Update 7.7 β€” New Heights Update 7.7 β€” New Heights

Update 7.7 β€” New Heights

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Hey there, partners! New adventures and challenges for you are already here! Time to gear up with epic tier 6 items, level up your Alliance buildings, ride with new horses, and tackle revamped Canyon Trials and Spirit Cave. Check out the details below, and get ready to ramp up your game!

Epic Tier 6 Items


Meet the most advanced and powerful weapons and armor you’ve ever seen in the Wild West!

Tier 6 Epic Weapons:

  • Musher's knife β€” Lightweight yet durable companion on icy trails.
  • Mauser Broomhandle β€” This Mauser got its name from the distinctive, slender grip.
  • Savage Model 99 β€” Acclaimed for its innovative rotary magazine and exceptional accuracy.
  • Widowmaker β€” A reliable, semi-automatic shotgun for elite marksmen.

Tier 6 Epic Armor:

  • Boreal legend hat β€” This decorated hat provides comfort in the harsh Boreal climate.
  • Boreal legend longcoat β€” Coat crafted from the finest materials, gracefully withstands harsh conditions.
  • Boreal legend pants β€” Insulated pants tailored for adventurers, give superior protection against icy winds and rugged terrains.
  • Boreal legend boots β€” Sturdy boots lined with fur and equipped with spikes for stability on snow and ice.

New Epic Tubes

Adam MacCoy has brought a new batch of tubes containing epic blueprints. Now, you can choose which tier of blueprints you need the most.

  • Mountain tube (10 gold nuggets) contains a T3 epic blueprint or, with a small chance, a T4 epic blueprint.
  • Plains tube (20 gold nuggets) contains a T4 epic blueprint or, with a small chance, a T5 epic blueprint.
  • Marshland tube (50 gold nuggets) contains a T5 epic blueprint or, with a small chance, a T6 epic blueprint.
  • Boreal tube (100 gold nuggets) contains a T6 epic blueprint.
⚠️Please note: If you've previously purchased Epic tubes but haven't opened them yet, they'll be swapped out for Marshland tubes.

Epic Horses


Meet the new breeds β€” the swiftest and sturdiest horses of the Wild West. They can carry you and your luggage to the most remote areas without sweat. 

  • Bay Dun Morgan β€” A versatile and hardy horse known for its sturdy build and friendly nature.
  • Bay Dun Clydesdale β€” A large and powerful draft horse known for its strength and grace.

New horses are Tier 5 Epic. There is a small chance to get Tier 6 horses by breeding two T5 Epic ones!

New Alliance Upgrade


The time has come for the toughest and most coordinated cowboys who have united into powerful Alliances. You can now upgrade your Alliance bases to greater heights than ever before!

  • Merchant's shop β€” A new building! Once constructed, two smugglers will permanently be accessible at your Alliance base instead of traveling the global map. Consequently, the Dovecote will only show the items Golden Carmack trades for Gold Nuggets today.

Also, the main Alliance buildings now feature an additional level for enhanced capabilities:

  • Headquarters β€” The new level adds an extra Watchtower, increases the XP boost and the number of Alliance members, and expands the Alliance Safe even more.
  • Saloon β€” Now produces common food of the corresponding tier. For example, upgrading to a level 4 Saloon provides T6 food. It also increases Whiskey storage and a number of its uses.
  • Power Station β€” The new level increases electricity production. 
  • Gold Mine β€” The new level increases Gold ore production and storage. 
  • Train Station β€” Upgraded to a new level, it offers greater travel discounts and enhances Sluice Box efficiency. Also, enhanced reinforcements arrive at the level 4 Train Station to protect against the Gold Rush raid.
  • Bunkhouse β€” New level boosts Chewing gum storage and a number of its uses.

Improved criteria for participating in the Gold Rush

According to the numerous requests to ensure fair competition to participate in the Gold Rush, the Alliances must now have:

  • Alliance Safe.
  • Gold Mine.
  • Power Station.
  • Sluice Box.

Canyon Trials and Spirit Cave Adjustments


The balance and rewards were improved to meet the expectations of the veteran cowboys.

  • Leaderboard Rewards β€” Enhanced significantly, especially in the top divisions of the Gold League, now featuring T6 resources, T6 Gears, and T6 Special healing crackers for pets. 
  • Spirit Cave chests will also contain Native American weapons and armor with higher enchantment levels in these divisions.
  • Tier 6 Quests β€” These will reward you with highly enchanted Native American weapons, upping the stakes and rewards for high-level play.
  • Canyon Trials Difficulty β€” Starting from wave 31, the difficulty has been increased to align with the introduction of Tier 6 and epic items, ensuring a challenging experience.
  • Spirit Cave Boomshot Ability β€” The damage now scales with the base damage of the equipped bow; the stronger the bow, the greater the explosive impact.

Bandits’ Anger changes


Tier 6 has also been introduced to Bandits’ Anger, affecting the difficulty and rewards of successfully defending your Ranch.

  • A Tier 6 Bandit's Stash has been added, and the rewards across all tiers have been improved.
  • Bandits’ Anger has several difficulty levels from now on. Each time you successfully defend your Ranch from a bandit attack, the difficulty of the next attack increases. If you lose, the difficulty decreases.
  • The tier of a Bandits' Stash map found on a bandit's body now depends on the difficulty of the Bandits’ Anger level and your current tier. The loot inside the Stash is determined by the map's tier, not your own.
  • The variety of bandits and the weapons they use has been increased. At higher difficulty levels, more bandits armed with dynamite will come.

Other Improvements


  • Now, you can track any collection you're working on (like Barn, Wagon, Dog Sleigh, etc) directly in the quests menu. This lets you easily see which resources you still need to complete it.
  • The cost of crafting epic weapons and armor for Tiers 4 and 5 has been reduced!
  • Old Nick has prepared new, especially challenging Quests for the most experienced hunters in the Boreal Wilds.
  • Now, you can upgrade your ranch safes to hold even more valuables. Rest assured, bandits can't steal anything stored in these safes!
  • You now have the option to upgrade your wagon even further, increasing its capacity to carry more items!
  • Reduced the experience points awarded for completing quests to align leveling speed with actual progress better.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.