Update 3.3.0 — Clean-Up Update Update 3.3.0 — Clean-Up Update

Update 3.3.0 — Clean-Up Update

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Howdy, partners! After a series of big content updates, meet a clean-up patch with a number of helpful improvements inspired by your feedback!

In this version, you will get to raid upgraded neighbor ranches, experience a handful of Gold Rush enhancements, meet new wildlife enemies, and try out some other pleasant alterations!  

Let’s now get into the detail!

Howdy, neighbor!


You’ve been paying visits to your neighbors once in a while as a true nice fellow, haven’t you? Well, after all of those raids of yours, your neighbors decided it’s time to step up the game and make some changes. 

Any ideas on what they came up with?


Updated neighbor ranches’ design

They observed, made notes, and evolved! 

Your neighbors improved their own households. Some like their places neat and cozy, some prefer it minimalistic in decoration, but filled with traps to the bone. Your neighbors have their own tastes, and that’s what makes it even more interesting!

Explore all of the new neighbor ranch layouts — there’s quite a lot to see and loot!


Improved loot

Hey, who said your neighbors can not store some useful stuff at their ranches? They do, and what is more, the higher your player level, the better rewards are waiting for you in neighbors’ chests!

Of course, the better the reward, the better guarded it is. But why should that stop you? To arms, partner!


From now on, the cost of Cora’s services will depend on your player level. The more experienced you are, the cleverer your neighbors get. It becomes harder to get a lead on them, but the improved reward will make it all worth it! 

Arm up and see what your neighbors came up with! Raid the upgraded ranches and enjoy your rewards!

Gold Rush highlights


Gold Rush is in full swing, and it keeps getting better with the help of your feedback! Thanks to your messages and numerous fights occuring in Westland, a bunch of important improvements is being introduced into the game in this update.

Let’s get into them, shall we?

Visualization improvements

Some moments could have remained unclear, and these improvements will make it easier to understand certain nuances of the Gold Rush:

  • Take out direction — If you lift a Safe or a box, you will get a navigation arrow to show you where to carry it.
  • Reinforcement notification improved — You can now clearly see when the rival got their backup in the attack report.
  • Traveling by wagon disabled — Bringing your best weapons and armor to raid the rival Alliance base is a good idea. Whilst bringing your wagon to the heart of the furious battle is sort of questionable. It has taken a lot for you to get it, so it’s better to keep it safe and sound from a true battlefield.
  • Update required notification — Previously, you might have not been able to join the attack due to the game version being outdated on your device. Now, if this is the case, it is clearly displayed on the attack screen.
  • New Alliance member notification — If you’ve entered a new Alliance that is currently attacking a rival, you can not join that particular fight due to your novice status. The next battle is waiting for you, though!
  • No-steal notification — If you happen to steal nothing, you will get a notification about that in the attack report to avoid any confusion.
  • Accurate action display — From now on, your and your Alliance mates’ kills are correctly registered in the attack report.

Defense posts upgrade

The participants of the Gold Rush grow more experienced and smarter with each fight. Without evolving, one can not stay at the top of the game! 

Starting with this update, defense posts will be providing an additional boost to detection radius and armor durability. When an attack is expected, you can’t help but to become more alarmed! 

A new way to get Contribution points

In Gold Rush, a sharp-shooting cowboy is worth their weight in gold. If you contribute a lot to your Alliance both in attack and defense, it won’t remain unnoticed!

From now on, you will be getting Contribution points for your efficiency in Gold Rush battles. Make as much damage as possible to your competitors in both of the Gold Rush modes and show everyone what you’re made of!


Thank you for all your feedback regarding Gold Rush — it helps make Westland even more exciting and entertaining! New improvements will be introduced in the future, so your ideas, exchange of experience, and valid criticism are truly appreciated!

Shootout Spot improvements


Shootout Spot is one of the most beloved locations in Westland. After all, this is the best location to get Stable items at! And now, it is getting even cooler — with more variable surroundings and improved loot! 

The loot on the location is now corresponding to your player level.
The more experienced you are, the cooler items & equipment you can get! This change also affects the difficulty of the location, so make sure to prepare for a tough fight if you are of a high level! The backup bandits can call for may get especially nasty, so don’t let anyone get away!

Explore the location and enjoy the new sights! Share your feedback on the updated Shootout Spot on Westland social media!

New wildlife enemies


Ein Stain the Bachelor stated that new types of wild cats appeared in Westland recently. Is that work of evolution or is it climate change to blame? He is about to find that out!

While Ein Stein is still at work, just check these wild beauties out! Ain’t they adorable? But beware of their claws and fangs though — they can put you or your enemies in quite a danger! If you’ve invested enough points into Spirit, you will be able to tame these wild cats.

Hurry up to find the new feline enemies and befriend them!

Other changes and improvements


  • Level 117 — Get to the new heights!
  • Health and healing display update — Thanks to your feedback, Westland is getting better and more exciting all the time. Based on your requests, you can now see the impact of the healing items clearer. Your character’s HP is red, and the amount of healing you will get is indicated with green color.
  • Performance boost — A bunch of technical improvements for a more stable and enjoyable experience.