Update 6.2 — Achievements unlocked! Update 6.2 — Achievements unlocked!

Update 6.2 — Achievements unlocked!

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Hello, cowboys! With this update, a big Achievements feature is coming to the game, along with many improvements in your Ranch management processes and other game aspects. 

Major points

  • Achievements system — From now on, most of your activities in the game will be honored with special achievements that can be displayed to other players. 
  • Ranch maintenance simplified — Farmer and Culinary workbenches have been eliminated, fields can now be replanted with a single tap. Additionally, common food recipes were streamlined. 
  • Simplified metal parts — No more plates, rivets, nails, and wire — introducing "fasteners" as a single metal component you need for crafting.
  • Canyon Trials Rebalance — By popular demand, wave 29 was simplified!
  • More Iron ore — The minimum amount of the Iron ore in the Iron mine was increased. 
  • Renewed Wheel of Fortune — Exciting new horse-related rewards are waiting for you. 

Now, let's dive deeper into these changes and other new features!

Achievements System


Ever dreamed of earning a medal for your daring deeds, like taking down the bandits in the Bandit camp or helping fix that Steamboat? Well, now you can! Introducing a new system to track and reward your ongoing achievements, proving once and for all who the top cowboy in town really is! 

Types of Achievements

All achievements are categorized based on the type of cowboy activity. There are several categories of achievements in the game:

  • Combat
  • Gathering
  • Buildings & Crafting
  • Blueprints learning
  • Items
  • Traveling
  • Tournaments
  • Events
  • Storyline
  • Wild West Fun

All in all, there are nearly 80 types of achievements in the game! The majority of achievements are available at three different levels of challenge: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. And when you reach the maximum level for all achievements in a group, you'll earn an exceptional Platinum achievement! 

You can explore the achievements, their names, and conditions for them in The Encyclopedia. However, there's an air of mystery surrounding a few achievements. Who knows what you have to do to unlock them?

And how about flaunting your achievements in front of your fellow cowboys? In the Encyclopedia you can also manage which achievements you want to display by your nickname everywhere the other players see it – the chat, on the leaderboards, in Alliance’s interfaces, in Silverton, and other settlements. Depending on the level of your Encyclopedia, you can show up to 5 of your most impressive achievements.

Stay tuned for even more tasks and achievements to keep you engaged and entertained in future updates!

Please note!
Beginning with the 6.2 update, most of the achievements will be tracked from scratch for all players. However, specific achievements related to one-time actions, such as constructing specific buildings or unlocking new regions, will be awarded immediately.

Ranch maintenance improvements

Your valuable feedback highlighted that Ranch maintenance had become excessively complex. So many Ranch processes were simplified for easier management.

Meat production simplified


  • Farming workbench removed. All invested workbench resources are back in your Mailbox, and if you purchased this workbench for money, you also received extra VIP days.
  • White meat and Filet are now produced directly in the Chicken Coop and Cowshed, respectively. Ensure uninterrupted production by feeding the cattle in a timely manner and picking up the meat when it's ready.
  • The nutritional properties of raw crops are increased — to be basically as effective as special Feeds were before. 
  • Special feed for chickens, cows, and horses can no longer be produced on the Ranch, but can still be purchased in the store.

Simplified cooking


  • Culinary Table removed — Now you need just the Campfire and Kitchen to produce food and drinks. All invested workbench resources are back in your Mailbox, and if you purchased this workbench for money, you also received extra VIP days.
  • Simplifying recipes — Common dishes no longer require salt and spices, which means all the essential components can be cultivated right on your Ranch! Also, the required water flasks for recipes have been reduced. 

Fast fields management


Now you can reboot production on your fields with a single tap on "Replant". You can easily restart production on individual fields or all of them simultaneously.

Crafting simplification


The crafting process for metal parts was simplified as well. Instead of requiring wire, plates, rivets, and nails, you'll now only need one tertiary resource called a "Fastener."

All the removed metal parts have been replaced with ingots of the corresponding tier.

Enhanced Iron ore output


The Iron mine had had a great spread between minimal and maximal amount of ore found in it, which sometimes resulted in a poor “catch” from that mine. Your complaints were heard, and the minimum yield of iron ore has been doubled. Moreover, iron ore also has been added to the Chromite mine.

New Wheel of Fortune


Some exciting changes came to the Wheel of Fortune. Previous set of rewards helped newcomers get acquainted with cooking. New ones bring horses into the spotlight, providing you with everything you could possibly require for constructing top-notch stables and caring for your equine companions!

But wait, there's more! A special jackpot is now part of the revamped Wheel of Fortune. Win a rare Tier 4 Arabian horse and elevate your ranch's prestige! Good luck!

Please note!
Winning horses are automatically placed into your Stable. If you haven't built one yet, they will appear there once you construct it.

Other Improvements


Let’s highlight a few more game enhancements:

  • Canyon Trials waves balance — By popular demand, the difficulty of the 29th wave has been decreased even more, though it still demands top-notch gear and thorough preparation.  Furthermore, some of the preceding and following waves have been rebalanced to ensure smooth difficulty growth.
  • Outlaws Anger was growing too fast in the Southern and Marshland regions. It was slowed down, so you won't have to defend and fix your Ranch every day.
  • Increased chance of Rooster drop in Train Attack event — by popular demand, the chance of getting a Breeding Rooster instead of a Cowbell has been increased. 
  • Manes and tails upgrade — Uncommon and rare horses have received upgraded looks! 
  • Pet House, Cowshed, Chicken Coop, and Barn can now be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Native American and Cowboy tubes have been temporarily removed from the game due to containing blueprints that were not in line with the current game balance. Tubes already obtained remain in your possession. 
  • Improved locations interfaces – several locations now feature upgraded artwork in their interfaces. 
  • ‘Frontier Rest’ Sofa became interactive — Now you can sit on it and take a rest!
  • Blueberries can now be found on the Northern Lake as well.
  • Fixed Pet Behavior — Resolved a bug that, in rare cases, caused tamed animals to remain stationary and not follow you.
  • A pet defeated in battle can no longer continue fighting with a minimal amount of health. It must recover at least 10% of HP to help you in the battle.
  • Marauders now have more HP to better align with their role as strong bandits wielding large hammers.
  • Fixed the second-floor display in the Alliance Headquarters building — it will no longer become invisible when you go up to it.
  • Optimization — Several architectural enhancements were made to the game to reduce memory usage. These changes are expected to improve game performance on less powerful devices.
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.