Update 5.4 — Story Continuation Update Update 5.4 — Story Continuation Update

Update 5.4 — Story Continuation Update

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Howdy, partners! It’s been a while since you’ve embarked on a new story journey. No more waiting! With this update, you’ll get to travel North and unveil a pack of mysteries, meet some new friends, and learn more about the harsh yet beautiful snowy part of the Westland terrain. 

Time to rock your warmest jacket! A torch and some booze can also help you stay warm. Once you are sure you’ve got all that’s needed to fight the cold, rush towards a new exciting adventure!

What’s waiting for you in the snowy lands? Let’s find that out! 

New Storyline Chapter V


Mr. Crocker of the West Star company seems to have a task for you. After all, all the talk around Silverton is about your skills and efficiency. Who’s better to ask for help when it’s needed!

It seems like the job’s simple and at the same time nicely paid. Just go to the North and bring provisions to local workers, they say. But why not hire a post carrier then? Something seems a bit off…

Get ready for an atmospheric story about Wild West hardships! This journey is partially inspired by Jack London’s writings, so prepare for some unexpected and rough turns! 

You are about to experience something breathtaking, cowboys! Dive into the story and share your feedback on it in our social media!

Updated Native American Tribe


One of the most popular areas in Westland has received a revamp! The natives reorganized their camp, and the location became both cozier and more authentic at the same time. 

Take a look at all the new thrilling details around the Tribe! The map of the area has been altered to portray the changes as well. And that’s not the end of this area’s changes! 

Claws and Fangs exchange


Anakvad felt like some changes to his assortment could be very welcome. So, from now on, he offers different types of ore in exchange for claws and fangs!

This alteration will allow for a more flexible trade. Get the types of ore you need the most and craft or construct in a more convenient way than ever!

With the new offers come the new prices:

  • 5 Tin ores for 2 Fangs and 2 Claws;
  • 5 Iron ores for 4 Fangs and 4 Claws;
  • 5 Chromite ores for 5 Fangs and 5 Claws.
    *You can make up to 10 exchanges of each type of ore per day. So, you can get up to 150 different types of ore in 24 hours! 

Pay Anakvad a visit when possible and enjoy the benefits of new trade offers!

Casket changes & a new chest


It’s not just the layout that changed in the Native American tribe, but also your opportunities! For all of your hard work, the natives have come up with come interesting offers for you:

  • Casket — From now on, Casket is of 10-slots capacity. It’s easier to store everything in one place, isn’t it? So, all the items previously stored in 2 5-slots Caskets are now to be found in the new 10-slot Casket. 
  • A new Chest — Looking at how much loot you transfer from the North to your Ranch, the natives decided to allow you to place a chest at their Tribe. You can upgrade it and store up to 25 items in it! Please note that items inside this chest are safe and sound no matter the version changes and they can not be stolen. 

What do you think of this new opportunity? Make the most of it if possible! 

Gold Rush improvements


Gold Rush is a complex system that keeps evolving based on your feedback. This update introduces a bunch of important and pleasant refinements we hope you’ll enjoy!

Read carefully — these changes are pretty handy!

  • Correct score  — From now on, an Alliance that has been attacked loses the exact number of Gold Nuggets taken by the raiding Alliance. Previously, the attacking Alliance stole a filled-up Safe but could claim only those Gold Nuggets that fit inside their Safe. No more!
  • Fair share — Stolen Gold Nuggets are now distributed among the Alliance members with enough free space in their Safes. First, the earned Gold Nuggets get divided equally, and then the excess that doesn’t fit in the filled up Safes goes to the Alliance members that do have some spare space. The priority within this distribution is given to those cowboys and cowgirls who joined the Alliance earlier than the others.
  • Improved score calculation — The number of points the attacked Alliance loses is now equal to the points received by the attacking Alliance and the actual number of stolen Gold Nuggets. 

Gold Rush keeps on boilin’ and rival heads keep on turnin’! 

Other Improvements


  • UI improvements — A number of visual changes to improve the clarity of the game process and VIP offers.
  • Low durability display — From now on, when there is little equipped weapon durability left, the durability scale turns red. Easier to spot when to switch your weapon!
  • Rock that chair — That cozy rocking chair of yours is now interactive. Don’t hesitate — you can finally sit and relax in it!
  • Native American items rebalance — Adjusted balance depending on the item’s enchantment level. Already owned items kept their stats but received a higher enchantment level. 
  • The hard truth — Raw cultures, such as beans, cabbage, and etc. no longer restore health points upon consumption. 
  • No more Mr. Alpha Wolf — You can no longer meet Alpha Wolves at the Foggy Plateau. However, pumas came to take their place. 
  • Easier Tar access — From now on, any +5 or higher level amulet will do to complete the Tar quest. Not only the +5 one!
  • Plenty of other minor but important changes.