Update 7.0 β€” Exlpore the Boreal Wilds! Update 7.0 β€” Exlpore the Boreal Wilds!

Update 7.0 β€” Exlpore the Boreal Wilds!

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Howdy, partners! Please welcome the global update, offering an unprecedented scale of adventure. Beyond the mountains, an entirely new region, the Boreal Wilds, can now be explored. This region combines the stunning beauty of polar lands with a harsh climate. The wildlife here is furious, and the bandits are menacing. The Boreal Wilds are rich in the most valuable resources. Combined with new technologies, they will elevate your Ranch to a whole new level. Get ready to electrify your Ranch and run the production of new powerful weapons and armor.

The Boreal Wilds is a perfect challenge for the high-level players, but adventures are also coming to the rest of the cowboys! The new Battle Pass awaits everyone! Get ready to win various rewards, including VIP, valuable items, and resources. Moreover, there's also a unique wardrobe and exclusive ring for Premium Pass holders!

You've got quite the read ahead of you, but it's well worth it. So let's dive in!

New region: Boreal Wilds!


This vast wilderness presents a wealth of opportunities. Prepare to venture into this distant territory!

To help you get on your journey faster, additional vaccines will be sent to the high-level players (lvl110+).

Features of the Region


The Boreal Wilds are an even colder region than the Rocky Mountains you've visited before. Before setting out on a journey here, it's important to prepare well and understand what to expect.

  • Frost β€” The further north you go, the colder it becomes. Dress warmly and take some hearty meal with you to avoid getting cold. It's also important to note that just like in the Rocky Mountains Region, here you can only run, ride by horse, or travel by wagon.
  • Strong winds β€” At times, it can get quite windy here. You'll move more slowly against the wind but pick up speed if the wind is at your back.
  • Snowdrifts β€”  The snow piles up into deep snowdrifts quite often here. Moving through deep snow is slow. However, once you or anyone else creates pathways, you can run on them at your normal speed.
  • Wolf packs β€” Wolves in packs are always loyal to the leader. They will only obey someone whose Spirit is strong enough to tame the entire pack at once!

New Resources and Items


Let's dive deeper into what new resources you can find and what you can craft from them!

Primary tier 6 resources

  • Alder β€” Difficult to process, but resistant wood!
  • Tungsten ore β€” Pretty rare ore used for tungsten production.
  • Weasel Fur β€” Small animal hide. Durable and warm. Can be used to craft Pelt, which replaces the fiber for locals. 
  • Stout hide β€” Sturdy and warm hide of northern beasts.
  • Devil’s Club β€” Living up to its name, it's used to create the strongest healing agents.
  • Potato β€” A versatile vegetable, a staple in many dishes.
  • Potato seeds β€” It’s necessary for growing your own potatoes.
  • Juicy haunch β€” It is nutritious, healthy, and also incredibly tasty if cooked correctly.
  • Canned food β€” Vegetables and meat that retain their freshness both in the icy lands and in the parched prairies.
  • Northern herbs β€” A collection of pine needles, herbs, and berries from the very heart of the northern wilds from which you can brew a Coniferous tea.
  • Crude Oil β€” Blood of the earth. The best fuel for the Electricity Generator one can obtain. Currently available to obtain only from the game shop or special events!

Secondary and tertiary tier 6 resources and items

  • Alder board β€” Used for construction. Made from alder logs.
  • Reinforced marble block β€” Highly durable material crafted from a mixture of marble and tungsten, providing elegance with increased strength.
  • Tungsten ingot β€” Very strong and hard metal. Used for making high-quality parts.
  • Pelt β€” Luxurious and warm polar weasel material that replaces the cloth.
  • Stout leather β€” Required for making warm and sturdy clothing.
  • Skin rope β€” A rope that withstands moisture and retains strength even in severe frosts.
  • Devil’s Club infusion β€” A potion from Devil's club that will get anyone back on their feet.
  • Tungsten fasteners β€” Exceptionally strong and durable fasteners.
  • Tungsten gunparts β€” Components needed for making high-quality powerful firearms.
  • Tungsten tools β€” High-strength tungsten tools. Required for building and upgrading workshops.
  • Electrical toolset β€” Kit containing various electrical tools and measurement devices, designed for electrical works. Can be obtained only in Teklanika and from Adam MacCoy for the pure Gold.

New locations for exploration


The further you get from Teklanika, the colder it becomes. Make sure to wear warm clothes and eat well before you start your trip.

  • Boreal Forest β€” The place where you can chop some Alder. But beware of Alaskan wolves and other predators! 
  • Glacier Lake β€” This cold area is teeming with wildlife, with the Kodiak bear being the most dangerous among them. It’s the best place to get some Stout hides and Weasel fur.
  • Denali Mountain β€” This is the northernmost and coldest location in the region. Here, a strong piercing wind almost always blows, and there's plenty of snow. However, it's also the best place to find Marble, Tungsten ore and Iron ore deposits.

It's said that further north, in an old abandoned mine, hides a camp of local bandits. But it's better not to venture there just yet. You will be able to explore it later.



Born as a prospector's hub, Teklanika thrived due to its mild climate and prime location. The town also has a cozy bar and traders. Here’s a list of the people and places that you should pay attention to in Teklanika:

  • Smoke London, adventurer β€” a prospector, scout, and entrepreneur. He is happy to guide you in a new place.
  • Elias McKenzie, barman β€” He believes that ale is valued more than gold! Step into the bar for a bit of warmth and hearty meals that'll warm you up and restore your vigor.
  • Mary-Ann Stone, trader β€” In these lands of harsh nature, only top-notch equipment is worthy of your choice. So speak to Mary-Ann if you agree that quality is always better than quantity.
  • Prospectors Pantry β€” A little repair, and it could become an excellent place for storing goods and resources.

Although the vaccine has been delivered to Teklanika, a significant part of it remains under quarantine. The bridge is raised, so entry is currently not possible. 

New animals


The region boasts diverse and... hungry wildlife. Local predators are always on the lookout, so you'll need to stay vigilant. Unfortunately, taming animals in this area isn't an option at the moment. You'll have to be patient while your naturalist friends study the necessary baits and share their expertise with you. However, cowboys with the high Spirit can temporarily turn local predators into friends as usual.

  • Alaskan wolf β€” A skilled predator of the region, is known for its adaptability and hunting prowess.
  • Alaskan alpha wolf β€” The leader of the pack is a dominant and skilled hunter in the region.
  • Alaskan Lynx β€” A stealthy and elusive predator, is known for its tufted ears.
  • North American cougar β€” A solitary and powerful predator, is recognized for its sleek appearance and hunting prowess.
  • Kodiak bear β€” The world's largest brown bear subspecies, is known for its size and distinctive hump.
  • Walrus β€” A massive marine mammal, is distinguished by its long tusks.
  • Caribou β€” Known for their large antlers and endurance, are a prominent species in the region's wildlife.
  • Weasel β€” A small and agile animal, well-known for its soft fur.

New bandits


Individuals with a hunger for others' property can be found everywhere, and this region is not an exception. Unlucky gold prospectors, former whalers, and just villains of various sorts form gangs and roam the outskirts of Teklanika, waiting for vulnerable merchants and unwary adventurers.

  • Burglars β€” Gang leaders. They are pretty dangerous opponents!
  • Steel Stompers β€” These giants have a mortar-size shotguns and body armor. They are slow but so determined that they won't pay attention to your pet's attacks.
  • Snipers β€” Outlaws armed with long-range rifles who attempt to eliminate you from a distance.
  • Miners β€” They will attempt to crush your bones with a large pickaxe, and if that fails, they will resort to using a knife.
  • Whalers β€” Now their harpoons are aimed at you.
  • Poachers β€” Beware of their arrows!
  • Knackers β€” Yet another kind of bandits.
  • Watchdogs β€” They often accompany bandit patrols. Outlaws feed them poorly, so dogs are more than willing to devour you.

Well, now, these local bandits are as tough as a bull in a rodeo. So, it's best to put your efforts into Ranch improvements. With all new resources, you'll find a heap of fresh opportunities awaiting you!

Electrifying Westland


There is some exciting news for you! Your friend engineer Gustav Stein received experimental blueprints from his friend Edison for a completely unique device β€” a Fuel-Powered Generator! This contraption is capable of generating electricity right on your Ranch. 

Well… Gustav was supposed to receive these blueprints. And now comes the bad news. The train that had to deliver them was robbed. The package itself has gone missing. Now, you'll have to track down the gang that pulled this off and retrieve the stolen blueprints!


The generator produces and stores electrical energy, which, in turn, is essential for crafting weapons, armor, and Tier 6 secondary resources on your Ranch!

Once you successfully complete the task and retrieve the stolen blueprints, you'll be able to build a real electricity generator on your Ranch! This generator can run on any fuel. Gustav will give you some Crude Oil, which is incredibly efficient but challenging to obtain. But even if it runs out, don't worry. Any Coal will also work, although you'll need more of it for the generator to run smoothly. The higher the tier of Coal the more its efficiency will be.

Let's clarify, the Generator can run on:

  • Charcoal.
  • Brown Coal.
  • Coal.
  • Crude Oil.

Production limits

  • Better fuel, more kW/h β€” Better fuel lets you produce more electricity. 
  • Production queue β€” You can assign as many tasks for Tier 6 production as many kW/h of electricity you have at the moment. Set your priorities wisely!
  • Tier 1-5 production remained unchanged! β€” Production of resources and items of tiers 1-5 does not require electricity, even if your workbench is upgraded to level 6. Production of resources and items of levels 1-5 works as before, with different workbenches able to work in parallel.

Tier 6 Ranch Improvements


As you already know, the first and most significant addition to your Ranch is the Generator. But that's not all of the available improvements. Now is the time to start upgrading your workbenches so they can produce tier 6 items. Also, be sure to enhance your Storages facilities to gain additional space for new resources and items!

Currently, you can upgrade most of your Workbenches, all Storages, and Chests to level 6

In the further updates, an upgrade to the next level will also be added to the:

  • Rest of the workbenches (Repair bench, Dismantling bench, Bait Workbench, Laboratory)
  • Projects (Chicken Coop, Cowshed, Stables, Barn and Fields)

Tier 6 craft


It's time to move on to the most juicy part β€” the new weapons, armor, and items that have been introduced in the game! In this update, you will have access to common and uncommon items with the exception of two rare backpacks featuring a special pocket for 5 specific items. Other rare and even epic items will be introduced later.

New weapons and tools

The new technologies, combined with the highest-quality materials, have allowed the creation of truly deadly weaponry.

Common weapons:

  • Whaling knife β€” Seafarer's choice for rugged use.
  • Browning No.1 β€” The nickname "Horse Picker" comes from the factory logo on the handle.
  • Winchester Gallery Gun β€” Excellent in shooting range. Also effective for taking down bandits.
  • Rem M10 Riot β€” This shotgun, with its unique bottom ejection, offers unmatched reliability.

Uncommon weapons:

  • Push dagger β€” Stealthy strike from the shadows.
  • Borchard Auto Pistol β€” Innovative design, historic firepower.
  • Lee–Enfield β€” Renowned for its fast bolt-action, is favored for its reliability and rapid firing.
  • Remington Whipped β€” Beast with a brutal design and unrivaled firepower that makes it a fearsome opponent.

Tier 6 axe and pickaxe:

  • Tungsten Alloy Axe β€” An axe made of ultra-strong alloy handles any wood with ease.
  • Tungsten Alloy Pickaxe β€” An incredibly strong and solid pickaxe that easily splits any rock.

New armor


Just what you need to conquer the harsh and cold region. The new armor provides excellent protection against attacks and low temperatures.

  • Wanderer Armor Set (common) β€” Hat, jacket, pants, and boots that keep warm on any trail!
  • Frontiersman Armor Set (uncommon) β€” Durable and heart hat, jacket, pants, and boots for frontier trails.

New backpacks


These backpacks are the pinnacle of sewing craftsmanship. They have exceptional capacity due to additional functional compartments. Their ergonomic design enhances your combat efficiency.

Special features of the tier 6 backpacks:

  • 15 additional slots to your inventory.
  • 1 multifunctional pocket.
  • 2 special compartments for spare tools
  • 3 special compartments for food and drinks supply.

Tier 6 backpacks come in two types:

  • Klondike Conqueror rucksack β€” Tailored for long adventures even on frosty days. 
  • Denali Spirit pouch β€” Crafted with native wisdom, this pouch embraces the heart of boreal endurance.

New tubes


To improve your common tier 6 weapons and armor and be able to craft uncommon ones, you'll need to start by finding the appropriate blueprints. You can acquire them from the familiar blueprints (starting from character level 100) and unique Boreal tubes.

  • Common boreal tubes β€” contain common tier 6 blueprints, may contain uncommon tier 6 blueprints. Boreal tubes are available in the shop and through special activities.
  • Boreal tubes of other rarities will appear in further updates.

New food and drinks


Fighting should be done on a full stomach. The new food will delight you with both permanent and temporary buffs!

  • Baked potato β€” A simple and satisfying meal that anyone can make.
  • Caribou steak β€” A fried piece of reindeer meat is the food of real snow conquerors.
  • Caribou with mash β€” A delicious dish of juicy reindeer meat and tender mashed potatoes
  • Caribou chowder β€” Simple, yet incredibly tasty food based on Inuit recipes.
  • Coniferous extract β€” A brew of northern herbs is what you need to replenish your strength in the northern wilds.
  • Inuit coniferous tea β€” A drink brewed according to the secret recipes of the indigenous inhabitants of the north. Invigorates and replenishes strength.


Well, isn't that something! Pretty good to start with. But that's not all! This is just the first part of tier 6. In upcoming updates, there will be even more weapons and armor, new construction upgrades, and of course, the Bandit camp. But now, let's move on to the second part of our global update!

Season of Exploration Battle Pass


In addition to the new region for the high level players, there's a new Battle Pass waiting for you, which is accessible to all cowboys starting at level 25. Join the Season of Exploration from Feb 9 (12:00UTC) to Feb 27 (12:00UTC)!

Battle Pass rewards

Prepare for some top-notch rewards. Among the prizes, you'll find exactly what you've been searching for!

  • 2 VIP days!
  • A large stock of Gunpowder and Glycerol.
  • Valuable resources, meals, and hard-to-find local ingredients.
  • Weapon and Gear that matches your character level.
  • And much more!

Get ready for an adventure, partners!

Premium Battle Pass rewards


Unlock the Premium Pass, and you'll get your hands on even better rewards. 

  • Ring of the Spirit Master β€” This rare and ancient ring was created by ancient indigenous to fight against wandering souls. It boosts your HP and gives additional damage to spirits!
  • Wardrobe β€” A wardrobe for storing 25 items. Can be placed on the Ranch and used as storage.
  • Extra VIP days!
  • And many more handy items and resources!
⚠️ Please note!
You can turn on the Premium Pass anytime and collect all the rewards from the milestones you've already hit.

Now, it's all about your progress in the Battle Pass event. Let's cover everything you need to participate!

Battle Pass Event currency & mechanics


Complete Battle Pass challenges to earn Golden Bullets, a unique event currency that fills your rewards meter. 

Short Battle Pass guide:

  • Golden Bullets β€” Complete tasks for this unique currency and reach milestones to get rewards.
  • Rewards β€” Progress on the event meter to win useful items. Upgrade to the Premium Pass for even more!
  • Pick your challenge β€” Skip tasks you don't fancy for some Silver, but keep in mind each skip costs more.
  • Finish Strong β€” New tasks won't appear 2 days before the event ends, so make a final push for your desired rewards.
⚠️ Please note!
You must be level 25 or higher to participate in the current Battle Pass event.

Task and reward scaling:

  • The difficulty of Battle Pass tasks is set based on your character level before the event starts.
  • Likewise, the rewards are scaled to your character level, making them appealing to every cowboy!

Types of tasks:

  • Daily tasks β€” These come in stages, and new ones unlock every 24 hours. Finish one stage to unlock the next.
  • Long-term tasks β€” Tougher ones that offer more Golden Bullets! You can work on these throughout the event.

Player’s Profile


Now, you have the opportunity to learn a little more about the cowboys you interact with. Tap on a player's nickname in the in-game chat, leaderboards, or other social locations to access their character profile.

A player's profile includes the following information:

  • Nickname and level.
  • Current stats.
  • Armor and weapons in use.
  • Current place in leaderboards.
  • Gained achievements.
  • Active pet and horse.

This should be handy for the alliance leaders and for any of the curious cowboys out there.

Other Improvements


  • Workbench upgrade times rebalanced β€”  As a result, the upgrade time for most workbenches has been reduced! For example, upgrading the Armor, Weapon, and Dismantling workbenches to Tier 5 now takes 7 days instead of 12. Notably, upgrading workbenches to Tier 6 takes the same amount of time as upgrading to Tier 5!
  • Various UI improvements β€” Including but not limited to improved location descriptions, advanced tooltips, backpack free space counter, etc.
  • Spirit requirements decreased β€” Now it’s easier to lure high-tier wolves: Black alpha wolf (75 spirit points), Red alpha wolf (100 spirit points), Red wolf (85 spirit points).
  • Food management improved β€” Now you can use food and drinks both with drag-n-drop to the active slot and with double-tap. 
  • Level 120 β€” The global update provides a great opportunity to expand the horizon of your maximum level. How quickly will you be able to reach new heights?
  • New achievement β€˜Boreal Wilds Explorer’ β€” Repair the sled at the Foot of the mountain to earn this achievement.
  • More Sulfur in Spirit Cave β€” Rewards from chests in the Spirit Cave have been improved. Now, in the Silver and Gold Leagues, you will receive 1.5-2 times more Sulfur than before.
  • New launch time of the Leaderboards β€” Now all competitions will start at 12:00 UTC.
  • Cold and Heat changes β€” In the Mountain tribe, it's now as cold as it is throughout the region, while at the Trader house, it's hot.
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.