Update 7.1 — Adventure continues Update 7.1 — Adventure continues

Update 7.1 — Adventure continues

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Howdy, cowboys! The adventures in the Boreal Wilds keep on rolling. More and more cowboys are braving the mountain ranges and exploring these harsh yet beautiful territories. And that means it's high time to introduce even more exciting content. Now you can enhance all the structures on your Ranch, craft rare tier 6 weapons and armor, and plenty more!

Expanded Tier 6 Adventures


Alright, let's go through it step by step. Here is new tier 6 content available to you from now on!


  • Repair bench — Allows you to breathe new life into old things. Now for tier 6 items as well!
  • Dismantling bench — Dismantles items you no longer need into materials. Also, Tier 6 from now.
  • Laboratory — Now you can craft Devil’s club salve and Cracker with a special medicine!
  • Bait Workbench — Allows crafting of various baits for animals, including Boreal Wilds predators.



  • Stable — Now you can have even more horses in your herd.
  • Cowshed — Upgrade your Cowshed and get more Filet!
  • Chicken coop — Now you will get even more white meat regularly.
  • Fields — Upgrade them and grow potatoes, an essential part of the Tier 6 dishes and one of the most hearty crops. 
  • Barn — Upgrade it for more free space for the potatoes and other crops!

Please note!
Fields can now be permanently removed from the Ranch. But beware: resources used for their creation and upgrades will not be returned!

Rare Weapons and Armor


  • Klondike Conqueror Armor Set — Warm cowboy outfits for polar expeditions, offering superb protection against the chill and a range of adversaries!
  • Rugged Harpoon — Tough and resilient for frequent encounters.
  • Naval dirk dagger — Mariner's precision for land ventures.
  • Parabellum — "If you want peace, prepare for war" is the motto of its maker!
  • Krag-Jorgensen — The rifle with its smooth action is especially valued for its precision accuracy.
  • Humpback — This Browning model is distinguished by its distinctive appearance and destructive power.

To be able to craft all this new stuff, you will need rare blueprints. You can get them with a slight chance from regular Rare tubes (starting from lvl 100) and from Uncommon boreal tubes.

  • Uncommon boreal tube — Contains a tier 6 uncommon weapon or armor blueprint. There is a chance of getting a rare one! 

Rare Food


  • Spicy hearty soup — Especially spicy soup, which is great not only for health but also for increasing agility against bullets. Enjoy a permanent 1% increase in firearm resistance, along with temporary bonuses of +700 max health and an additional +5 firearm resistance.
  • Akutaq — A traditional dessert that combines a taste of the boreal wilderness and unusual properties against ghosts. Enjoy a permanent 25 increase in damage against ghosts, along with temporary bonuses of +700 max health and an additional +150 damage against ghosts.
  • Strong extract — This extract of natural herbs boosts your health and gives you additional damage in battles. Benefit from a permanent +25 damage buff, along with a temporary increase of +700 max health and an additional +75 damage.

Other Tier 6 Enhancements


  • Tier 6 events — “Old road” and “Emergency stop” events can also be Tier 6 from now on if you reach level 115 or above. This means you can get tier 6 resources there!
  • Tier 6 quests — “Bounty hunt” and “West Star” quests can be Tier 6 as well. You may find Tier 6 resources, Tier 6 ingredients (Canned food and Northern herbs), and other useful stuff in the bandits’ hideouts.
  • Reinforced marble blocks — Now you need marble blocks instead of raw marble. Convenient if you have accumulated unused marble blocks!

New Pets


You can now lure animals found in the Boreal Wilds! 

To be able to lure boreal predators, you still need to gather enough knowledge points about them. Bring wild animals of the appropriate species to the Naturalists, and soon, an Alaskan wolf or even a Kodiak bear will become your faithful companion.

And, of course, ensure your Bait Workbench is upgraded to Tier 6!

Other Improvements


  • Improved breeding — The chance of obtaining a higher-tier or rarer offspring when crossbreeding pets starting from tier 3 has been increased by 5%.
  • Faster journeys — The running and riding movement speed on the global map has been increased!
  • Bounty Hunt quests improved — The difficulty balance for bounty hunt quests has been refined. Players level 101 and above can expect more frequent high-level tasks in the top region available for them, offering appropriate challenges and better rewards!
  • Exchange fabric rolls — Now you can exchange fabric rolls of the higher tiers for lower-tier ones in Martha Lynton Weaver’s shop. At the same time, from now on, to buy ropes you should visit Strong Hand, the tanner.
  • Exchange Salt for Spices — Now you can swap Salt for Spices with Bartender’s help in the Saloon.
  • Mountain locations placement changeSnowy Maple Forest has been switched places with Mountain Outpost to make the road to the important farming location shorter.
  • Trader location renamed into Smugglers — To make it simpler for you to differentiate the traveling smugglers Mal Baynolds and Adam McCoy from other traders.
  • Improved location tooltips — Now you can discover if there are any unique conditions present at a location, such as mosquitoes, marshy water, snowdrifts, wind, etc.
  • Spirit Cave Last wave rebalance — The number of enemies in the last wave was reduced, and the shooting range of ghost archers has been increased to make the final fight more thrilling and intense!
  • Fertility rebalance — Horses born in your Stable will have fertility 2-3, and pets born in the Pet House will have fertility 2-4. Fertility rules for horses bought from the Silverton stable and pets lured from the wild remain unchanged.
  • Fixed auto-search of the Tungsten ore — Now, if only tier 6 ore is selected, you will correctly find all the necessary deposits.
  • Location temperature display has been temporarily disabled — It will return in future versions in an improved and more realistic form.
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.