Update 5.5 β€” 5th Anniversary Update 5.5 β€” 5th Anniversary

Update 5.5 β€” 5th Anniversary

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Yee-haw, partners! Can you believe it? Our Wild West adventure has already lasted 5 incredible years! We've traveled far and wide, met fascinating characters, chased notorious bandits, and brought justice in these untamed lands. With you as our steadfast companion, we've embraced thrilling adventures, and there's plenty more excitement awaiting us on the horizon. Thank you for being an invaluable part of this unforgettable journey. Keep on riding with us!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we’ve prepared tons of surprises and gifts for you! Get ready to enjoy an Uncle AI’s Backyard party, get various festive stuff, join the Season of Celebration, and simply have a good time in Westland!

Wait, what? Uncle AI’s Backyard party? Let's learn more about it!

Uncle AI’s Backyard Party


Prepare yourself for an unforgettable Uncle AI Backyard party! Thanks to Chat GPT and its cutting-edge AI technology, you'll experience Westland in a whole new light.  You can interact with the characters in ways you never thought possible! 

For the first time, you have the opportunity to interact with game characters as if they were real people. Each of the party guests is a true personality with artificial intelligence. For example, Carl Schultz knows that he is the sheriff in Silvertown, has a grumpy character, he is tough but fair. Ask your question and get a unique response not just from a β€˜chatbot’, but from a real individual! You can ask your conversation partners to tell a joke, inquire about their experiences, favorite dish, or come up with ANY other topic for conversation!

Considering that all communication takes place in real time, your conversation partner may sometimes take a few seconds to think before responding. In any case, it will be an unforgettable experience! So go ahead and start coming up with questions for the party guests now!

Let’s find out who is present at the party!

  • Molly β€” It's wonderful to see your sister happy and healthy. You should definitely check in on her to see how she's doing!
  • Carl Schultz β€” Even the sheriff needs to relax sometimes. Interesting what other topics we can chat about besides bounty hunting?
  • Rick Ford β€” A party is the only thing that can distract Rick from his pursuit of new adventures.
  • John Conrad β€” What event would be complete without Silverton's top reporter? Well, how about we pitch him some ideas for his future articles?
  • Nick Bumpo β€” The old hunter never misses an opportunity to have a few drinks in the company of friends. Although it seems like he has missed more than just a few…
  • Noah Thompson β€” It would be strange if the anniversary passed without the participation of such a wealthy and influential gentleman. It's intriguing to imagine what he will say when you meet.
  • Joy Riley β€” Joy took a break from studying the fauna of Westland to celebrate the important date to her fullest.
  • Jean Lavo β€” We bet Lavo managed to snag a party invitation from Marshal Barnes. What a sneaky rascal!

The party is in full swing and every guest is happy to talk to you! But remember, you can only make up to 15 conversations per day. Will you focus on one person or try to engage with all guests? It's up to you!

One more thing! There is a talented Barber Ed Razortoes who has come up with a brand-new hairstyle just for this celebration! 

All these conversations are very exciting, but if your stomach begins to rumble, bartender Jan HacElhone is ready to feed you!

Anniversary Gifts!


If there is a birthday, there must be presents! Nick Bumpo had to ceremoniously present it to you amidst fireworks. But it seems like Nick is already "slightly tipsy." Help Nick arrange a firework show and enjoy the gifts we have prepared for you.

  • Statue β€˜Golden Jubilee’ β€” Place it on your ranch to honor your remarkable journey and the cherished memories shared with fellow players.
  • Anniversary shotgun β€” Award weapon. Great both for shooting and showing off!
  • 1 day of VIP β€” A day when everyone becomes VIP! Enjoy all the benefits this status brings to the fullest!

⚠️Please note!
To join the event reach level 15. Talk to Nick Bumpo at your ranch to start a festive questline.

Want the celebration to keep going? No problem! Get ready for a whole Season of celebration!

Season of Celebration


The new Season is also dedicated to the 5th Anniversary of Westland Survival and The Independence Day! Join the event starting from June 16 15:00 (GMT) up to July 5 21:00 (GMT)  and unlock special anniversary rewards!

This season's Battle Pass is packed with fantastic prizes adorned with stars and stripes. You'll also find a variety of valuable resources and items to enhance your gameplay. Make your everyday adventures bright by collecting amazing rewards and celebrating the anniversary in style!

Conquer Battle Pass milestones and claim


  • Festive Shotgun β€” It combines deadly precision with bursts of confetti, bringing joy to the battlefield.
  • Armor Set β€” A decent costume will come in handy on a holiday and every day.
  • Westland Flag β€” A symbol of brave Westland explorers. It should belong on your ranch!
  • Silver coins and other useful items and resources!

 Wait, there is even more!

Premium Battle Pass rewards


By unlocking the Premium Pass, you'll access even more exclusive valuable rewards. Elevate your gaming experience and enjoy the benefits of the Premium Pass today!

  • Patriot's Backpack β€” My Uncle Sam has the same!
  • Anniversary Revolver β€” Award weapon. Both for shooting and showing off!
  • Stars and Stripes β€” Can be installed on your Ranch. Raise the flag!
  • Star Spangled Hat β€” Won't fit for hunting but perfect for celebrating!
  • Anniversary candies β€” Nothing gives more energy than a sweet reminder of a festive day!
  • Even more useful items and resources!
⚠️ Please note!
You can activate the Premium Pass at any moment and claim all the rewards from the already-reached milestones right away.

Battle Pass event β€” reminding the mechanics


As you are ready to begin your Battle Pass event journey, it's important to go over all the important information to help you succeed.

  • Earn Silver Horseshoes by completing Battle Pass tasks.
  • Tasks include daily and long-term objectives, with the latter offering more Silver Horseshoes.
  • Fill the reward scale with Silver Horseshoes to claim valuable items.
  • Get additional rewards with the Premium Pass. You can buy it at any moment and claim all premium awards available at your current stage.
  • Choose tasks and skip them for Silver, but the cost increases each time.
  • New daily tasks appear every 24 hours (after completing previous ones). Long-term tasks are completed simultaneously during the event. 
  • Complete tasks before the event ends. 2 days before the event's conclusion, no new tasks will appear, allowing a final push for rewards.
  • Task difficulty is adjusted based on your character's level, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Embark on this thrilling Battle Pass journey and reap the rewards of your accomplishments in Westland Survival!

⚠️ Please note!
You have to reach level 25+ to take part in the current Battle Pass event.

Community feedback improvements


We're always grateful for your feedback, and we take it seriously. That's why we're pleased to announce that our latest update includes lots of changes that were directly inspired by your suggestions. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we're excited to share that some of these changes have been in the works for months. We hope you'll enjoy the improvements, and we look forward to continuing to serve you in the years to come.

Fiber plants renewed


There have been recent changes of fiber plants in Westland.

  • Nettle β€” To avoid any confusion between Corn for food and Wild corn for fiber, we have replaced Wild corn with Nettle as a tier 1 fiber resource.
  • Cotton and Linen β€” Some adjustments were applied to the placement of certain plants to enhance realism and immersion. Cotton, a plant that thrives in warmer climates, will now be found in tier 4 and situated in the southern regions of Westland. On the other hand, Linen, a versatile plant, will be moved to the North and designated as a tier 3 resource. These modifications bring a more authentic feel to the game's lore and offer a captivating experience as you explore different regions.
  • Visual appearance of cloth, ropes, and fabric rolls at different tiers will remain unchanged. This consistency ensures that the color saturation of each fabric accurately reflects its tier, with the highest tier boasting the most vibrant hues.

Embrace the authenticity and maintain aesthetic continuity as you engage in crafting and exploration throughout Westland!

Speedy looting


For your convenience we have added a new feature β€” faster looting of defeated enemies. When this option is enabled, you don't need to spend time inspecting the contents of the enemy's β€˜pockets’ like you do when searching chests. The loot from the defeated enemy will appear in the bottom right corner of the interface, slightly to the left of the attack joystick, when you approach them closely. 

You can collect the items into your inventory with a single tap on the item. 

Speedy looting applies to the bodies of defeated enemies. Chests and bodies of previously killed NPCs still need to be searched first, and then, when passing by, you can use the fast looting feature to collect an additional item.

⚠️ Please note!
Enter the Settings menu to  enable or disable the fast looting feature! 

Female Character: Enhanced and Redesigned


A female game character has undergone a serious makeover due to popular demand from our cowgirls. Before this update, the female character lagged behind the male character in several parameters. The level of detail of the female character model has been increased, and all faces and hairstyles have been improved.

Many animations have been changed, including running, using an axe and pickaxe, as well as close-range and long-range combat animations. All female clothing has also been modified to match the new model and animations. It can be confidently said that the female character has been revamped by almost 100%!

We hope that you will appreciate the work done and share your feedback with us on social media!

Improved weapons visuals


Thanks to the implementation of new enhanced textures and shaders, all firearms in the game have become more detailed and gained a realistic metallic sheen to instill fear in the hearts of bandits, cultists, and other villains you may encounter on your journey.

In addition, some weapons have been renamed. Now, the names will make it easier for you to understand the type of weapon, and the new names also correspond to real historical prototypes.

Sound rework


Sounds are an integral part of the gaming atmosphere. You may not notice them, but removing or poorly configuring them can ruin the atmosphere. In Westland Survival, hundreds of sounds are responsible for every detail. The sounds of footsteps on different surfaces, nature sounds, the rustling of leaves brushed by your feet. Roaring, moaning, grunting, barking, the angry cries of bandits, and, of course, the sounds of gunfire, impacts, and much more.

A large portion of the existing sounds has been re-recorded, new sounds have been added, and a complex system of reacting to the character's actions and the surrounding world has been fine-tuned.

A significant amount of work has been done, and it continues. Be sure to share your opinion with us on how Westland Survival sounds.

Other Improvements


  • Level cap increased to 119 β€” Each level cap brings back that sweet feeling of competitiveness and getting stronger. Hurry up to reach level 119 faster than the others!
  • Canyon Tials improvements β€” points calculation for multiple wave completions has been fixed. Now only the last completion is taken into account.
  • Canyon Tials price β€” The fee for participating in the Trial Canyon, if you don't have suitable rings, has been reduced to 10 coins.
  • Canyon Leaderboard β€” based on numerous requests, participant levels can now be viewed on the leaderboard. A few more minor interface tweaks for the Canyon leaderboard were applied as well. 
  • Improved field view β€” now plants in the fields grow more densely, and the plant bushes themselves look more diverse.
  • Improved sorting of seeds and feed β€” Now items of the same type and tier in the Barn and other inventories are grouped together.
  • Fixed several Inaccuracies in the English version of the game for more inclusive texts.
  • Fixed the bear cave β€” now every new meeting the bear will be alive and ready for some action!
  • Small cypress copse reappears on the Ash Groove forest location on a regular manner!
  • Game loading has been accelerated! 
  • Lots of other small but useful enhancements!



We have walked these amazing 5 years side by side. Thank you, partners, for supporting us all this time. Ahead of us lie the sixth, seventh, and many more years together! We have ambitious plans for upcoming updates. So hold on tight to your saddles, cowboys. It's going to be a wild ride!