Update 5.2 — Spring Fair Update! Update 5.2 — Spring Fair Update!

Update 5.2 — Spring Fair Update!

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Ladies ’n’ Gents!

🎪 Join the Spring Fair fun from April 7th (15:00 UTC) till April 24th (12:00 UTC) and get yourself a lot of valuable rewards!

Buffalo Jill is back yet again with an updated festive programme! New adventures are waiting for you, as well as some old acquaintances. Prepare for lots of exciting activities, juicy prizes, and… wait a minute. Was that a lion’s roar?

Fred Hatter will be waiting for you at your Ranch doorstep on April 7. Speak to the fella and hurry to the Fair!

⚠️ Please note!

Your character must be level 30 or above to take part in Spring Fair! To participate in it and start completing the event quest line, talk to Fred Hatter at your Ranch.

Spring Fair rewards


Another year, another time to break the record! Jill is not willing to stop in her desire to collect the biggest egg basket in Westland. Help make her dream come true!

Get Easter Eggs for participation in festive activities, put them into the basket, and gain rewards by reaching certain milestones! The further you get up the line, the better the prizes! 

Ready to learn about the top prize of this Fair? Well, you’ve asked for it yourself! The one and only, the king of the jungle, the mighty and powerful… lion! 


Holy Moly, that’s a real lion, no catch here! What a powerful and graceful creature it is, don’t you think so? Just one swing of its paw and your enemies will fly away! Well, not exactly, but getting a pet lion is something to be really proud of! 

Especially since this particular lion has nothing against blurring the lines with pumas. So, you can breed it and start a cool little pedigree of your own!

There’s something for every one of you at the Fair! Participate in activities, help Jill, compete in the Leaderboard, and most importantly — have fun! 


You know the drill, Jill won’t let anyone leave the Fair without a prize. If you put in the effort, of course. This time, she’s prepared plenty of useful rewards for you to compete for. From festive weapons to Sweets & Gear — try collecting ‘em all!

⚠️ Please note!
If you’ve participated in previous Spring Fair events, you’ll get access to an alternative reward pool line. It will reflect your experience better, providing you with Mineral Fertilizer, other weapons, etc. 

No worries, though, the top prize is the same for both parties — and that’s the mighty and picturesque lion! 

And now, to the reward pool!

  • Jackalope Hunter Set — The best armor to show off your Spring Fair progression! Get the hat and the coat for helping Jill, and complete the set with pants and boots from Fred. Looking spicy! 
  • Unique Ranch Decorations — Everyone loves to decorate their Ranch. Don’t you, too? Get new cool decorations from the Fair! 
  • Uncommon and Rare Gear — Seize the opportunity to get useful gear to improve your workbenches! You can gain some at the Fair without breaking as much sweat as while raiding bandit camps. 
  • Spring Fair Weapons — Good old Colt feels a little boring at the moment? Jill’s got your back! Try out Spring Fair fun and bright weapons, they will bring back the excitement into your life! 
  • Spring Fair Hats — A head piece is an important part of any cowboy’s look. Get yourself a new one and bring your look to a new level!
  • Fair Sweets — Delicious candy that restores Energy by 5 points. Having a sweet tooth has never been that useful! 

What do you think of these rewards? Set an eye on something?
Time to learn how to get it!

Spring Fair activities

More Easter Eggs in the basket — more rewards for you! Let’s review the activities you can get Easter Eggs in.

Eggstreme Defense


Nick was tasked with helping local villagers hand paint Easter Eggs. However, trouble always follows Nick’s footsteps, so right now he is in dire need of your help!

Bandits are about to attack, and you are the only one who can help. Speak to Briggs to get the village’s coordinates and hurry to the rescue! The bandits are angry with the head of the village, and they swore to break all the Eggs the people painted. Don’t let that happen!

Put your strategic mind to the test and defend the village:

  • Your goal is to protect the crates with Eggs. They are scattered around the village, and the bandits are after destroying them.
  • Bandits will attack in big groups. Furthermore, they can attack from 3 sides. Build barricades to slow them down. These constructions won’t stop the bandits, but they will give you the necessary time to fight them off.
  • Bandits attack in waves. So, there will be some breathers between the attacks that you can use to place additional barricades.
  • Different colored arrows will indicate the direction the enemies are coming from and the actions they are taking.
    ⦿ The gray arrow indicates only the direction of the incoming attack.
    ⦿ The orange arrow warns you about the bandits hitting the barricade.
    ⦿ The red arrow displays that the bandits destroyed the barricade/there is no barricade built in that particular direction. Hurry up to defend that line as soon as possible!

Got a grip on the activity mechanics? Now, let’s get onto the types of barricades you can build.


Barricade types:

  • Barricade — A defensive structure made of planks. Slows down goons and bandits. Useless against dogs — they can easily jump over it.
  • Trap — A barbed trap. Usually used for hunting animals. A more advanced barricade type that slows down dogs as well as bandits and goons. 
  • Tripwire — A trip-wire mine. An excellent weapon against inattentive and clumsy enemies. Especially effective against goons.

The number of barricades is limited by the number of materials you have for building them. Constructing them is very easy, it is done via a similar to Ranch’s Building mode. You can get resources from the head of the village. 

Resource types:

  • Processed planks — Made of sturdy wood. Used in construction.
  • Metal parts — These parts are used for creating traps and tripwires.

Gosh, that sounds like a lot! Hordes of bandits, barricade building, fighting off the enemies… But you will handle it, everyone puts their faith in you!

The head of the village will be warning you about the members of the upcoming waves, making it easier for you to pick what barricades to build. Each wave will be getting more difficult than the previous one, and you have to keep an eye on all 3 directions the bandits are coming from.

So how does one participate in this activity?

  • Complete Spring Fair quest line to participate in Eggstreme Defense. After that, you will be able to test your skill in this activity twice in a day.

  • The first try will be free of charge.
    1 extra attempt can be purchased within 24 hours.
  • 3 difficulty modes of the activity are available. The higher it’s set, the more Eggs you’ll get! 

Are you excited about this new activity? Ba-bang, bangarang!

Egg Hunt


Alright, after all that danger and challenge at the Eggstreme Defense, you’d definitely appreciate an easier and a more laid-back challenge. Do you recall the rules of the Hannah Bunny’s Egg Hunt competition? Ready, set… eggs!  

  • Complete Spring Fair quest line to test your Egg Hunter skills.
  • The first try will be free of charge.
    1 extra attempt can be purchased within 24 hours.
  • 3 difficulty modes of the activity are available.

Watch your step, it is easy to trip over at the Egg Hunt area. Thread carefully, grab eggs fast, and just have fun! 

Wheel of Fortune


Jill is back at it again — with that Wheel of Fortune standing tall at the heart of the Spring Fair settlement!
Jill still manages to win Lucky Backpacks from Luke to fill Wheel of Fortune’s prize pool with. A nice, sturdy, and stylish backpack — ain’t it worth a few spins? 

But there is even more you can get! Uncommon tubes, Silver, Refined Sugar, Fish, and other useful stuff is also waiting for you at this attraction!  

Spin the Wheel and test your luck! One Lucky Chip — one prize!
You can get those Chips by taking part in Spring Fair activities. 

Big Hunt


Have you heard about the Jackalope? Think it’s just a tale? But it exists!

The whole Spring Fair camp no longer thinks it is just Nick’s drunk delusion. The way he speaks is still a bit weird, but… Jackalope is out there in the woods for sure! Is your shotgun ready to fire? That huge thing is not easy to take down! 

⚠️ Please note!

Please note that the Big Hunt activity will get accessible later during the Spring Fair. You will be able to start the Jackalope Hunt on April 13 15:00 (GMT)! 

Deal with Jackalope and gain Chips and Easter Eggs! 

Sensation hunter


Psst, friend, interested in getting even more Easter Eggs to fill out that basket? John Conrad, the local sensation hunter, has a task for you. 

He wants to print his article in color, but there is no Colored Ink to be found nearby. And the order he made has not arrived! The couriers have been dispatched, but they are nowhere to be seen around the Fair!

It’s up to you now to make John’s idea come to life. Bring him some Colored Ink and be rewarded with Easter Eggs — carefully painted by John himself, by the way. 

Spot the couriers with Colored Ink all over the prairies and get Colored Ink back to John! Hope he finds a more responsible seller next time around…

Curiosity shop


Can’t get enough of all the rewards available at the Fair, do you? Or eager to get something via other means? Fred Hatter’s at your service!

Fred’s Curiosity shop as much to offer. You can get special event items from it, but count the Easter Eggs you spend carefully. 

⚠️ Please note!
Eggs spent for purchasing goods at Fred’s DO NOT count in the basket filling progression! 

That’s it for the Spring Fair activities & rewards, cowboys. There is so much for you to do and explore! Make sure to test your skills in Eggstreme Defense and share some feedback on it in our social media! 

Important Spirit Cave announcements


Spirit cave rework

In the 5.3 update, the Spirit Cave will get closed for renovation. Make sure to retrieve all valuable items before they vanish. The time is up and running, cowboys!

Right now, we can not disclose any details on the Spirit Cave rework — neither the changes of scale nor the date it will become accessible again. Once we are ready to share some information, it will be done via our social media. Make sure to follow us there!

Related changes in log-in rewards

Spirit Cave related rewards have been withdrawn from the log-in rewards. A bit more detail on the changes:

  • Day 5 — You will now be getting 5 bottles of Whiskey;
  • Day 12 — 5 bottles of Alcohol;
  • Day 19 — 5 Sulfur;
  • Day 26 — 5 Gunpowder.

From now on, Spirit Cave gifts can be found only within the Spirit Cave itself.  

Other changes and improvements


  • Make more cloth! — Now, crafting Hemp cloth (Tier 5 cloth) requires 20 Fiber instead of 25. Get more cloth with less fiber!
  • Speed on up! — You can now hasten the crop growth on the Fields using Silver.
  • Daily event spawn algorithm improved — Taking your feedback and your accounts info into consideration, we’ve made certain adjustments to the daily event spawn algorithm. From now on, it should be a bit easier to stumble upon the event you may benefit visiting the most.
  • Ranch UI upgrades — Several tweaks that will improve your game experience.
  • Pet interactions — A couple of pet interactions have been added to the special actions wheel! Long tap on your character and check them out!
  • Localization improvements — Thank you kindly for letting us know about the possible localization improvements, cowboys! Several changes have been made for more coherence and easier understanding.
  • Meat balance alterations — The higher the location tier, the more meat you will be getting for killing herbivores and vice versa. Advance in levels and enjoy more and better loot!
  • Alliance buildings placement bug fixed — Some players have been able to trickily place Alliance buildings too close to each other, making it almost impossible to raid their bases. No more of that, fellows!