Update 3.4.0 — Down the Mississippi! Update 3.4.0 — Down the Mississippi!

Update 3.4.0 — Down the Mississippi!

Support Agent Support Agent


Hey, partner, can you hear it?

A distant roar of a Steamboat is calling for new adventures!
They say, once it sets sail, it will travel down to the Marshlands, an area full of dangers and secrets. Its sights will leave no soul unimpressed! Befriend an influential ally, sail down the river, and step foot on new land!

Repair the Steamboat and moor to the Marshlands’ shore!   

All Aboard!


It’s been a while since you’ve visited some new places, hasn’t it? 

The Saloon is buzzing with news about the Marshlands right now. They say, these lands are rich with valuables, and all the influential people and brave adventurers travel there to get their piece of the pie. Crocodiles, mosquitos, gloomy superstitions, and a bunch of threats won’t stop you, will they? Your opportunity to reach the Marshlands is now closer than ever!

Captain Michel Lourie is currently stuck at the bay. His Steamboat, La Belle, requires some repairs. Lourie is an experienced sailor, but he has quite a bad character. The only soft spot he has is his dear La Belle. Befriend him by helping him fix his Steamboat!

Hurry up to the Cap’n, cowboy, ‘cause the bandits laid their eyes on the goods stored on La Belle. Even if these items are somewhat suspicious, don’t let them rob the Steamboat! 

Get on Captain Lourie’s good side and get to the Marshlands! 

Meet Cap'n Lourie


Bonjour, boot! Need a ride?

Captain Lourie is one of the best when it comes to roaming the dangerous waters of Westland. He knows all shores and bays as his own five fingers. There is no better fellow to take you to Deepwater!

The life of a sailor is a tough one, and so is the Cap’n’s character. It’s not easy to deal with this proud man, but if you manage to become his friend, he can become a great ally in many ways. Adam McCoy can prove that — he struck countless deals with Captain Lourie. Who cares if they are a little bit… illegal? Keep it quiet and don’t make anyone out here angry. The insides of the crates stored on La Belle must remain a secret!

But no deals or sails can be made while the Steamboat’s boiler is broken. Help the Cap’n to fix it and in return, he will safely take you to Deepwater, a town in the Marshlands, where smugglers and lawmen, progress and gloomy superstition coexist side by side!

Keep your part of the deal, and Cap’n will keep his! 

Repair La Belle


Captain Lourie is tough to deal with, but he is a skillful and experienced sailor, who can take you to the Marshlands. But as all people do, he has a soft spot. He cares about La Belle deeply, and at the moment, his beloved Steamboat stands damaged at the bay. Just take a look at all that steam coming out of its stern! The Steamboat’s boiler exploded, and it is up to you to deal with it. Help the Cap’n fix La Belle and gain a helpful friend!

At first, the damage done to La Belle was mild, but the bandits made sure the Steamboat stayed in one place. Merde! Contact Adam McCoy, Cap’n’s old ‘business partner’, to get the rare Steamboat parts for La Belle. All the other materials can be processed at your Ranch.  

Hey, are you still here? Get to work then, La Belle can not fix itself!

Sail to Deepwater


Amidst the drying heat, the rumors of Marshlands are like a breeze of fresh air. New lands are always exciting to explore! Beware of the mosquitos though, because an old man at the Saloon said that they are the size of a sparrow there. But how can a bunch of overgrown insects stop you?

Your first stop in the Louisiana swamps and bayous will be Deepwater. A town filled with all sorts of people with their own sinister secrets and plans. Listen to all they’ve got to say and consider all their words carefully! Who knows what skeletons are hiding in their closets?

Prepare for the new adventures just around the river bend!

Neighbors’ ranches improvements


Thank you for the feedback about the latest change of the neighbor ranches, cowboys! Your active visits have made your neighbors reconsider their housing layout ideas. 

Based on your comments, messages, and mentions, a number of pleasant changes have been made to your neighbors’ homes:

  • Break me tender — Time goes on, and you learn some new tricks. Now you can break neighbor’s storages by dealing less damage to the stored items. Therefore, their durability will be higher when you loot ‘em!
  • No more Alcatrazes! — Labyrinths made of dozens of walls without windows and doors are no more. Cozy and lively layouts have taken their place. Though some of the neighbors still prefer something more fortified, they are in the minority.
  • Chests are back — A short-lived no-chests fashion is now gone. The chests are now begging to get looted!
  • Better rewards Seems like a few of your neighbors now own some better stuff. It’s time to make those goods yours!

Ain’t it all a nice reason to check how your dear neighbors are doing? 

Other changes and improvements


  • Level 118 — Reach the new heights!
  • Get into the detail — From now on, you’ll be able to see all the special loot you may find on a location right on its preview screen.
    Clan resources, gear, rings & amulets, and special items for completing collections (such as Stable) are considered special loot.
  • Item comparison UI improved — It is now easier to compare the items you/your character on Alliance defense is wearing with items stored in your inventory.
    — A green upward pointer indicates that the item in the backpack is more efficient than the currently equipped one.
    — By long-tapping on the item, the improved characteristics will also get highlighted with green.
    This way, the game will clearly indicate what item is better to equip at the moment! 
  • Smuggler’s name change — Being a professional in some shady business means being precautious and ready for drastic changes. If you need something ‘special’, look for Mal Baynolds. Heinrich Stolz is no more. 
  • Ein Stain’s note — Gustav Stain carefully read through the actual flora handbook and found a point that should be corrected. Some joker called Cypresses Larch! Just take a closer look, cowboy — it’s a cypress, not a larch. Ein Stain bets his bachelor’s degree on that.
  • What a scaredy-cat! — The red kitty is back in the city, but its striped fellow has run off somewhere. Where could it go?
  • Show off your moves! — From now on, if you crawl or get so drunk you get swinging left & right, other players will be able to see that in Silverton and at the Alliance base.