Update 6.6 — Winter Festival Update 6.6 — Winter Festival

Update 6.6 — Winter Festival

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Ho-ho-howdy, partners!

Get ready to bring in the holiday cheer in Westland! Join us for the Winter Festival event from December 18th (12:00 UTC) to January 5th (21:00 UTC) and unwrap a sleigh-load of rewards!

  • Dive into 4 enhanced, time-limited holiday-themed activities!
  • Gather a festive array of items, from weapons and armor to Ranch decorations!
  • Meet a new exclusive pet — the Snow Leopard!

Sleighing through the snow, Uncle Bill and Jill are excited to show off their new and exciting program. This year is going to be amazingly cool! Get ready for some festive joy!

⚠️ Please note!
Your character must be level 30 or above to take part in the Winter Festival event. Talk to Fred Hatter at your Ranch to start the festive questline and get access to event locations!

Get Firecrackers and relish the rewards!


Uncle Bill's rival, Corny Rampus, kidnapped him and stole Firecrackers for the Winter Festival show. Recover these Firecrackers from Rampus minions and return them for a dazzling fireworks display. The more you retrieve, the greater the rewards from Jill, with unique prizes for new and returning participants. Don't forget to check out Dee and Fred's special Firecrackers too!

⚠️ Please note!
To move forward in the event progression, you need to blast Firecrackers from the Launcher. Just storing them somewhere won’t do!

Winter Festival Rewards


Jill and Uncle Bill always pay attention to detail and make sure they’ve got a lot of rewards to give away during this special time of the year. Care to get some? 

  • Snow Leopard — A renowned symbol of winter, a fierce fighter, and a great buddy to travel with! The color of its fur will always remind you of winter holidays, even when the summer will begin. It is a Tier 3 rare animal that is guaranteed to pass its unique visual trait upon breeding.
  • Cozy bed — Highly anticipated interactive bed decorated in festive colors fits any ranch interior!
  • 7 VIP days — The WEEK of VIP!
  • Festive Ranch Decorations — Spread the holiday spirit right to your Ranch! 
  • Winter Festival Armor Sets — The Santa Sheriff set, Courier Elf set, and Santa’s Armor set are back in Westland! Snag these quickly to celebrate the holidays with flair.
  • Event Rings — Unique and handy rings, only available during the Winter Festival!
  • Uncommon Gear — Boost your workbenches' efficiency with these special gears!
  • Fair Sweets — Enjoy some candy and travel further!
  • Many other awesome rewards await!

Join in the fun and make this Winter Festival unforgettable!

Event traders


Meet the festive traders, each with their unique offerings to make your Winter Festival experience even more magical! Let's introduce you to the merry folks you'll encounter:

  • Fred Hatter — Your go-to guy for holiday shopping! Fred has everything from festive weapons and armor to Fair Sweets. Stop by, and you'll surely find something that catches your eye!
  • Dum & Dee — The vibrant Showy Express elf couriers are always in their festive attire. Dum offers Factory keys, and Dee has a selection of Firecrackers.
  • Jan HacElhone — Feeling peckish or parched? Jan HacElhone is there to satisfy all your culinary cravings!
  • Ed Razortoes — While not exactly a merchant, Ed is the man if you're looking for a holiday-themed hairstyle. He's ready to give you that festive look!

Festive Activities

Now, let's get into the festive spirit and explore how you'll outsmart Korni Rampus's sneaky schemes while having a jolly good time doing it!

Gift Factory


Uncle Bill, the mastermind behind Westland's winter festivities, is in trouble! His Gift Factory, usually bustling with elves preparing presents, is under siege by Rampus' thugs. Step in to save these elves and secure keys to the treasure chests of gifts. You have the chance to rescue up to 5 elves daily, depending on your access to different locations.

Each elf holds a key of varying rarity: 

  • Common keys — Unlock brown chests.
  • Uncommon keys — Unlock green chests.
  • Rare keys — Unlock blue chests.

All chests contain tree decorations and other items. The rarer keys unlock better rewards. You can swap key rarities with Dum if needed. Open all chests at the Gift Factory to open the Master chest, which holds incredible prizes!

Tree Decoration


You’ve got the toys, now you need a tree to put them on! Cut one down at the Gift Factory and place it on your Ranch. Use toys obtained from the Gift Factory to decorate it and enjoy daily Snowy Express present delivery!

What are the delivery terms?

  • Gifts are delivered only while the Winter Festival is active. 
  • The deliveries happen once a day. 
  • To get new gifts the next day, make sure to open the previous ones! 
  • Upgrade the Festive Tree to get even more rewards daily! 

Snowy Express Station


Rampus is set on wrecking Uncle Bill’s company, with his thugs targeting the Snowy Express Station. If it falls, Westland's winter holidays might never be the same. Arm yourself, cowboy, and protect the station!

  • Fireworks — Use triggering fireworks to fend off the bandits.
  • Barricades — The unique layout will delay the advance of bandits.This is your chance to stop them!
  • Save the gift boxes — Keep outlaws from destroying the gift boxes otherwise, you will lose and the holidays will be spoiled!

Festival’s Wheel of Fortune


When Jill's nearby, the Festival Wheel of Fortune isn't far! Earn Festival Chips by joining in Winter Festival activities for rewards. Spin the wheel for Silver Coins, Fish, Firecrackers, and the grand prize — a Rampus’ Backpack! This sturdy backpack is an object of cowboys’ deepest desires, ensuring you never leave empty-handed.

Rampus’ Revenge


Did you really think handling Rampus' thugs was all? You need to confront Corny, a pyromaniac, yourself. He's no ordinary foe; his pockets brim with Firecrackers, and he knows how to use them, though not for good!

While you're busy with Festival activities, Rick will track down Rampus' Lair. Once he finds it, it's time to make Corny pay for nearly ruining the celebration. Take down this villain and restore joy to Westland!

Festive Mood


To boost the holiday spirit even more, take a look at these exciting features!

  • Snowball Fight — Snowballs are waiting at Uncle Bill’s Gift Factory and Snowy Express Station! Use them to slow down enemies at any location. It’s a handy trick against tough foes. So grab one, aim, and poof! Once the Winter Festival ends, snowballs will melt away. 
  • Christmas Defender — Receive levels of the "Winter Festival" event to upgrade this new achievement to Gold.

Other Improvements


  • Fixed Alliance defenders bug — The issue where alliance defenders might resurrect after being killed during the Gold Rush raid has been resolved.
  • Wild Pig Bait — Great news for fans of big grunting companions. Now you can tame not only a Boar but also a Wild Pig!
  • The death penalty has been reduced — you will no longer lose a portion of your earned experience after dying.
  • More places to find Blueberries — They are now available in daily event locations and bandit hideouts for players who have reached level 70 and unlocked the Southern region.
  • Adjusted recipes — Now, water canteens are used exclusively in drink recipes. In food recipes, water has been replaced with other ingredients.
  • New Refined Sugar Treat Icon — Enhanced visuals to more clearly highlight that it's a treat, not a cooking ingredient.
  • Improved dialogue interface — Now, when interacting with Westland inhabitants, you'll always see the speaker's portrait next to the text.
  • Better descriptions — Enhanced and more informative texts have been added to numerous interfaces for a better user experience.
  • New Silvertom Wheel of Fortune — Various healing potions and herbs were added to the prize list this time.
  • Improved ore and stone deposit visuals — Enhanced models and textures.
  • Chests and dead bodies change — Now you can’t put the items back into the pockets of killed enemies. At the same time, you can still use any chest found in the location as temporary storage. Every such chest now has 25 slots.
    Please note! As soon as you leave the current location, it will refresh, and items in the chest will be lost.
  • Other minor but useful improvements.