Update 7.5 — Frontier Trails Update 7.5 — Frontier Trails

Update 7.5 — Frontier Trails

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Howdy, partners! Get ready to uncover the secrets of Westland’s regions with the new Frontier Trails. Encounter a series of quests from local NPCs that will deepen your exploration of the untamed frontier and test your survival skills. With each new challenge, you'll get local resources and items tailored to help you thrive. Now, let's delve into the details!

New Regional Adventures

Starting with the Rocky Mountains, there's a special challenge in each region that helps you learn about the area and earn extra rewards.

  • Totem's Trial — available in the Rocky Mountains (T3 region).
  • Cotton Path — available in the Cotton Plains (T4 region).
  • Marsh Mastery — available in the Marshlands (T5 region).
  • Boreal Challenge — available in the Boreal Wilds (T6 region).

New players can attempt all four challenges, while experienced cowboys will start with the highest-tier region. 

☝️For example:
If you just unlocked the Swamps, you'll be able to take on the Marsh Mastery and, later, the Boreal Challenge. You won't be able to do earlier challenges because you already know the Rocky Mountains and Cotton Planes regions well. You don't need any more help or items from these areas.

Frontier Trails Rules

  • Unlock the region — Go through Rocky Pass, repair the Old bridge, fix the Steamboat, and help to deliver the Diphtheria Vaccine to unlock each specific region.
  • Talk to NPC — Follow the quest and talk to a special local NPC to apply the challenge.
  • Special Tokens — Complete tasks to earn special currency of the challenge and hit milestones for rewards.
  • Rewards — Advance on the event meter for valuable items. Upgrade to the Golden Trek to get even more!
  • Choose Your Challenge — Skip tasks you prefer to avoid using Silver, but note that skipping costs increase.
  • Take your time — There are no deadlines, but you can’t launch the next challenge until the current one is incomplete, even if the next region is already unlocked.
  • Tasks — Tasks are grouped into several stages, with a few tasks for each. Complete all tasks of a stage to move to the next one.



The rewards in each region correspond to your level. They are chosen to be maximally helpful at this stage of your development. 

You will get melee and ranged weapons, armor sets, including epic ones, various tubes, glycerol, valuable resources, meals, feeds, and hard-to-find local ingredients.

Unlock Golden Trek to get VIP days, even more powerful weapons, including epic ones, silver coins, gears, dynamites, and even more valuable resources!

Complete all tasks and hurry up to the next region to get the next challenge and the next big set of rewards!

Other Improvements


Additionally, the update features several enhancements driven by your feedback.

  • Now receive 2 gears as a reward in T5-T6 Bandit Camps!
  • Cultist Camp’s difficulty was decreased.
  • You can switch horses even if your current one has items in its inventory.
  • You can give your current horse to Arabella if it’s not your last one.
  • Movement speed on the global map became even faster.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.