Update 3.1.0 — Gold Rush has begun! Update 3.1.0 — Gold Rush has begun!

Update 3.1.0 — Gold Rush has begun!

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Howdy, partners!
Hurray! The wait is finally over!
It’s time to dash in the Gold Rush in its full glory!
New opportunities and features, precious loot and fame are waiting for you in Westland!

Now, when the defenses are all planned up and set at your Alliance base, it is time to think big. There are lots of competitors on the prairies that you can deal with. Plan your strategy, attack rival Alliance bases, and claim their resources, including the precious Gold Nuggets!

Gold Rush challenge!


To celebrate the start of the Gold Rush, a special challenge will be launched right after the release of the update. Loot Gold Nuggets from rival’s Safes and reach goals to earn great rewards! 

In this challenge, you and your buddies will have to work as one to get as many Gold Nuggets as possible. The first Alliance to reach certain goals will get great rewards! The more coordinated you and your buddies will be, the higher the chance to claim the prizes. Craft equipment, try different strategies, perfect your plan by attacking other Alliances and viewing defense reports!

This is the best time to show the competitors which Alliance to fear and respect. Reach the goals first and write your Alliance name in the history of Westland! You can also keep an eye on our Facebook page to share your challenge results and see how the challenge is going!

And now, it’s time to get back to the Alliance attack mechanics. 
Let’s get down to business! 

Smash rivals!

Your Alliance base defense is up and ready. The business is doing great, isn’t it? Everyone’s doing their job, getting their fair share of Gold Nuggets…

It’s time to take a step further and take care of your competitors! 

But before that… Meet Slick Johnny!

Meet Slick Johnny

There are all sorts of people in Westland. Some are naive and kind-hearted, others are doing all they can to stay afloat, and the rest are calculative and sly. Slick Johnny can be considered a part of the last group. He takes advantage of every situation!

This talky snitch makes his coin by selling information. Despite his questionable looks, he has connections all over the country. They say he worked for Pinkertons for a while, but those who know Johnny well say it is all a lie. That wasn’t up to his temper and views on morale. Johnny is a picky spotter and makes business only with successful and powerful people. Don’t mind his nickname, he honors his offers.

You can find Slick Johnny at your Alliance base. He will willingly sell you the coordinates of rivals’ bases. Talk to him, pay for the lead, and get ready for the fight! 


How to attack competitors?

  1. Prove your worth! — Build a Safe on your Alliance base! Don’t leave them a chance to underestimate you and your buddies.
  2. Get ready— Gather with your Alliance buddies and buy a lead to a rival’s base from Slick Johnny! Just one purchase from one player — and there you all go!
  3. Discuss the tactics — Pay attention to the features of each competitor’s base. Each attack requires unique tactics. Think of one with your Alliance mates!
  4. Get things done — Attack the rivals one-by-one with your Alliance mates! Work as one to reach the joint goal. Get to those precious boxes and Safe!
  5. Enjoy the sweetness of victory! — Bring your loot to safety and enjoy it with your buddies at your Alliance base!

That was a brief note on how an attack goes. Let’s get into more detail!

Get ready!

Owning a Safe is the one and only condition your Alliance needs to meet to participate in the Gold Rush. After all, only advanced Alliances can afford it. And by the way, if there is no Safe out there, where will you store the Gold you take away from your competitors, eh? 

Pay for a lead


Toss 500 Silver Coins to your humble spotter to get the coordinates of a rival’s base. Any member of the Alliance can make this purchase. 

Once you pay Johnny, you will have 2 hours to raid the base he shows on the map. So make sure to coordinate the purchase of a lead with your Alliance buddies!


You can get to the rival’s base the same way you travel to other locations — on foot, using energy, or on a horseback. Keep in mind that you have to raid the rival’s base in 2 hours

Learn more about the rival’s base!

To get more information about the competitors’ base, just tap on it. There are a lot of important details stated on the location’s card!

The more the competitors, the more coordinated your attack should be. The more icons next to the lines, the higher the level of the buildings on the competitor’s base. Therefore, the more defenders may be guarding them! But this should not stop you. Probably, there is also more loot inside! Gold Nuggets, whiskey, coffee, and dynamite — that’s a lot to grab!

One more important detail — you can see the time of the day you will be attacking the rival’s base. It is pretty hard to spot an intruder in the dark, don’t you think so? During the night, the defenders’ range of view gets narrower. Use this to plan both your attack and defense! 


Tip: To see everything clearly during the night, your competitors can send someone to guard the Power Station. During the night, its watchman will turn on powerful lights to illuminate the area. Your Alliance can use this tactic to your advantage, too!

Discuss the tactics with teammates!

It’s up to the Alliance to decide the tactics of the attack.
Get in touch and have a discussion! Think of positions your Alliance members will have during an attack. Someone will be most effective as a scout. A few lads with okay-ish gear can take down the melee defenders. And a dude with the best equipment will make it past the most dangerous rival out there to the Safe! It’s all up to you!

Where one falls, another keeps up. You can see exactly where your fellows stopped their attack and continue it!

Work as a team to reach the common goal, and the reward will be yours.

Strike as one! 


It’s now or never, fellows! The attack will last for 120 minutes total. It’s either time runs out, or all of your Alliance members complete their turn!

You will be attacking the rivals’ bases one-by-one, continuing the joint way to the desirable reward. Pick a role for each member of the Alliance to progress. Work as a team and claim all the possible bounty!

Partners, to arms! 

Stick to the plan you came up with your buddies. Prioritize your targets. Be efficient. Make all it takes to make it to the Safe and get those Gold Nuggets!

Keep an eye on your buddies’ progress by checking out the base location status! Alliance chat will be of great help. You can both communicate there and see how far your Alliance has made it. Each important step of your buddies will be marked there, allowing your Alliance to change tactics on the spot if needed!


Take all you can!

Made it through the competitor’s defenders? That’s only the beginning! It’s now time for the juiciest part of the attack — claiming those sweet rewards!

Of course, a Safe full of Gold Nuggets will be your priority, but there are other things to keep an eye on there, too. You can find 4 types of boxes with different loot inside at the competitors’ bases. If you are producing some valuables at your base, why shouldn’t your rivals be doing so? Yes, they can have a full Mine of dynamite you can claim for yourself! And other goodies!

To make the most of the attack, make sure to:
— Check the rival’s HQ for Gold Nuggets!
— Get to the Mine to steal some good old dynamite!
— Check the barracks out, there must be some coffee hidden inside!
— Search the Saloon for bottles of strong whiskey!Safes_1920x1080-_1_.jpg

Think of the craziest plan to get all those — whatever works will do!
If you and your buddies drank all the whiskey you had in stock, it’s a great reason to come and get some from the competitors! No coffee in the Bunkhouse? You know where to find more, partners. Take all you need to make your Alliance prosper, friend. Your actions will also slow the development of your rivals — it will take time for them to recover, and you will already be at the top of the game! 

Both Safe and boxes with loot need to be carried to safety prior to their transportation! Bring all the valuables to the border of the rival’s base. While you are carrying your precious loot, you won’t be able to defend yourself. It’s too heavy to carry such a load in one arm! Make sure to clear the road ahead of you. Don’t risk taking a bullet! Nothing should stand in your way.

⚠️ Please note!
There is no point in carrying the items you can not store at your Alliance base! Before claiming the resources, make sure you have somewhere to put them into. Bunkhouses to store coffee, Saloon to stock up whiskey… you know the drill.

Enjoy the sweetness of victory!


Teamwork makes the dream work! All your joint efforts will pay off in the end of the attack. Complete it and get to enjoy the fruit of your cooperation!

All you get from the rival’s base will be hidden in a cache nearby until the attack ends. Once it is over, the loot will be delivered to your Alliance’s base! Get back and enjoy the sweetness of victory!

That’s a lot to do and think about, cowboy. But this is not the end!


New tools are getting developed regularly, and one of those has finally reached Westland! Just take a look at this beauty. Think of the opportunities using binoculars can bring!

Adam McCoy has a new item to offer for purchase. For just 10 Gold Nuggets he will sell you Binoculars — a great tool to scout the area ahead. It can be useful both for Alliance scouts and ordinary cowboys. Pay him a visit and make sure to grab one!

Getting binoculars is a great move when it comes to scouting the layout of your competitor’s base. A cowboy with binoculars will be most useful as a scout for your Alliance. Send this lad ahead to learn more about the competitor’s defense and come up with an effective plan!

Equip the binoculars to get access to a zoomed out mode. Just take a look at what you can now spot! They tried to stop you with a sly tactic, but you won’t get into this trap now.


Each use of binoculars will wear them out, and their durability will go down. Don’t move and keep an eye on your surroundings — an attempt to change position or a sudden attack will kick you out of the zoomed out mode. Take care when concentrating on your target!


Pay your rivals back!

Your Alliance base has been attacked and some items got stolen?
Pay back for free and get a chance to claim even more rewards!

Your Alliance's precious loot is stolen and your blood is boiling. At such moments, even Slick Johnny (you will learn more about him a bit later) will not be trying to make a profit. He will give you a free lead to the competitor’s base to try to get what’s yours back! 


The base of the rival who dared to take something away from you will be marked on your map for 8 hours. The fight won’t be easy, though. And the outcome of a revenge battle is completely unpredictable.

There are several outcomes possible: getting your loot back, finding no valuables (the competitors can already use all of the loot to advance their Alliances), or… claiming even more than it was lost! If the rivals store much in their buildings, it can all become yours. That’s a completely free opportunity to get a great profit!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Remember that the success of both attack and defense rely on teamwork! Discuss, plan, execute, try out new tactics — it’s all up to you and your buddies!

Joint tactics

By working in a team, you can reach goals and heights that are not accessible to loners. The more united you are, the better the result! Even a small team can make wonders. But the more strong hands and bright heads — the better. It is up to you to make a plan and set roles for every player.

One cowboy can scout the area ahead so that the others make their way to the reward. Guys with the best gear can take down the Watch post defenders. The remaining members of the Alliance will do all possible to assault the rival’s HQ.

Where one falls, the other continues. In the end, the better your teamwork, the more valuables you’ll get!


Defense reports are now available!

Gold Rush is now here, and you must take all opportunities into account. Defense reports will be of great help to you and your buddies! View the reports to analyze what the competitors have done and how to improve your defense layout. No rival shall pass!

In defense reports, you can see how the rivals progressed during the attack. Note where the weak spot is and rearrange your defense to prevent this from happening ever again. If they made it to the Safe once, don’t let them do it the second time around!

But that’s not all! By reviewing a defense report from the Alliance chat, you will also be able to view how the rivals were equipped during the attack. Note all the details — how the competitors moved, what did they use, and what have they lost trying to ambush you!


Learn from your rivals! It applies both to improving your defense layout and future attack tactics. 

Please remember that Gold Rush is starting off in the form of a beta. That means that this system will be getting evolved and improved along the way, so make sure to share your feedback on our social media! Join the fierce struggle and let everyone know about your experience!

Wishing you luck! You will need it in the Gold Rush 🙂