Update 7.6 — Westland Day Update 7.6 — Westland Day

Update 7.6 — Westland Day

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Yeehaw! Ready to party, partners? Join the Season of Celebration Battle Pass event for great prizes and festive fun! Running from June 14th to July 9th, you’ll have more time than usual to complete tasks and earn rewards. Plus, you can now craft saddles to boost your horses' stats and inventory. And that’s not all — hurry up to discover all the surprises!

Season of Celebration

The festive Battle Pass is about to begin! Get ready for tons of valuable prizes, including the long-awaited black Arabian stallion, Midnight Charge.

Battle Pass rewards

  • 2 VIP days!
  • Star Spangled Hat
  • Patriot's Backpack
  • Anniversary revolver & shotgun
  • Westland Banner
  • Uncommon tubes (Common Boreal tubes for T6 cowboys)
  • Bunch of Gunpowder and Glycerol.
  • Valuable resources, meals, feeds, and hard-to-find local ingredients.
  • And much more!


Premium Battle Pass rewards

Upgrade to the Premium Pass, and you'll access even greater rewards.

  • Midnight Charge — Beautiful black Arabian stallion!
  • Westland Flag — Incredible decoration for your ranch!
  • Extra VIP days!
  • Rare Tubes (Uncommon Boreal tubes for T6 cowboys)
  • Dynamites
  • Even more handy items and resources!
⚠️ Please note: You can turn on the Premium Pass anytime and collect all the rewards from the milestones you've already hit.

Battle Pass Event Overview

Earn Golden Bullets through Battle Pass challenges to fill your rewards meter.

  • Golden Bullets — Complete tasks to earn this currency and hit milestones for rewards.
  • Rewards — Advance on the event meter for valuable items. Upgrade to the Premium Pass to get even more!
  • Choose Your Challenge — Skip tasks you prefer to avoid using Silver, but note that skipping costs increase.
  • Finish Strong — Aim to complete tasks early; no new tasks will appear 8 days before the event ends. Yes, this time, there will be a much longer period to complete all the tasks.
  • Difficulty & Rewards — The difficulty of tasks and rewards aligns with your character level at the event's start, ensuring relevance for all participants.
  • Tasks — Complete Daily tasks to unlock the next stage every 24 hours. More challenging Long-term Tasks offer more Golden Bullets and can be pursued throughout the event.
⚠️ Please note: Participation requires level 30 or higher.

New Horse Saddles


Your loyal steeds deserve the best harness. Now, you can craft awesome saddles that boost your horse's stats and increase their saddlebag capacity!

The higher the tier and rarity of the saddle, the more stats it boosts and the more extra slots it unlocks. To craft a better saddle, you need the previous one, allowing you to progress from the simplest to the best. Note that saddles of the same tier but different rarities look the same. Rare saddles have one more slot than uncommon ones of the same tier.

Saddles are universal and can be used for all your horses, both riding and draft. You don't need to craft saddles for each horse individually! To equip a saddle, simply place it in the designated slot. When you switch horses, the new horse will automatically equip the active saddle. 

Saddles you can have:

  1. Cutting Saddle (common, T3)
  2. Stock Saddle (uncommon, T3)
  3. Сheyenne Saddle (rare, T3)
  4. Trail Saddle (uncommon, T4)
  5. Hope Saddle (rare, T4)
  6. Swamp Saddle (uncommon, T5)
  7. Wade Saddle (rare, T5)
  8. McClellan Saddle (uncommon, T6)
  9. Outfitter Saddle (rare, T6)

Your very first Cutting Saddle comes with your first horse as soon as you build the stable. If you lose it for any reason, you can always craft a new one at the Detail bench.

Other Improvements


  • The Wheel of Fortune now offers prizes that match your character's level. Plus, there's an amazing jackpot to win!
  • Temperature conditions have been added to the crafting menu at the Armor Workbench.
  • The damage of wolves in packs in the Boreal Wilds has been reduced. The damage of lone wolves remains unchanged.
  • Improved Hunting Quests descriptions. Special weapon conditions are now better highlighted.
  • The hitching post in Teklanika has been moved next to the bar.
  • Frontier Trails tasks can no longer be skipped.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.