Update 5.1 — Green Season Update 5.1 — Green Season

Update 5.1 — Green Season

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Let’s shamrock and roll!

Howdy, partners! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. What better time to test your luck? Catch it by its tail in the new Battle Pass event!

Participate in the event from March 17 15:00 (GMT) up to April 3d 21:00 (GMT) and earn useful rewards! Enjoy the changes in Battle Pass task mechanics and get ‘em prizes! 

They say luck comes to those who believe in luck, but in this event, you get guaranteed rewards for your efforts. No one will leave without a prize! And with the Premium Pass, you will also be able to bring your St. Patrick’s look to a whole new level!

Eager to learn what you can get? 

Green Season Battle Pass rewards


Lassies and Laddies! It’s finally starting getting Green, isn’t it? With the Green Season Battle Pass, you can shower yourself with rewards! 

Conquer Battle Pass milestones and claim:

  • 100 Silver Coins;
  • VIP;
  • Useful weapon (its tier and rarity depends on your character level prior to the start of the event);
  • Armor set (its tier and rarity depends on your character level prior to the start of the event);
  • Gun parts (their rarity depends on your character level prior to the start of the event);
  • Refined Sugar, blueprints, seeds, meat, food, healing items, and many more! 

 Wait, there is even more!

Premium Battle Pass rewards


Care to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to your fullest? Get yourself a Premium Pass and enjoy these additional goodies!

  • Luck O' The Irish Ring — They say it once belonged to a leprechaun, but now it can bring luck to you instead! This ring is truly powerful, cause it can boost all of your character’s stats. An incredibly valuable item!   
  • Leprechaun hat — The best hat to wear to bring more luck into your life! It is also very neat and breathable. 
  • Pot of gold — The gold inside the pot looks real, but Carmack said it's pyrite. Nonetheless, it looks rather fancy!
  • Industrial gun parts — A juicy reward for experienced (lvl 80+) cowboys!
  • Other useful items and resources!

⚠️ Please note!
You can activate the Premium Pass at any moment and claim all the rewards from the already-reached milestones right away.

Now it all comes to your progress in the Battle Pass event. Let’s recap everything you need to know about participating in it, including some cool improvements!

Battle Pass Event mechanics


Green Season Battle Pass event is the third event of its type. Still, new cowboys keep on coming to Westland and joining the event. So, this part of the patchnotes is for them and those who want to refresh their knowledge of the Battle Pass mechanics!

Here is how you participate in the Battle Pass event and get rewards:

  • Earn Silver Horseshoes — Complete Battle Pass tasks to get Battle Pass special currency — Silver Horseshoes.
  • Fill out the reward scale — Get Silver Horseshoes to reach milestones & claim rewards.
  • Get the prizes — Move forward the event scale and obtain lots of useful items! Even more can be gained if you get yourself a Premium Pass.
  • Choose the task — Skip tasks for Silver if you are not into it. Every next skip will cost you more than the previous one, so consider using this feature carefully! 
  • Get ready for more! — New Battle Pass tasks will be appearing every 24 hours (upon completing the previous ones).  
  • Complete them all — New Battle Pass tasks will stop appearing 2 days before the end of the event. This way, you’ll be able to make that last push towards the desired reward without any rush. 
⚠️ Please note!
You have to reach level 25+ to take part in the current Battle Pass event.

Difficulty and rewards scaling:

  • Battle Pass tasks difficulty is based off your character level prior to the beginning of the event. So, they are basically tailored for you to participate comfortably in it, no matter your experience in Westland!
  • The rewards are also corresponding to your character level. This way, they stay desirable and juicy for every cowboy out there! The more effort put, the better the loot, as they day. 

Battle Pass system keeps getting improvements on a regular basis. Time to learn what it’s all about this time! 

Battle Pass improvements


Each new Battle Pass event brings some improvements into this system. Some of those are inspired by you, our loyal community! Thank you for your feedback and being active during Battle Pass events. 

This season will last from March 17 15:00 (GMT) up to April 3d 21:00 (GMT). And now, to everything important & new about the Green Season Battle Pass! 

New types of tasks

This time around, there are two types of tasks, daily and long-term. In order to reach the end of the Battle Pass reward line, you have to complete tasks of both types.
How do they differ?

  • Daily tasks are the tasks you are already used to. They are grouped in stages – to get to the new stage, you need to complete the previous one.
  • Long-term tasks are completed simultaneously during the event. They are more challenging, but give a lot more Silver Horseshoes! Take your time with these, and enjoy a bountiful reward once you beat them!

And remember, you can skip quests if you are not up to completing them! It works both with familiar daily tasks and new long-term tasks. 

And that’s all about the Green Season Battle Pass! Are you excited about it? Already prepping your weapons and armor?

That’s the spirit!

Other Changes and Improvements


  • No more hunger, no more pain! — Deepwater and South traders now have some pet crackers for sale. May come in handy sometimes! 
  • It’s all about the basics — You can now pass the Starter Rancher course to learn about all the Ranching mechanics. 
  • It just keeps getting better — Various UI improvements, including icon size fix.
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.