Update 6.4 β€” Thanksgiving Season! Update 6.4 β€” Thanksgiving Season!

Update 6.4 β€” Thanksgiving Season!

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This is the season of plenty and prosperity! Make sure to check a wide range of game enhancements and improved special time-limited daily events (Shootout Spot, Train Crash, etc.) balance! And, of course, join in on the Thanksgiving Battle Pass Event running from November 10 (12:00 UTC) until November 30 (12:00 UTC) to snag some awesome prizes! 

Tackle special challenges to earn daily rewards while the Battle Pass is up and running! The rewards have lots of good stuff, like VIP-days, a full armor set, a Pilgrim hat, and decorations for your ranch! If you get the Premium Pass, you can get even better rewards, including the Frontier Fall Ring, boosting your HP, a unique Traveler's cart storage, a pet turkey for your ranch, and even more VIP days!

Exciting, isn't it? Let's dive into the details!

Thanksgiving Season Battle Pass rewards


Get ready to get the top-notch rewards. Among the prizes, you'll discover just what you've been looking for!

  • 3 VIP days!
  • Valuable resources, meals and hard-to-find local ingredients.
  • Armor Set and weapons that match your character level.
  • Gun parts, seeds, special items to build up your Ranch.
  • Special Ranch decoration.
  • And much more!

Gear up for an adventure, folks!

Premium Battle Pass rewards


Unlock the Premium Pass and you'll get your hands on even better rewards. 

  • Frontier Fall Ring β€” to boost your HP and protect both from heat and cold!
  • Traveler's cart β€” a unique storage for your Ranch!
  • Turkey β€” a special decorative pet for your Ranch! 
  • Extra VIP days!
  • And many more handy items and resources!
⚠️ Please note!
You can turn on the Premium Pass anytime and collect all the rewards from the milestones you've already hit.

So now, it's all about how far you go in the Battle Pass event. Let's go over all you need to know to take part!

Battle Pass Event currency & mechanics


Complete Battle Pass challenges to earn a unique event currency β€” Golden Leaves β€” that will help fill up your rewards meter!

Like always, hitting a specific point on the scale means you'll snag another prize!

Here's how to jump in and start earning in the Battle Pass event:

  • Collect Golden Leaves β€” Complete Battle Pass tasks to earn this unique currency.
  • Fill your rewards meter β€” Accumulate Golden Leaves to hit milestones.
  • Grab the loot β€” Progress along the event meter to win lots of handy items. And you can get even more if you go for the Premium Pass!
  • Pick your challenge β€” Not feeling a task? Skip it for some Silver. But be careful; each skip will cost more than the last!
  • Finish Strong β€” New tasks will stop showing up 2 days before the event ends, giving you a final push towards your most-wanted reward.
⚠️ Please note!
You must be level 25 or higher to participate in the current Battle Pass event.

Task and reward scaling:

  • The difficulty of Battle Pass tasks is set based on your character level before the event starts. So, essentially, the challenges are customized for you!
  • Likewise, the rewards are scaled to your character level, making them appealing for every cowboy. The harder you work, the better the haul!

Types of tasks:

  • Daily tasks β€” These come in stages and a new ones unlock every 24 hours. Finish one stage to unlock the next.
  • Long-term tasks β€” These are tougher but offer a heap more Golden Leaves! You can work on these throughout the event.

And remember, you can always skip tasks if they're not your cup of tea!

Other Changes and Improvements


  • Improved time-limited events balance β€” As your tier increases, the difficulty of daily time-limited events will now scale up more smoothly. Instead of all events immediately matching your new tier, only some will feature higher-level enemies and rewards. The rest will remain at the previous tier for a more gradual transition. 
  • Pet HP and EXP bars β€” You can see them right next to your character's HP bar, making it easy to quickly check how your pet is doing.
  • Improved draft horses β€” They consume less energy when riding without the wagon! At the same time, their Endurance was slightly reduced. These changes offer you greater versatility in using draft horses. As a result, your overall energy use for expeditions will be reduced.
  • Special button to take just 1 item! β€” An interface improvement that allows for easily extracting a single item out of a stack.
  • Fixed pet’s behavior β€” It attacks the same target as you immediately!
  • More spacious barn β€” Added 5 slots for each barn level!
  • Traveling Trader visits became longer β€” Now the special Trader location shows up for 4 hours every day, instead of just 30 minutes! That gives you more chances to make a great trade.
  • Faster Ranch repairing after the bandits attack: the process has been sped up to nearly twice as fast for greater convenience.
  • Speed up your journey riding by horse β€” Just tap the place you’re moving and pick a horse to speed up your travel!
  • A pet bed β€” Your special Ranch pets, whether cats, corgis (or turkeys!), now have a bed to rest in. Choose if they roam the Ranch or lounge in their bed. Removing the bed makes your pet disappear, but they'll return once you place the bed back.
  • New global map soundtrack β€” Experience new background tunes that change based on what you're doing!
  • Improved sound β€” Your pets will howl less, adjusted the volume of door slams and lots of other minor sound adjustments.
  • New Corn icon β€” A Corn got its own icon in the location info pop-up, along with various other UI tweaks to improve your visual experience.
  • Additional enhancements β€” various other fixes and improvements.