Update 3.2.0  — Spring Fair — Buffalo Jill’s show returns! Update 3.2.0  — Spring Fair — Buffalo Jill’s show returns!

Update 3.2.0 — Spring Fair — Buffalo Jill’s show returns!

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Ladies ’n’ Gents!

🎪 Hurry up to join the big spring event from April 22 (17:00 UTC) to May 9 (21:00 UTC)! 🎪

Buffalo Jill’s show comes back to Westland. Spring Fair is finally here!
Get ready to collect Eggs and have fun!

In program: unexpected encounters, memorable ranch souvenirs, new festive armor, weapons, and other staff. But that’s not the end — 3 time-limited game activities are also waiting for you at the Fair! 

Time to join the party!

Spring Fair


Road to the Spring Fair

Hey, ain’t that your good old friend in a fancy hat waiting for you at your Ranch? The rarity merchant, Fred Hatter, is back and ready to invite you to the new Spring Fair. The Hostess of the Fair, Buffalo Jill and her crew have prepared lots of festive stuff for you and other visitors. 

⚠️ Please note!

Your character must be lvl 30 or above to take part in Spring Fair! To participate in it and start the event questline, talk to Fred Hatter at your Ranch.

Collect Easter Eggs and win rewards! 

A spring without eggs is like a cowboy without his revolver!
Buffalo Jill still dreams of beating the record and collecting THE BIGGEST EASTER BASKET in Westland! Let’s help her finally reach her goal! 

Get Easter Eggs as a reward in Fair Activities and put them into the Easter Basket. Complete the event milestones and receive new epic armor and other festive rewards! 

Hurry up to the Spring Fair and claim your sweet prizes!

Meet Buffalo Jill’s crew!21220189-588a-4edf-8ffa-f4b9ef5f7838.jpg

 🎩 Buffalo Jill — Do ya think it’s easy to be a hostess of the show? It is not, cowboys. But Jill can do it! The crew respects her for her resourcefulness, and visitors appreciate her ... hmm ... acting talents! However, the most daring fans should remember that among Jill's traits is the title of the most dashing sharpshooter in the Wild West! 

If you need to speak to the boss here, call Jill. It was her idea to set the record for the biggest Easter Basket in Westland! This will definitely attract visitors to the Fair! Also, Jill is hosting the Wheel of Fortune attraction! 

 🎁 Fred Hatter and his Curiosity shop — Your friend, eccentric trader Fred Hatter, is once again ready to provide you with some unique stuff for a bunch of Spring Eggs. According to the rumors, he has some truly exciting items from big industrial cities for sale! Make sure to attend his Curiosity Shop once you get the chance!

 😘 Hannah Bunny — Jill’s lovely assistant. She is always ready to sign you and other cowboys up for participation in the Egg Hunt tournament. But do not forget — entering the contest area with a weapon in hand is strongly prohibited! 

 🎪 Quartermaster BriggsHe is in charge of all Fair’s supplies. However, he is in need of your help this time around. It looks like the wagon with food and drinks for the Fair is running late. This may ruin the party! Any volunteers to help convoy the wagons and save the celebration?

 🍺 Old Nick — Looks like the old hunter got drunk and can't even stand on his own two feet! He mumbles that the furious horned Jackalope will come for the Eggs! What a crazy legend!


This time, an important guest is also present at the Fair. And it is…

 📰 John Conrad — John is a sensation hunter, and quite an experienced one! His gut told him that the Spring Fair is going to be the talk of the month, so he rushed to it and even thought of a cool way to spice his article up. If only everything went according to the plan… 

Sensation hunter


Have you heard of John Conrad’s adventurous idea? It’s a shame that his plans are somewhat ruined. Unless someone will help him out… After all, John is ready to reward his helpers with something truly useful and festive!

John came to the Spring Fair to hunt for sensations. Knowing that it is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the season, he thought of making a colored print in his article about it. He struck a deal with a trader who promised him the Colored Ink, but… None of the purchased items have been delivered! What a treachery! 


Now you are John’s only hope. Of course, he thought of a reward for you, even though he lacks Silver at the moment. Bring him Colored Ink and he will give you some beautifully painted Eggs. Use them to progress in the Spring Fair event and claim cool prizes!

To find Colored Ink, keep an eye on the trader’s couriers traveling around the prairies. Teach their employer a lesson and get that Ink!

Egg Hunt


Let’s put the revolvers aside and have some pure fun! Time to meet sweet Hannah Bunny and sign up for the Egg Hunt. The rules are simple: Ready, set...eggs! Collect ‘em all before the time is up! Run fast, but make sure to watch your step. Laying down low in a funny pose won’t help you win!

  • Test your Egg Hunter skills in 3 different difficulty modes. 
  • 1 free attempt at event activity is available per day. You can purchase 1 extra attempt within 24 hours.
  • Complete the Spring Fair questline to participate in the Egg Hunt.

Show off your moves and get as many Eggs as possible!

Wagon Convoy


Do ya wanna have some snacks and booze? Oops, it seems that the wagon with supplies is running late. Talk to Quartermaster Briggs. He should know where it is! 

Prairies are always full of bandits. You’d better always be prepared for some unexpected encounters. However, where the danger lies, the profit hides! Mr. Briggs will be happy to reward you for convoying the Wagon while the Fair is going on… if you manage to stay alive. 

  • Convoy the Wagon with supplies to the Fair. Make sure it stays safe and sound!
  • 1 free attempt at the event activity is available per day. You can purchase 1 extra attempt within 24 hours.
  • Complete the Spring Fair questline to open access to this activity.

Ready your weapons and smash those bandits!

Wheel of Fortune


What about taking a small pause after convoying the Wagon and testing your luck? Spin the Wheel of Fortune, cowboy! 

You should already know the rules: one Chip — one prize!
Take part in Spring Fair activities on a regular basis and get more Lucky Chips! Spin the Wheel to get a new Epic backpack, coins, and other festive stuff! The new stylish backpack will definitely spice up your look — they say Jill won it in a card game from a cowboy named Luke. 

Test your luck and get yourself a Lucky Backpack!

Big Hunt


There are some creepy noises coming from the depths of the forest. Old Nick got drunk and scared off visitors with stories about the bloodthirsty Jackalope. Jill and the others are skeptical about these old hunting fairy tales. But no matter if it is true or not, you’d better keep your best shotgun reloaded. Nick has some Chips and Eggs ready for the brave ones to search the forest!

Get ready for the biggest hunt in your life!

New Ranch souvenirs, Epic armor, and festive weapons!


There is a souvenir for everyone at the Fair! Whether you will take part in the funny activities, help Jill achieve her dream by filling the Spring Basket, or compete for the top of the leaderboard, Jill has prepared goodies for each and every participant of the Fair!

Spring Fair Weapons — Have you ever tried shooting carrots from a crossbow? No? That’s your chance! 10 festive weapons are waiting for you at the Fair!

Jackalope Hunter Set — A new armor set for truly experienced Jackalope hunters! Get it and show everyone off who is the boss here!


Spring Fair Hats — Hats can make or break your look. With cool hats from the Spring Fair you will become the talk of the town! 

Gear — Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain useful gear to improve your Ranch!

Unique Ranch Decorations — A whole bunch of new items for your Ranch is waiting for you at the Spring Fair! Participate in various activities and make your Ranch stand out!

Fair Sweet — These festive sweets will help you roam the prairies of Westland for a longer time. After all, they provide you with Energy needed for your travels!

Jill worked hard on thinking and making the prize list. What do you think of it? Ready to get those sweet backpack, armor set, and Spring Fair decorations?

Healing items new recommendations

Health is a matter that should be considered first. With the Gold Rush on the rise, healing items have been reformulated to better suit the demands of the active Alliances!

According to Doc Douglas’ recommendation, some healing items have a short cooldown now. The dose makes the poison, cowboys! That means that the healing items will be healing you with time, not instantly. If you take 2 healing items at a time, the healing effect will last 2 times longer and etc. Doctor says it is healthier that way, and you don’t want to argue with a professional! 

Please note that if you are using 2 different items, the one that heals you more effectively will kick in faster. Even if you used a weaker healing item first, the power of the newly used one will overrun the first one’s action for a while. For example, if you use a Strong curative ointment and take an Ointment of rejuvenation right away, you will get the weaker HP boost first, all boosts from the tier 5 ointment next, and the remaining weaker HP boosts later.

Take care and stay healthy!

Other changes and improvements


  • Level 116New challenges are waiting for the strongest cowboys and cowgirls. The maximum player level has been increased. Be the first to reach level 116!