Update 6.3 — Happy Halloween! Update 6.3 — Happy Halloween!

Update 6.3 — Happy Halloween!

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Howdy, partners! Buffalo Jill’s show is back to Westland to impress you with both completely new challenges and good old fun activities! Ghost Rider Horse, Phantom Rider Armor Set and lots of other prizes are waiting for you. Get ready for spooky adventures from October 20th (12:00 UTC) to November 6th (21:00 UTC). 

Harvest Fair


Collect pumpkins for participation in festive activities or simply find them by roaming the locations of Westland, put them into the cauldron, and win rewards by reaching the milestones! The more you invest, the better prizes you get!

In the program

  • Spirits Cave — It's making a big comeback in the Halloween event, now boasting all-new gameplay centered around unique special abilities!
  • Pumpkin Hunt — Collect the most pumpkins before your opponents!.
  • Epic Boss Fight — Give the unholy spirits a good thrashing!
  • Wheel of Fortune — Test your luck and win an exclusive backpack among other prizes!

The top prizes of the event:

  • Ghost Rider Horse
  • Phantom Rider Armor set
  • Terror of Spirits Gun 
  • 7 VIP days
  • A candle-lit piano

Soul Reaper:

New ominous achievement has arrived! Level up during the "Harvest Fair" event to unlock and upgrade it to gold!

Fred Hatter will knock-knocking the doors of your Ranch with another chilling rumor on October 20th (12:00 UTC). Speak to the partner and hurry to the Fair! 

⚠️ Please note!

To join the event, you need to reach level 30. Talk with Fred Hatter at your Ranch to start the festive questline.

Fair activities


Renewed Spirits Cave!

It’s time to unveil the renewed Spirits Cave for a trial run this Halloween event!
Quartermaster Briggs asks for your help to deal with some insolent bandits who set up a camp in the ancient cave near the road to the Fair and attack its visitors. But bandits are not the only inhabitants of the Spirit Cave…



The Spirits Cave now boasts distinctive gameplay focused on exclusive special abilities. To start, you choose 1 ability from a random selection of 3 and build your abilities tree from there. In total, there are 8 core abilities:

  1. Ghost Wolf leader — Summons 2 Ghost Wolves. 
  2. Sweeping Slash — Melee weapons that hit a single target now hit in a cone. Melee weapons that hit in a cone now hit in a circle.
  3. Chill bite — Dealing damage with weapons slows down enemies.
  4. Frontier Ricochet — Revolver and rifle shots ricochet to the nearest 2 enemies. Damage to additional targets is reduced by 50%.
  5. Thunder Might — Periodically, lightning deals damage to an enemy
  6. Long-Barrel Prayer — Shotgun shooting range increased. More targets receive damage.
  7. Demolition Spirit — Summons a companion who throws dynamite every few seconds, dealing area damage.
  8. Splitting Feather Strike — Shoots a few arrows. Bows deal more damage.

Every ability can be upgraded to become even more effective and deadly!

Epic abilities


Two differently upgraded abilities can unlock an epic ability, merging their effects. Not all abilities are compatible, so experiment with different combinations to reach epic ones. You can activate up to two epic abilities during a single visit to the Spirit Cave.

  1. Grizzly Rampage — You turn into a mighty Spirit Bear.
  2. Winter’s Hug — You take less damage. Enemies receive damage each time they attack you.
  3. Ice Trail — You leave an icy area behind you, slowing down enemies and dealing them some damage
  4. Eagle Eye — Revolver and rifle shots deal critical damage.
  5. Double-Barrel — Shotguns shoot double.
  6. Fire Scatter — Shotgun shots set enemies on fire, dealing damage over a few seconds.
  7. Boomshot — Arrows deal area damage.
  8. Stun Ambush — Places a trap every few seconds, stunning enemies and dealing area damage.

Rooms and foes

The Spirit Cave is divided into different rooms, each with its own exciting battle. Beat the enemies in one room to go to the next one and choose a new ability. Get ready to fight not only spirits but also scary mythical creatures. Make sure to defeat them with different weapons and abilities combinations!

Fear not if defeated; you won't die. Instead, you'll remain standing with 1 HP, much like in the Canyon Trials.

Endless tactics

The Renewed Spirit Cave is coming back as a special event activity to introduce you to its exciting new gameplay. After the event, it will be taken down again for a some period of time to make a fine-tuning, influenced by game stats and your invaluable feedback. 

So, don't hold back on those opinions! Gear up for some unforgettable moments in the Spirits Cave and try as many tactics and abilities as you can, partners! 

  • Complete the Harvest Fair Event questline to unlock the activity.
  • 3 difficulty modes are available right away!
  • There is only 1 attempt daily.  

Pumpkin Hunt


Drumroll, please! 🥁 The Pumpkin Hunt is a thrilling challenge to showcase your quick reflexes. Register by talking to Hannah Bunny and gather as many ripe pumpkins as possible!

📜 Let's delve into the competition's terms and rules!

  • Complete the Harvest Fair Event questline to unlock the activity.
  • 3 difficulty modes are available right away!
  • Watch your step so you don't trip!
  • The first try will be free of charge.
    1 extra attempt can be purchased within 24 hours.
  • You will not be able to use weapons on the field of competition!

Get yourself together and show them how it’s done!

Fearsome Gang


Is all the talk about pumpkinheads and ghosts real? People at the fair are scared of them and the pumpkinheads. When people are scared, they don't have fun.

Jill thinks there's a bigger story here. Someone wants to close the Fair! This is not good!

Talk to Rick and find out who's causing the problems!

⚠️ Please note!
Please note that the Fearsome Gang activity will become accessible later during the Harvest Fair. You will be able to fight with the Fearsome Gang from October 26 17:00 (UTC)! 

Boo-tiful rewards


Did you hear that grim neighing? No way! The top prize of the show is a very special 'Ghost Rider' horse! Let’s find out all the rewards you can win!

  • Ghost Rider HorseTOP PRIZE of the Show! Ride through the night on this spooky steed. The foals of this horse will have the same skin for 100%.
  • Phantom Rider Armor set — They say the owners of this outfit have made a deal with Death herself; their items lose less durability in case of a death. 
  • Terror of Spirits — This gun instills terror in all the spirits across the Wild West. 
  • 7 VIP days — The WEEK of VIP!
  • A candle-lit piano — An exclusive decoration for your Ranch.


  • Django’s Trick Backpack — No one will dare to peek inside this backpack. So, pretty much anything can be inside!
  • Whitecrest Armor Set — Limited Harvest Fair armor set for those who care about their style.
  • Halloween Weapons — Brutal and deadly. Effective for dealing both with the living beings and… not so living beings. 
  • Unique Ranch Decorations — Make your Ranch even more boo-tiful!
  • Halloween Candies — These sweets are not only tasty but also restore Energy, allowing you to travel more!
  • Uncommon Gear — A useful tool for any cowboy out there. 
  • Rare and Uncommon Rings — Their unique bonuses may aid you greatly in your future travels!
  • And other cool rewards!

⚠️ Please note!

If you’ve participated in previous Harvest Fair events, you’ll get access to an alternative reward pool line. It will reflect your experience better, providing Fried Fish, glycerine, heals, and some valuable resources. No worries, though, the top prizes are the same for both parties!

Wheel of Fortune


The show must go on! Jill invites you to play the special Fair Wheel of Fortune!

Spin the Wheel to win spooky prizes for you and your Ranch! The top prize? Django’s Trick Backpack! But there's more! Win Tubes, Silver coins, Refined Sugar, Fried Fish, and other rewards!

Try your luck with the Wheel! One Lucky Chip equals one prize! Earn them by joining in the Spring Fair events.

Curiosity shop


Want more rewards from the Fair? Looking for other ways to get them? Fred Hatter is here to help! Fred's Curiosity Shop has lots to offer. You can buy special event items there.

⚠️ Please note!
Pumpkins spent for purchasing goods at Fred’s DO NOT count in the cauldron-filling progression! 

Gameplay improvements


We continue to work on making the game better and more fun. Many of these changes listed below are inspired by your awesome feedback!

  • Rebalanced difficulty of the Timer Events — now, Timer Events scale their difficulty at later character’s levels compared than before. 
  • Improved rewards in Bandit Stash for high-level players — now rewards fit better to the progress in the game.
  • Global map changes — for the players' convenience, two pairs of locations have switched places: Pine Forest and Forest Lake, as well as Tin Mine and Foggy Plateau. 
  • Improved randomizer for the tubes — You will receive blueprints that match your current progress more often.
  • Improved randomizer for horse gender — now, when breeding horses, the chance of getting a foal of the opposite gender from the previous breeding is higher.
  • The horse gender is displayed in Arabella’s interface now — for a more convenient horse buying experience. 
  • More Empty canteens can be found in different locations.
  • Better Gears in the Camps — Now more useful gears can be found in the camps more often. 
  • Native American outfits — The durability of all armor items was significantly increased.

Other changes and improvements


  • Сhewing gum — New special Alliance resource instead of Coffee sack to avoid misunderstandings with Pack of Coffee. Chewing gum is made of natural gum, chicle and restores some energy.
  • The torch now deals increased damage to spirits!
  • Food Buff activation — now you can also drag and drop a food or a drink to the special inventory to activate or renew the buff.
  • The text size in the chat has been enlarged — this and a number of other minor game interface improvements.
  • Raw meat and Cactuses are now stored in the Ingredients storage to give you additional space in the Food storage.
  • Loot the food — Sometimes, you will be able to find cooked food in the dead bandits' pockets.
  • Horses Energy rebalance — To fix the energy balance in the game newborn foals and just-bought horses now have 50% of the total energy.
  • Bandits Hideouts are now more diverse. Inside the houses, you'll find different types of furniture, and the arrangement of rooms has more variety than before.
  • Fixed Wendigo — Now it may attack just once at night and won't reappear numerous times until morning if you re-enter the location.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the default name a horse even after it had been renamed.