Update 7.3 — Diggers' Den! Update 7.3 — Diggers' Den!

Update 7.3 — Diggers' Den!

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Howdy, partners! In the new update, you'll find new workbench upgrades, expanded crafting options, enhanced buffs, and a white, floppy-eared friend waiting for you!

Additionally, a thrilling new challenge awaits high-level cowboys! It's time to face the most brutal gang of the Boral Wilds. What mysteries are hiding in the old mine? What kind of treasures can you find there? Get ready for an exciting journey!

Diggers' Den

In the eastern part of the mountain valley, hidden among the rocks, lies the entrance to an old abandoned Diggers' Den. Since almost all the ore was mined, it has become a hideout for a large gang of bandits. They swarm through the old tunnels, ready to kill unwanted visitors. So, you'll need to use cleverness and all your skills to defeat them and take back the treasures the bandits have stolen. Here's what the scouts who managed to visit there and return alive say:

  • Doors and locks — The mine's territory is blocked by sturdy doors in several places. Find the levers that open them to go deeper into the mine.
  • Block reinforcements — when the alarm is raised, reinforcements from the bandits will start coming from deep within the mine. You can blow up the passages with dynamite boxes that can be found right here. Pull the levers for remote activation of the dynamite!
  • Electricity — To get further into the cave, you'll need to destroy several generators. The bandits will surely try to stop you!
  • Watch out for explosions! — The gang leaders, besides regular weapons, always carry dynamite sticks. They will be throwing them at you. Dodge the explosions to avoid dying. Pay attention to where they throw the dynamite and run away in advance.
    ⚠️ If the dynamite falls in the snow, you won't be able to see its blast area!

Food and Buffs Improvements


  • Buff time increased — Common food and drinks now buff you for 2 hours, uncommon — for 1 hour. Rare dishes give 30 minutes buff as it used to be.
  • Tender meat — Removed from the game. Wild Boars now drop filet!
  • Filet — From now on, this is Tier 4 meat.
  • Exotic meat — This is the only Tier 5 meat.
  • Food receipts adjusted — due to the changes above, some food receipts were slightly changed.
  • Grilled chicken — a new dish that replaces the Roasted poultry.
  • Food buffs Alliance defenders — Now, food gives the Alliance defenders extra HP and stats. Make sure to feed them with the most efficient food!

Gear Enhancements


  • Four slots for gears — Up to four Gears can now be inserted in the Tier 5 and 6 workbenches. The new slot can be purchased with gold or money. 
  • Tier 6 Gears — You can find unique gears among the other treasures in the Diggers' Den. This is the only place in Westland where they can be found!
  • Gears for spears — Now you can find Gears that will increase the damage of your spears and harpoons!

Other Improvements


  • New ranch pet Bunny — Everyone who participated in the spring fair and built the Bunny Meadow will keep it. The rabbit has become so accustomed to you that now you can let it roam around the ranch.
  • Crafting uninterrupted —  Enhance your workbench without stopping your crafting. Continue creating even as you make upgrades!
  • Iron ingots from scrap —  Now, on the Ranch, you can craft Iron ingots from Metal scrap with the Foundry workbench!
  • Improved hunting quests description — Now, it will be immediately clear which specific weapon you need to use to take down your hunting target.
  • VIP experience bonus can be turned on and off — If you don't want to level up too quickly, you can disable double experience while VIP is active.
  • Various UI improvements — Numerous minor enhancements of text, size, descriptions, etc.
  • Less howl — Injured and hungry animals now howl more quietly and less frequently.
  • Better work on Samsung devices — Implemented the latest Unity Engine fix, that should solve the freezes on Samsung devices.
  • High-level items in the game shop — Now, the level of items sold in the game shop depends on their tier and your character's level. High-level players can now buy level 5 weapons and armor!
  • Several other minor changes and improvements.