Update 7.4 β€” Season of Growth Update 7.4 β€” Season of Growth

Update 7.4 β€” Season of Growth

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Howdy, partners! Get ready for the Season of Growth, bringing fresh adventures and dazzling prizes from April 26 (09:00 UTC) to May 16 (09:00 UTC)! Moreover, new workbench Gear and lots of other improvements are waiting for you. Don’t miss out!

Battle Pass rewards

Just look at these outstanding rewards! Among the prizes, you're sure to find just what you've been looking for!

  • 2 VIP days!
  • Brand new Gear for your Armor and Forge workbenches.
  • Uncommon Tubes (Common Boreal tubes for T6 players)
  • Bunch of Gunpowder and Glycerol.
  • Valuable resources, meals, feeds, and hard-to-find local ingredients.
  • Powerful revolver that matches your tier.
  • And much more!

Premium Battle Pass rewards

Upgrade to the Premium Pass, and you'll access even greater rewards.

  • Hunter’s Luck Ring β€” This epic ring gives you a 5% chance of killing an animal with one strike and boosts your HP!
  • Elk Head β€” A symbol of hunting luck and an object to decorate one of your walls.
  • Extra VIP days!
  • Brand new Gear for your Firearms workbench.
  • Rare Tubes (Uncommon Boreal tubes for T6 players)
  • Even more handy items and resources!
⚠️ Please note: You can turn on the Premium Pass anytime and collect all the rewards from the milestones you've already hit.


Battle Pass Event Overview

Earn Golden Bullets through Battle Pass challenges to fill your rewards meter.

  • Golden Bullets β€” Complete tasks to earn this currency and hit milestones for rewards.
  • Rewards β€” Advance on the event meter for valuable items. Upgrade to the Premium Pass to get even more!
  • Choose Your Challenge β€” Skip tasks you prefer to avoid using Silver, but note that skipping costs increase.
  • Finish Strong β€” Aim to complete tasks early; no new tasks will appear 2 days before the event ends.
  • Difficulty & Rewards β€” The difficulty of tasks and rewards align with your character level at the event's start, ensuring relevance for all participants.
  • Tasks β€” Complete Daily tasks to unlock the next stage every 24 hours. More challenging Long-term Tasks offer more Golden Bullets and can be pursued throughout the event.
⚠️ Please note: Participation requires level 30 or higher.

Other Improvements


  • New Workbench Gear Type β€” Innovative gear for Forge, Armor, and Firearms workbenches. These items might boost or lower stats with a certain chance, adding a thrilling gamble to gear enhancement. You have a chance to find them in the Bandits’ Camps or buy them from the VIP shop. But now you can also obtain the new Gear through Battle Pass rewards and be among the first to try them out.
  • Gear Removal β€” You can remove Gear from a workbench without breaking it. This will cost you 10 Gold nuggets. If you don't need the old Gear, you can still replace it with a new Gear for free.
  • Better loot in Diggers' Den β€” The loot in the final chests has been improved. Additionally, there are a greater number of ore deposits in the obstructed areas, and less dynamite is required to clear these blockages. 
  • Regional Daily Events β€” Now, there is a small chance the Shootout Spot and the Old Road events can also appear in other regions, not just the central one. Whether you get a daily event in a certain region depends on your level and which regions you've unlocked. The event location's visual appearance and geo features will fit the region it appeared in.
  • Weather Readiness β€” Stay prepared with new temperature markers in the interface. The thermometer will show the temperature at your current location and whether your armor is suitable. Armor descriptions now indicate the temperature range they protect against. Additionally, the tooltip descriptions show the temperature in distant locations.
  • Fog of War β€” Unexplored areas on the Global map are now shrouded in fog. Tap on the region to learn some useful information about it.
  • Blast-resistant enhancement for pets β€” The damage dealt to pets by dynamite explosions has been reduced.
  • Blueprint rerolls β€” This action can now be performed every 22 hours instead of the previous 24-hour interval.
  • Player Profile Improvements β€” The player profile now includes the player ID, as well as the rings and amulet that are equipped on it.
  • UI enhancements β€” Improved various tooltips, some objects on the minimap, etc.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.