Update 6.7 β€” Boreal Wilds Await! Update 6.7 β€” Boreal Wilds Await!

Update 6.7 β€” Boreal Wilds Await!

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Howdy, partners! Urgent news sweeps across the prairie! A traveler named Leonard Gunnar has emerged. He came from the Boreal Wilds using a previously unknown path through the mountains. He's in dire need of assistance and, in a thrilling twist, offers to guide you to a region yet unseen by your eyes! But hold your horses and feast your eyes on the new global map before embarking on this adventure. It's truly a sight to behold! Ready to dive in? Let's break it down, step by step!

Through the Snowy Paths


Far to the north, beyond the mountain range, lies the harsh Boreal Wilds, where your foot has not yet stepped. To get there, you need to be a really well-prepared and experienced cowboy.

To hit the road to the Boreal Wilds:

  1. Complete the Marshlands quest chain in the Cultist Camp.
  2. Finish Chapter V of the Storyline.
  3. Meet Dr. O’Connor at your Ranch.
  4. Talk to Leonard Gunnar in the Workers Camp and discover what happened to the Diphtheria Vaccine.
  5. Gather all of the Diphtheria Vaccines and prepare the dog sled for the trip.

So if you’re strong enough and ready for new adventures, you need to talk to Dr. O'Connor. He will fill you in and direct you to assist Leonard Gunnar.

It turns out that beyond the mountains lies the city of Teklanika, which is currently ravaged by diphtheria. And the vaccine that could save the local people was never delivered on time.

Finding the necessary amount of vaccine doses will take some time, but as soon as everything is gathered and packed onto the dog sled, you can go with Gunnar to the Boreal Wilds. In exchange for your help, Gunnar promised to show you a shortcut through the pass so that, in the future, you can travel independently to the new region!

Upgraded Global Map


The best cartographers of the Wild West worked a few months to create a new, highly detailed global map of Westland with love and attention to detail.

All the locations you know mostly remained in their places. However, due to the global overhaul, the amount of energy required for travel to each location may differ slightly. Also, selected locations were renamed for better immersion:

  • River Crossing is now Old Bridge.
  • Native American tribe is now Indigenous tribe.
  • Northern Lake is now Mountain Lake.
  • Winter Outpost is now Mountain Outpost.

Speaking of locations, you can already spot the very city of Teklanika of the Boreal Wilds in the northwest, beyond the mountain range.

In addition to the map itself, the interface of the global map has also been updated. Some icons have slightly changed their design and moved to a different place. Be sure to share your feedback with us on social media!

Spirit Cave Balance Enhancements


We continue to improve the Spirit Cave and everything related to it.

  • New task on the Quest Board β€” Accept the quest to get the additional reward for your efforts in the Spirit Cave!
  • More Gold Nuggets in the Gold League β€” Adjusted rewards for certain top places in the Gold League! The exact change also affected the Canyon Trials Leaderboard!!!

Abilities rebalance

  • Grizzly Rampage β€” The Bear form was empowered!
  • Thunder Might β€” Bolts of a Lightning deal more damage!
  • Boomshot β€” AOE damage slightly decreased!

Other Improvements


  • Cute Green β€” The Winter Festival is over, so it's time to store away the decorations, leaving the tree at your Ranch without ornaments.
  • Beware of explosion β€” Dynamite sticks, now used for blowing up walls, also have a radius effect. Fear not, though; the blast is just a playful nudge. Staying close results in minimal damage, though running away from the explosion is more fun!
  • Various interface improvements β€” Better pet HP bar, no more accidental Stealth mode during combat, better view of the number of items in a pack, and other minor fixes.
  • Special pet actions β€” Now, when you praise or scold your pet using the radial action menu, other players in Silverton, Deepwater, and other public locations will see it.
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.