Update 7.2 β€” Spring Fair! Update 7.2 β€” Spring Fair!

Update 7.2 β€” Spring Fair!

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Ladies and Gents!

πŸŽͺ Come and experience the excitement of the Spring Fair, running from March 15th (12:00 UTC) to April 1st (12:00 UTC), where a treasure trove of valuable rewards awaits! πŸŽͺ

Buffalo Jill returns with an updated lineup of festivities! Reunite with old friends and get ready for an array of thrilling activities, enticing prizes, and... hold on a second. Did someone mention a Unicorn?

⚠️ Please note!
To join the Spring Fair event and begin the quest line, talk to Fred Hatter at your Ranch on March 15th. Your character must be level 30 or above to participate.

Spring Fair Rewards


Get ready to break records with Jill as she strives to gather the largest egg basket in Westland! Earn Easter Eggs by joining festive activities and contribute them to unlock rewards as you climb milestones. The top prize? A Unicorn! While not truly magical, this horse boasts a majestic appearance with its decorative horn and can be bred to start your own lineage. Join the Fair, have fun, and support Jill's quest for greatness!

Jill makes sure everyone leaves the Fair with something to show for their efforts. This time, she's curated a range of valuable rewards for you to compete for, from festive weapons to sweets & gear. Make sure you don't miss out on collecting them all!


  • Jackalope's Head β€” A trophy in the form of a mysterious beast's head. This is the very first decoration of its kind. It will look pretty cool on the wall of your Ranch! 
  • 7 VIP Days β€” You’re not dreaming, this is a VIP Week!
  • 3 uncommon and 3 rare tubes β€” They contain blueprints that fit the best to your level. Tier 6 players will get common and uncommon boreal tubes!
  • Jackalope Hunter Set β€” The best armor to show off your Spring Fair progression! 
  • Powerful Weapons β€” What Wild West holiday would be complete without a good old-fashioned shootout? 
  • Spring Fair Hats β€” Enhance your cowboy style with a new headpiece! 
  • Useful Gear β€” Catch an opportunity to upgrade your workbenches with useful gear and take it to the next level!
  • Fair Sweets β€” Indulge in these delightful candies that replenish your Energy by 5 points. Satisfying your sweet cravings has never been more beneficial!
  • Valuable resources β€” The ones you need the most at your current level.

Spring Fair activities

The more Easter Eggs you collect in your basket, the greater your rewards! Let's take a look at the activities where you can gather Easter Eggs.

Bunny Meadow


Jill has an unexpected gift for you β€” a blueprint for a small Bunny Meadow! Unlike the Jackalope, this is a very cute, peaceful, and kind rabbit that will bring you gifts every day. But first, build and decorate the meadow on your Ranch!

To build the Meadow, you will need:

  • 10 Bunny feeds.
  • 10 Fair sweets.
  • 10 Decorative ribbons.
  • 10 Colored inks.

You can win everything you need right here at the Fair in the Egg Hunt activity. 

Exchange special resources for Easter eggs

As soon as you build and upgrade Bunny Meadow, you can exchange special extra items for Easter Eggs with John Conrad. He will gladly help you make your adventures even more profitable.

How does the Bunny Meadow works?

  • Gifts are delivered only while the Spring Fair is active. 
  • The deliveries happen once a day. 
  • To get new gifts the next day, make sure to open the previous ones! 
  • Upgrade the Bunny Meadow to get even more rewards daily!

Fluffy-eared friend

A cute bunny will stay on your Ranch even after the end of the Fair! It will be your fluffy home friend, happy to accompany your cat, corgi, or turkey (if you have them).

Basket Delivery


Oh, come on! Courier lost the Basket with Easter eggs somewhere on the western road. He was told to tie it up better a hundred times! Jill asks you to find and bring the Basket. Seems like old Briggs knows where to look.

  • Carry the Basket with Easter eggs to the camp at the end of the road. Don't let the bandits take it away!
  • You will have to place the Basket on the ground in order to shoot back from opponents.
  • Carry the Basket to the camp at the end of the road and place it on the ground.
  • Complete the Spring Fair quest line to test your skills.
  • The first try will be free of charge. 1 extra run can be purchased for silver coins.
  • 3 difficulty modes of the activity are available.

Prepare your weapons, and don’t let the bandits steal the Basket!

Egg Hunt


After braving the dangers and challenges of Basket Delivery, you'll appreciate a more relaxed and leisurely activity. Do you remember the rules of Hannah Bunny's Egg Hunt competition?

  • Grab the desired amount of Eggs from the ground. Don’t let others to stop you.
  • Guns and pets are not allowed!
  • Complete the Spring Fair quest line to test your skills.
  • The first try will be free of charge. 1 extra run can be purchased for silver coins.
  • 3 difficulty modes of the activity are available.

Be cautious as you move around the Egg Hunt area; it's easy to trip over. Take careful steps, collect eggs quickly, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Wheel of Fortune


Jill's back with the Wheel of Fortune at the heart of the Spring Fair! 

The grand prize this year is none other than the majestic Lion, the undisputed king of the animal kingdom!

But there's even more: valuable items like Fish, Silver coins, tubes, a box of festive resources to build the Bunny meadow, and other prizes await.

To participate in the Wheel of Fortune, you'll need Lucky chips, which you can earn in activities at the Fair. One Lucky Chip β€” one prize! Let luck be on your side!

Big Hunt


Have you heard about the Jackalope? Think it’s just a tale? But it exists!

The whole Spring Fair camp no longer thinks Jackalope is just Nick’s drunk delusion. It is out there in the woods for sure! Is your shotgun ready to fire? That huge thing is not easy to take down! 

Deal with Jackalope and gain Chips and Easter Eggs! 

⚠️ Please note!
The Big Hunt activity will be accessible later during the Spring Fair. You will be able to start the Jackalope Hunt on March 19 at 12:00 (UTC)! 

Curiosity Shop


Can't get your fill of the Fair's rewards? Or looking for alternative options? Fred Hatter has got you covered! His Curiosity Shop has a wide array of offerings. You can acquire special event items there, but make sure to budget your Easter Eggs wisely.

⚠️ Please note!
Eggs spent for purchasing goods at Fred’s DO NOT count in the basket-filling progression! 

A Pet Alligator


Can you believe this? Alligators can now be lured as pets! They are one of the strongest and most dangerous pets you can have but at the same time, they are quite hungry beasts. So get ready to bring them lots of meat. Let’s mention a few facts you should know about alligators: 

  • You must learn to lure ALL other pets up to tier 5 before you can craft bait for the Alligators.
  • In fact, alligators and Mature alligators are the same type of animals. All wild Alligators are tier 5 and have a common rarity. All wild Mature alligators are tier 5 and have an uncommon rarity. There are no rare or epic alligators.
  • Wild alligators do not breed in captivity, so they all have 0 fertility points. However, you can restore them with the help of the special tier 5 Pets Elixir. Breeding alligators gives you a chance to get a pet with better perks.
  • You can breed Alligators with Mature Alligators if you want.

Other changes and improvements


  • Tier 6 Events β€” The Train Attack and Shootout spot events can now escalate to Tier 6 for high-level players, with corresponding rewards.
  • Wheel of Fortune in Silverton β€” New rewards have arrived. This time, the raffle includes feed for your pets, chickens, cows, and horses!
  • Various UI and localization improvements β€” To make everything clear and easily understandable.
  • Other minor but useful improvements.