this update, Garden beds have been replaced with Fields. They are bigger, they are better, and they will bring more useful stuff to you!

⚠️ Please note!
Your already built Garden beds have been deconstructed. In return, you will find materials to construct your first Field in your Ranch Mailbox. The number of materials will depend on your Garden bed level. Time to go bigger!

Ready to learn more about the additional benefits provided by this change? Let’s go!

Water tower


To grow crops, you’ll need water. Lots of water, actually. A well produces enough water for one cowboy, and Fields require a lot more. So, upgrade the Well to level 4 and above to turn it into a Water tower! 

The higher the level of the Well, the more Fields you can build:

  • Well Level 1 — 1 Field;
  • Well Level 2 — 2 Fields;
  • Well Level 3 — 3 Fields;
  • Water tower (Well Level 4/5) — 4 Fields.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Try to build all 4 Fields as soon as possible!



Once you get to build your first Field, you’ll need to find out how to gain benefit from it. Time to dive deeper into the details!


  • How to build a Field? — You can do so via building mode. A trusty working method! 
  • How to upgrade a Field? — To upgrade your Field to level 2 and higher, you’ll need Mineral fertilizer. You can get some at the Emergency Stop event.
  • How to build more Fields? — You can build not just one, but multiple Fields! The available construction number depends on the Well/Water tower level. 

And now, to the juicy part! What makes Fields better than Garden beds?
An ability to get seeds from harvesting your crops! This allows you to loop your production chain and grow harvest on a regular basis. Fill your Ranch with green and reap your crops! 

🎁 To make the new experience even more pleasant, make sure to check your Ranch Mailbox. There’s a cool surprise waiting for you there — lots of seeds to start sowing your Fields with! 

⚠️ Please note!
The gift seeds will be stored in the Ranch Mailbox for 30 days only upon entering the game. Make sure to claim them on time! 

And now, let’s get the hang of the whole harvest process!

How to plant, grow, and harvest a crop?

  • One field — one culture — You can grow but one culture on your Field at a time. However, you can grow different cultures on different fields.
  • Plant smartly — When planting, you’ll get all the seeds from your inventory used at a time. Nice and handy!
  • Harvest the crop — All seeds get ready to be harvested at a time, unlike Garden bed’s, when each seed has its own reap time.  
  • New seeds — When you reap your crop, you get both the harvest and the number of seeds equal to the one used to sow the Field. It’s the circle of seeds, partners! The more seeds, the more generous harvest you can reap in the future. 

With such a beneficial feature as getting seeds for harvesting your crop, it became important to balance this change out. What has changed?

Plant rebalance


With the introduction of Fields, the following changes have been made to the plant drop mechanics:

  • Seeds are now seldom obtained by plucking plants
  • You can get some seeds for participating in special location adventures. These will come up once in a while, allowing you to improve your harvest!
  • More Fiber is now ‘dropped’ from plants. Starting with this version of the game, you will need more Fiber to make Cloth, so more Fiber will definitely come in handy!

Gather seeds both from the wild and your Ranch!
Let’s see how big of a harvest you can end up with :) 

New cultures and foods


Growing plants leads to getting two types of resources — Fiber to make Cloth from and edible items. We’ve already discussed the Fiber changes, so it’s time to learn about new cultures! 

New cultures & seeds

Fields allow for more cultures to grow on them. More room — more variety! Future updates will introduce even more cultures, so, in the meanwhile, make a way around these ones!  

  • Wheat — One of the basic crops that is loved both by humans and chickens.
  • Cabbage — A key ingredient when it comes to certain recipes! 

Certain changes have been made to Corn cultivars. Now there are 2 types of Corn available in Westland. One cultivar is suitable as a food, and the other one is better as a Fiber source: 

  • Homegrown Corn — Edible Corn cultivar. This type of Corn can only be used as a source of nourishment. Growing it won’t provide you with Fiber. 
  • Wild Corn — This cultivar can be planted at your Field, but it provides Fiber only upon reap. 

Already thinking of what to plant? You can grow all these cultures at a time on the Fields! 

New foods


Getting access to more cultures leads to more various cuisines! It’s always exciting to make some delicious new foods. This is but a start of your cooking journey, so you can definitely expect more recipes in the future.

New dishes:

  • Schnitzel — A true classic when it comes to cooking meat. The crispy crust makes it even better.
  • Coleslaw — An easy-to-make cabbage salad. A healthy dish that has a long expiration date — what else to ask for?
  • Cowboy Biscuits — Tough cowboy biscuits, widely known as ‘tooth breakers’. Great snack to coffee!

Westland's cuisine changes:

  • Starting with this update, you will need more Water canteens to make Corn porridge, Bean soup, and Compote. They say it’s yummier that way! 
  • Oatmeal is no longer trending in the cowboys' food chart. Its recipe has been withdrawn from Westland, so don’t try to cook it. 

Alright, that’s it for the foods. And now, let’s get back to the new dwellers of your Ranch — chickens!

Chicken coop


Have you ever thought of how great it would be to be able to produce meat at your Ranch? Your pets dreamed of it, actually. Just look at those petty eyes, begging for a juicy chicken leg! 

Now you can fulfill your pets’ wishes, as well as make some delicious food for yourself within your Ranch territory! Build a Chicken coop and start raising chickens. 


  • How to build a Chicken coop? — Go to the ‘Projects’ tab in the building mode, you’ll find it among the available options.
  • Where can I find a Breeding rooster? — You’ll need a Breeding rooster to start your chicken family. It can be found at the Train attack daily event. 
  • How far can I upgrade the coop? — For now, the Chicken coop max level is 3. It will eventually get higher in the next versions of Westland.
  • What will happen to the coop during bandit raids? — Bandits are human, after all, so even they can fear something. In this particular case, a Breeding rooster is a danger they prefer to avoid.

The coop is built, and now it’s time to take care of your hens! Actually, they are pretty self-sufficient, and all they require from you is food. They won’t mind some Wheat, but feeding them with compound feed is a much better option. You can make it on the Farming workbench whenever you need it! 

Make sure to keep the feeder of your coop filled, otherwise the chickens won’t be able to live comfortably and reproduce. 

Once the chicks grow up, you can use a Farming workbench to convert them to meat. Even if you get rid of all the chicks, your rooster and a hen will stay inside the coop to continue production. 

The Farming workbench has been mentioned a couple of times already, so it’s time to learn more about it! 

Farming workbench


This bench will grant you access to the production of a new resource — compound feed. It can be made from Wheat and Corn. Your chickens will enjoy such food to the brim. 

There is more use to the Farming workbench than making compound feed. As you may have already found out, it is also used for meat production. More chickens, more meat for your character and your pets!

⚠️ Please note!
In the current version, the Farming workbench can not be upgraded. This feature will become available in one of the next updates. 

In the future, the Farming workbench will become even more useful. With the development of the Ranching system, more features will become unlocked both at the Ranch in general and for the Farming bench in particular. Get ready to make your Ranch the coolest of them all! 

So, you’ve got Fields built and chickens settling down at the coop.
What’s next?



Enjoying growing new cultures, cowboy? Time to reap the fruit of your work!

With getting more and more resources and food, you’ll need more storage. And this is where the Barn comes in! You can store seeds, plant cultures, fiber, and compound feed in it. So, some space will eventually get freed up in the Food and Wood storages! Ain’t that awesome?


  • How to build a Barn? — Go to the ‘Projects’ tab in the building mode, it’s right there. 
  • Can the bandits steal what’s stored in the Barn? — Bandits are interested in more costly possessions than seeds. So, your Barn will be left well alone during bandit raids.
  • How far can I upgrade the Barn? — The Barn can be upgraded only to level 3 in this version. In the future, you’ll become able to level it up further. 

The question with the plant items is solved, but what about the meat?

Bring the meat!


The chickens at your coop are now making a great treat for your cowboy or your pet. So, no lack of meat awaits you in the future! With things turning out this way, it’s no surprise some changes have been made to the meat drop system as well. 

Here’s how the things go now:

  • Carnivores (bears, wolves, etc.) drop only tough meat.
    It is not that tasty or nutritious, just like in real life. 
  • Herbivores (bighorn sheep, deer, etc.) drop both tough meat and some juicy parts, such as ribs and tender meat. 
  • Chicks will provide you with white meat — yummy and nutritious meat you can also find from turkeys in a smaller amount. 

With the changes of the meat system, the trap crafting has been bound to be altered as well. Their production cost has been updated accordingly.

And now, to a somewhat surprising change!

Refined sugar


Your diet is bound to adapt due to the changes in seeds, plant, and meat system. Westland horses have also decided to step up their game. From now on, they will accept only Refined sugar as a treat!

Refined sugar is really yummy and can serve as a treat both for your horse and your cowboy. One sugar cube will restore you 2 Energy points.

⚠️ Please note!
All your previously owned oats and oat seeds will turn into the equal number of Refined sugar.

Back to the Ranch changes!

Ranch expansion


With all those new buildings incoming, you might consider expanding your Ranch territory. Even though the already available land will be more than enough to construct all the buildings you want to, having an option is always nice!

Real estate, as well as land, is one of the most popular investments even in the Wild West. So, getting more land will cost you a handful of Gold Nuggets. You can expand your Ranch territory multiple times, and each new purchase will cost more than the previous one.

Will you fit all the new buildings into the already available lot size, or make it larger? The decision is up to you! 

It’s just the beginning!


Woah, this update’s features are quite a lot already, isn’t it? But it’s just the starting point of the Ranching system. It will be expanding, improving and getting more global in the upcoming updates. It applies to many features — from building levels, to new features & items introduction.

Your feedback on the new Ranching experience will help us make this system better. We encourage you to share your thoughts on the new features on our social media. And, of course, guess what’s about to come in the future!

A small hint for those, who read the patchnotes carefully — there will be more types of livestock introduced to the system than just chickens in the future! What type of animals do you think will become available next? 

Casino Wheel of Fortune


The mysterious owner of the Casino believes that life is a game, and to keep the game fun, it should be always-changing. So, the Wheel of Fortune at the Casino will be getting rewards updates once in a while! 

From now on, for a limited time period, you will be able to score:

  • Epic Tier 3 blueprint;
  • Random melee Weapon box (scales of your character level);
  • Random Armor box (scales of your character level);
  • Fish;
  • Binoculars;
  • Coffee (brewed drink);
  • Other useful items!

Due to the rewards getting better and more valuable, Wheel of Fortune spin now costs 50 coins. The free spin system has also been altered — you’ll get to make it once a week. 

What prize do you want to score the most?

Other Changes and Improvements


  • Speed on up! — From now on, all of your Project (Fields, Wagon, Safe, Pet House, Barn, and Chicken coop) level-ups will be instant. No more wait! Enjoy the result right away! 
  • Learning is an active process — From now on, you’ll need more research points to learn how to craft high-tier baits. On the other hand, bringing higher-tier animals to Vernon is now more beneficial. So, to make this process as efficient as possible, bring Vernon pets of a higher tier and gain more research points! 
  • Silverton NPCs new look — The town keeps getting better and better. Several NPCs have received a visual upgrade. Go check them out!
  • New Silverton Stables — Silverton horses dreamt of a better place to stay at, and here it finally is!
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.