Update 5.3 — Moo-tiful update! Update 5.3 — Moo-tiful update!

Update 5.3 — Moo-tiful update!

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Howdy, partners! It’s been just a matter of time before you could prove yourself real COW-boys and COW-girls. Please welcome — the frequently asked-for and highly anticipated — cows! 

With this update, you will be able to build a Cowshed at your Ranch and step up your ranching experience! Grow cows and get delicious meat for your characters and their pets! 

It’s not just the appearance of cows worth celebrating, lads. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve prepared several improvements, changes, and novelties to make your Wild West travels even more exciting! Including an exciting and bountiful gift waiting for high-level cowboys and cowgirls. 

Ready to learn more about the update?
Let’s get straight into it! 

Livestock feeding changes


Before we get into the description of the Cowshed, it is important to note one significant change that affects both the new livestock, cows, and the already familiar chickens. 

From now on, chickens & cows do NOT need to feed when they are just roaming their place. So, no more turning livestock into meat to preserve feed! So when do they now feed? When their numbers increase. A bit more on that down below. 

Hope y’all excited about this! 



Can you hear that sound? The moo-st anticipated type of livestock is finally here! Build a Cowshed, grow your cows, and enjoy delicious Fillets!

Most of the Cowshed mechanics are similar to Chicken Coop’s, but there are some distinguishable differences. Let’s get into it!

Growing cows:

  • Cow population increases once in 44 hours, no matter the Cowshed level. The Cowshed level affects the number of cows you can own at a time, their growth rate, and Cowshed’s feeder capacity.

Feeding nuances:

  • Upon appearing in the Cowshed, a cow consumes 550 feeding points. It will NOT require additional food later on!
  • Cows are not picky. They are eager to digest any type of feed you can provide them with.
  • The feed they enjoy the most is, of course, special cow fodder. It can be made from pumpkins, beans, and cabbage. To make this type of fodder, you will need a level 2 Farming workbench. 

Getting Fillets:

  • Each cow provides you with 8 Fillets.
  • To get Fillets from your cows, you will need a level 2 Farming workbench. 

Upgrading the Cowshed:

  • To upgrade your Cowshed, you will need some Cowbells. You can get them at the Train Attack daily event. 
  • Cowshed can be upgraded up to level 3.
    Raising cows is a high-level activity, so you’ll need Tier 3 resources to build a Cowshed. Therefore, upgrading it to level 2 and level 3 will require Tier 4 and Tier 5 resources correspondingly. 
  • Upgrading the Cowshed is beneficial in 3 different ways:
    Store more cows in it (Level 1 — 6 cows; Level 2 — 12 cows; Level 3 — 18 cows);
    Increased cow growth rate (Level 1 — 2 cows; Level 2 — 4 cows; Level 3 — 6 cows);
    Increased feeder capacity (Level 1 — 3300; Level 2 — 6600; Level 3 — 9900).

Ain’t this process a-moo-zing, lads? Ready to grow some cows and get juicy fillets on a regular basis? There is more for you to be excited about!

Chicken Coop changes


Chicken Coop has been the first livestock construction you could build at your Ranch. That’s why it’s been very important for us to see your perception of it. Thanks to you, we’ve considered some changes that we hope you’ll enjoy! 

Construction levels and rebalance

  • Chicken Coop parameters have been recalculated in a way to increase its efficiency on low levels. 
  • As a result of this rebalance, Chicken Coop’s look might have changed. Still, no matter how the Coop looks, its output hasn’t changed or even got increased for those players, who built level 1 Chicken Coop prior to the release of the update. 
  • If you haven’t completed the Chicken Coop project prior to the update, but started assembling it, you will get the resources submitted back to the Ranch Mailbox. You will have to construct it again, submitting the new number and type of materials. 
  • You can now upgrade the Chicken Coop to level 4.

Growth rate and feeding alterations

Growing chickens:

  • Chicken population now increases once in 22 hours, not once in 6 hours. 

Feeding nuances:

  • Upon appearing in the Coop, a chick consumes 55 feeding points. It will NOT require any additional food later on!
  • If you’ve got your Feeder filled to the brim, you will fill the Chicken Coop with chickens in just 3 days!

Upgrading the Chicken Coop:

  • Upgrading the Chicken Coop is beneficial in 3 different ways:
    Store more chickens in it (Level 1 — 15 chickens; Level 2 — 30 chickens; Level 3 — 45 chickens; Level 4 — 60 chickens);
    Increased chicken growth rate (Level 1 — 5 chickens; Level 2 — 10 chickens; Level 3 — 15 chickens; Level 4 — 20 chickens);
    Increased feeder capacity (Level 1 — 825; Level 2 — 1650; Level 3 — 2475; Level 4 — 3300).

This deserves repetition! No more gluttony, no more eating more than your character — chickens no longer require feed for simply being in the Coop. Just one meal is required to raise the total chicken livestock, and that’s it! 

Chicken feed rebalance:

  • Since chickens no longer eat the same amount of food, the nutritional value of chicken fodder has been changed. It now provides 330 satiation points.
  • Also, the ingredients required for crafting it have been changed to 20 Wheat and 20 Corn.

And now, to the other aspects of the Ranching system that have received changes! 



With all those planting possibilities in Westland, one should keep their harvest in order. And we’ve made sure it is easier than ever!

From now on, seeds, cultures, and fodder are all stored in one section of the Barn. The number of cells available in it remained the same, but their type restriction has been lifted. Store whatever resources you want to with less limitations!

Wait, there is something more regarding the Ranching system? Yes, and it includes some handy gifts! 

Other Ranching System changes

The Ranching system keeps getting better and better! And grander, of course. Let’s see what you are now capable of achieving!

  • You can now sow not 4, but entire 8 fields! Twice the harvest!

  • The number of cultures you can grow on a Field no longer depends on its upgrade level. You can grow either 60 food cultures, or 200 Fiber. What upgrade level still affects is the type of cultures you can grow on a Field. 
  • Garden bed Gears have been withdrawn from the game. 

We’ve also improved the Fields UI, making it easier to see what exactly have you harvested from them. Also, additional tips are now available in cases when you haven’t built the Barn yet or lack space in it, etc. 

Speaking of Barn, there’ve been certain changes made to it as well!



With all those planting possibilities in Westland, one should keep their harvest in order. And we’ve made sure it is easier than ever!

From now on, seeds, cultures, and fodder are all stored in one section of the Barn. The number of cells available in it remained the same, but their type restriction has been lifted. Store whatever resources you want to with less limitations!

Wait, there is something more regarding the Ranching system? Yes, and it includes some handy gifts! 

Other Ranching System changes


Let’s start with the juiciest part, shall we?

🎁 65+ level players will receive a certain number of Breeding Roosters and a Cowbell, so it is easier for you to get accustomed to the updates of the Ranching System. The higher your level, the more livestock you will get to pump up your meat production!

What else?

  • Further Ranch territory expansion — If you want to expand your Ranch territory even further, you can now do so! Good news for all those interested in such an offer — the cost of the new territory piece no longer increases based on the number of obtained pieces of land. The price is now fixed!
  • Level 2 Farming workbench — Upgrade your Farming workbench to get meat from your cows!
  • Easier Ranch constructions navigation — Pet House, Chicken Coop, and Cowshed are added to the workbench list. This way, you will be able to interact with them via this menu without the need to get to each construction on foot. 
  • Meat balance changes — It’s all in detail, folks! Some meat is no longer that nourishing, and wild turkey no longer drops more meat than a home-bred well-fed chicken. 

Have you already taken that all in? Surprise-surprise…

What’s next for the Ranching system?


The Ranching system will keep getting updates in the future! We keep listening to your feedback and picking up ideas from your thoughts. Can’t spill all the details right now, but here goes a little spoiler. In one of the next versions, both chickens and cows will become more than just meat sources! 

Do you have any guesses on what’s about to come?

That’s all about the Ranching system for now, but there is a second full-blown part of this update!

Canyon Trials


Canyon Trials is one of the most beloved and popular Westland activities. Who doesn’t like to show off their strength, both to themselves and other cowboys in the Leaderboard? With this update, the rules of the competition are about to change. 

Leaderboard update — Leagues & Divisions


From now on, all Canyon Trials Leaderboard participants will compete within Leagues. This system should already be familiar to you if you’ve joined the Gold Rush. 

Still, let’s elaborate more on this change! Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues with 5 divisions each for fair matchmaking have been added to the Leaderboard. There are 3 sub-Leagues inside them, making it easier for you to compete with players of the same abilities and game progress. 

Your first run under the new rules in the Canyon Trials will be considered a qualifying run. Your performance in that run will determine which league you are placed in, with the highest possible placement being Gold 5. 

Future battles will define your place within your group. The size of the group is determined by the League you get sorted into. 

Canyon Trials Leaderboard refreshes every 6 days. The new competition will begin in 24 hours after the previous one ends. 

Canyon Trials reward changes


Just one fight will be enough to join the Leaderbord! Do your best to be qualified to the highest league and division to get the best prizes by the end of the period. You can improve your result and Leaderboard position with other attempts, but your League and Division will stay unchanged till the end of the competition. 

🏆 ALL Leaderboard participants will receive rewards! The prizes are given out upon the end of the competitive week and scale off your League, Division, and place within the group. 

From now on, Canyon Trials most cherished prizes are to be obtained via participating in the dedicated Leaderboard. 

Speaking of rewards, Native American armor and weapons have been rebalanced, making them more efficient in battle! 

Ready to try them out again? You’ll definitely have more fun with these items from now on!

Leaderboard point calculation


As it has been before, only the best result you achieve counts in the end. You can become the first in the Leaderboard even on your first try! However, if you notice that another cowboy outscored you, you can always try to improve your result and test your strength again.

The point calculation method has been changed to your advantage. From now on, it’s not just the number of enemies defeated that counts, but also their power. The tougher the foe, the more points you get for dealing with them!

Additional points are given for the time it takes to deal with enemy waves. The faster you are, the more points you get! 

Do your best to beat your past records in the updated Leaderboard!

Waves changes


Crucial changes to the competitive part are bound to affect your overall Canyon Trials battle experience. Let’s dive into all the details about that!

Wave changes:

  • Smoother difficulty curve rise — The rise in wave difficulty has become smoother.
  • Ghost bisons wave altered — No more running away from bisons! You came here to fight, so deal with plenty of enemies when this wave comes around. You can still meet some Bisons in this wave, however they will be much slower and possible to defeat.

New bosses: 

  • Piasa — Beware of the Piasa! This new boss loves to attack from the rear and deals lots of area damage. It can appear on each 4th or 8th wave. 
  • Dsonokva — It looks scarier from a distance than it really is in close combat. Get your melee weapon ready! It can appear on each 4th or 8th wave. 

Quest and rewards changes:

  • No more Canyon Trials-related daily tasks — The shaman no longer asks you to beat certain Canyon Trials waves.
  • Rewards rebalance — Since the number of rewards you get in the Leaderboards has been greatly increased, Canyon Trials rewards had to change as well. From now on, you can get Rings, Silver, and Refined Sugar in the Canyon Trials, while resources and Native American items have been transferred to the Leaderboard rewards pool. 

Excited to defeat those new bosses? Once you come up with some tactics, share them with other cowboys and cowgirls on our social media!

Spirit Cave temporarily closed


As stated in the previous patchnotes, with this update, Spirit Cave gets closed for renovation. This means that it is no longer accessible via Global map, and that items and quests related to the place have been altered or withdrawn from Westland.

What exactly has changed?

  • Obtaining one of the Tar buckets — Previously, you received one of the Tar buckets required for fixing the bridge by completing a Spirit Cave-related quest. From now on, you can buy this particular Tar bucket from the Tar seller in Silverton. 
  • Norris’ quest update — From now on, you will have to complete 2 Norris’ tasks to get Reins. They are not connected to the Spirit Cave. More info can be found on our official Wiki.
  • Spirit Cave gifts exchange — The remaining Spirit Cave gifts have been automatically exchanged for wolf fangs. 

Please note that any items unclaimed from the Spirit Cave entrance area prior to updating the game will be gone. There is no way to restore them if you haven’t claimed them in time. 

Right now, we can not share any details on the future appeal of the Spirit Cave, but once it is possible, we will announce it on our social media! 

Make sure to follow them to not miss out on important news!

Other changes & improvements


  • Speedy loading — Optimized game & locations loading process. 
  • Looks nice, doesn’t it? — Weapon & tool looks have been improved. Make sure to check their updated visuals out!
  • Clearer navigation — Several UI nuances have been improved for a more intuitive feel.
  • Emergency stop daily event revision — From now on, if you get to kill the bandit leader, his allies will attack you instead of running away. What is more, bandit group reactions have been improved when it comes to attacking one of their members, as well as their patrol routes. 
  • Lots of other small, but important improvements.