Update 3.0.0 — Dash in the Gold Rush! Update 3.0.0 — Dash in the Gold Rush!

Update 3.0.0 — Dash in the Gold Rush!

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Howdy, partners! 

Have you heard? They say, something yet unseen is about to begin in Westland! An epic struggle is on the way. Get ready for the Gold Rush!  

Gold mining already has a history in Westland. And it keeps being written right now! With more and more Alliances getting access to precious Gold Nuggets, the competition is getting tougher. A successful business, they say, goes hand in hand with revolvers. Time to grab one and show them which Alliance is the best in the Wild West! There is no better time to do that than at the beginning of the Gold Rush!

To ensure a smooth start for all Alliances of Westland, attacking other Alliances will become possible over some time after the release of the update. This way, players from all platforms will be able to download the new version of the game and dash in the Gold Rush at the same time! While there is still time, create an Alliance if you are not yet in one, develop your Alliance base, and prepare a defense!

Just think of the new opportunities that lie ahead. Group, plan, achieve — make every cowboy out there know your Alliance’s name! Keep on reading to learn how you and your buddies can do that! 


Join the fierce struggle

There is little time left before the struggle will begin! Now, every minute counts. How to prepare for the beginning of the Gold Rush?

If you are already a member or a leader of an Alliance:

⚠️ Please note! Сomplete the Safe project together with your buddies!
Without a Safe on your base, you can not take part in the Gold Rush. 

If you are yet a lone cowboy:

  • Find an Alliance or join one to take part in the Gold Rush! 
  • Improve the Alliance to establish a solid Gold Nuggets production!
  • Сomplete the Safe project!

Once that is all settled and done, work on planning the base’s defense together with your Alliance mates!

Organize your base’s defense before the struggle begins and prepare your best weapons and armor. Cooperate with your Alliance mates and enter the Gold Rush on the best terms possible!

Let’s improve Gold Rush together!

The launch of the Gold Rush will be memorable. Once it begins, things will no longer be the same. Hope to see you all trying the new features out and enjoying the new opportunities!

Gold Rush will start off as a beta. Since it is a rather complicated system, the development team will be keeping a close eye on the process. And that means that the Gold Rush will be getting some improvements along the way! 

The more action and feedback, the better! Share your thoughts on the Gold Rush on the game’s social media. Participate in the fierce struggle and speak your mind — let’s make Westland better together!

To make things even more exciting, a special Gold Rush challenge will be held in the future! Stay tuned for its announcement on Westland’s social media. The first Alliance to reach the goal will get a great reward!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Ready to learn more about the Gold Rush?
Let’s get into all the details!

Gold Rush — coming soon!


A truly fierce struggle will soon begin. Westland Alliances will compete for the title of the best, and it won’t be bloodless! Is your Alliance ready for this? 

To ensure a smooth start for every Alliance out there, the struggle will begin in some time after the release of the update. This way, all Alliances’ members will get to download the new version of the game no matter the platform. And join the struggle at the same time!

Use the time left to consider all that’s necessary to enter the Gold Rush with your heads up high! Keep an eye on the countdown in a special window and don’t miss the launch of the epic struggle!

Count the minutes, work on the Alliance’s progression — it will all pay out in the long run! Prepare and grab your best weapons and armor, grill some food and ready healing items! Improve your Alliance’s buildings to accept more members to it and produce more Gold Nuggets. By working on that, you and your Alliance buddies will also unlock additional defense options. Those will help you greatly once the Gold Rush begins!

With the Gold Rush on the horizon, a word on how to make a new building has reached Westland. Building a Watchtower will provide you with a range defense post for you and your Alliance mates. Its defender sees far and clear, making this sweet spot a great addition to the Alliance’s base!

Already thinking on how to organize defense?
Time to learn more about it!


Build Strong Defense

Prepare your Alliance base for the Gold Rush! The Wild West is not for the weak of heart. And the strong ones will always try to get the best piece of the pie. Don’t let anyone get to your Gold Nuggets! Together, ensure the best defense possible for your second home. Build, upgrade & plan!

How to organize strong defense? 

  1. Talk to your Alliance buddies — Discuss your tactics all together!
  2. Create a defense layout — Use Overview mode and defense posts’ features to ensure no one gets through! 
  3. Get defense posts — Now all Alliance buildings have defense posts. Upgrade your Alliance base to get even more of those!
  4. Occupy the defense posts — Choose your defense post based on its features. Discuss the best positions and picks for each post!
  5. Use Overview mode — You can view your Alliance defense plan using building mode. Use it to arrange the best defense possible!
  6. Study your rivals’ tactics! — View defense reports and use them to upgrade your defense!

There is so much more about defense you need to know besides this list!
Let’s get into it right now!

Defense posts

From now on, all Alliance buildings will be granting you defense posts. To get more posts for the defenders, upgrade the Alliance base all together!


There are 2 types of defense posts with their own features and bonuses:

1) Watch post (range)
— A cowboy on such a post will get a significant HP boost and have an increased range of fire.
— Watch post guardians can not move.
— They can only use ranged weapons.

2) Guard post (melee)
— Patrolmen get a moderate HP boost and a speed boost.
— They can use any type of weapon.
— It is also possible for them to move around the base and chase those nasty competitors!

A new building — a Watchtower! 

With news about the upcoming Gold Rush spreading like wildfire, some clever minds came up with a new building you and your mates can now build at your Alliance base!


A Watchtower is a gamechanger in the defense layout! As you may have already guessed, a Watchtower is a great defense post to occupy.

The view from such a height is amazing — it’s almost like all the ground below is at the palm of your hand! Watchtower’s defender can aim and shoot at almost any direction, leaving no chance for the rivals to get close to your Safe and other valuables!

Occupy the defense posts! 


Each member of the Alliance can occupy one of the available defense posts. All defenders will need food, weapons, and armor to fight efficiently.


⚠️ Please note! 

  • Items equipped on the defender can not be taken back. They will get damaged in future battles, so don’t forget to renew your equipment!
  • Don’t forget about provisions! You can’t fight efficiently on an empty stomach.


Tip: Before the Gold Rush begins, there is no need to fight at the Alliance’s base, so save up the necessary resources!

Enter Defense Overview mode

A strong defense if a result of joint planning and effort. Think of who will be more effective as a ranged defender, and who will be a better patrolman. Overview mode will help you all set your defense up and consider all possible weak points at your place!  

Any member of the Alliance can enter the Overview mode from the Alliance base. There are plenty of things you can see and plan from there. Such as:

— See the overall defense coverage. The brighter the color of the area, the more defenders are ensuring its safety. 

— By selecting a certain post, you can see its defender’s range of action. The action depends on the type of the defense post:

  • For Watch posts (range), the circle shows how far the defender’s attacks will reach. 
  • For Guard posts (melee), the circle shows how far a cowboy can move around and chase the intruders.

View everyone’s positions and equipment. Make sure your buddies are up to the task!

Enter the Overview mode at the same time with your buddies, talk things through, and ensure no one gets through!



Backup’s on the way!

Do you need some help during defense? Get a backup from Silverton!
Best mercenaries available will come to your aid.

Defending your Alliance base can be truly tough. There is no shame in requiring a backup! Talk to your Alliance mates and decide who will be guarding the Railway Station. The defender should be well-equipped to survive the possible fire while waiting for reinforcement.

Once the attack begins, the Railway Station guardian(s) will send a request for backup to Silverton. The best of the mercenaries will come to your aid. These guys are tough, brutal, and can change the course of the fight! 

It will take 3 minutes for the reinforcement to reach your base by train. While the mercenaries are on the road, the Railway Station guardian has to fight for his/her life! Someone must meet the mercenaries and tell them whom to shoot at. At least one Railway Station defender must stay alive while the mercenaries are on the road. 

Turn on the spotlights!

Someone dangerous can hide in the dark and sneak into your Alliance base without alarming the defenders. During the night, their range of view gets decreased. When all you see is blackness, how can you aim?

But there is a way to prevent this from happening! Want to know how?

Talk to your Alliance buddies and discuss who will be defending the Power Station. If a night falls on the prairies during the attack, the watchman will turn on the lights to illuminate the area! Then no one will have a chance pass to your HQ undetected. 


Study your rivals’ tactics!

Damn, those competitors have made it to your HQ?
View attack replay on the Alliance’s base and optimize your layout!

In the defense reports, you can see how the rivals progressed during the attack. Note where the breach is and rearrange your defense to prevent this from happening ever again. If they made it to the Safe once, don’t let them do it the second time around!

But that’s not all! By reviewing a defense report from the Alliance chat, you will also be able to see how the rivals were equipped during the attack. Note all the details — how the competitors moved, what did they use, and what have they lost trying to ambush you!

⚠️ Please note!
The defense report view feature will become available only once the Gold Rush begins. Keep an eye on that countdown!

Learn from your rivals! It applies both to improving your defense layout and future attack tactics.

Now you and your buddies know what can be done to protect your Alliance base. Do all you can while there is still time before the launch of Gold Rush!

Watch that countdown widget closely and prepare your base defense in the meanwhile. Soon, more light will be shed on the Attack part of the Gold Rush! How do you think it will turn out? It’s gonna be truly exciting! 

Joint tactics

By working in a team, you can reach goals and heights that are not accessible to loners. The more united you are, the better the result! Even a small team can make wonders. But the more strong hands and bright heads — the better. It is up to you to make a plan and set roles for every player.


Decide who will be defending the HQ, and who will be keeping an eye on the Railway Station. Ensure there is someone with a good gun on the Watchtower, and don’t let anyone pass your defense! Only in discussion the perfect layout can be born, so speak more to your buddies!

Get even more Gold Nuggets!

Your precious. Your one and only Safe with shiny Gold Nuggets in it.
Don’t you want to have even more of those? Of course you do!

From now on, your Mine will be producing + 20% more Gold Nuggets!
Get more, wash more, store more. Shower yourself with Gold Nuggets — hard work always should pay off!

⚠️ Please note!
The upgrade of the Leaderboards system has been in the works for a while now. With the Gold Rush on its way to Westland, it is especially important to update them! Due to the changes in the Gold Nuggets production system 
and the new opportunities that Gold Rush will open, rewards in the Leaderboards have been reduced. Stay tuned for more details about the Leaderboards changes — an announcement will be made in one of the upcoming updates!


Anti-cheat system improvement

The Gold Rush is just around the corner. Soon, a fierce struggle will begin. Even though it won’t be bloodless, the fights should be fair. Law must stand above any circumstances!

Sheriff Schultz and his men are keeping a close eye on all troublemakers.
For a few months, the Sheriff's crew worked hard  to upgrade the anti-cheat system, and they will do their best to ensure a fair competition between Alliances.
All things should be considered when such a struggle is on the horizon! Regular patrols have been organized to keep things in order. 


Gold Rush countdown

Gold Rush will begin in about 2 weeks after the update’s release.
This way, all cowboys will have the opportunity to download the update, no matter the platform. The start of something as huge as this struggle should be smooth and fair to everyone!

Use the time you have to build up your defense. Upgrade buildings, get new defense posts, ready your weapons, and come up with an impassable layout! Keep an eye on the countdown and get ready!

And don’t forget about the Gold Rush challenge!
Stay tuned for more details on Westland’s social media.


Other changes and improvements

  • Level 115 — Become even stronger!
  • Bunch of other small, but important improvements.