Update 3.5.0 — Explore Marshlands! Update 3.5.0 — Explore Marshlands!

Update 3.5.0 — Explore Marshlands!

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Howdy, partners! 

It’s time to embark on a journey and explore the new lands!
A new region on the Global map with a bunch of unique locations, new animals, new features and, of course, new enemies, is awaiting brave adventurers like you! 

Take a walk around Deepwater, a town that became home for all sorts of people. Most of them have some secrets to hide, and you will be unfolding them with time. Who knows where your investigations will lead you to?

Explore the Marshlands for rare resources and use them to improve your Ranch and equipment! Fight local cult followers & bandits, hunt or tame new animals, and meet the cutest swamp dwellers — raccoons!

Those of you who are fans of Alliance competition will gain even more fame and recognition from now on! Take part in the new Gold Rush Leaderboards — get guaranteed rewards both for your Alliance and yourself! Improve both your Ranch and your Alliance buildings — the last can now be further upgraded by 1 level!

And now, let’s get to exploring the Marshlands!

New region: Marshlands


Trade 2 steamboat parts a day instead of 1!

Adam McCoy found an additional supplier of steamboat parts and is now ready to trade more of those on a daily basis! That will definitely speed up the La Belle’s steam boiler repair process if you haven’t completed it yet.

La Belle is ready to leave the Pier, and what about you, cowboy?

New locations



The capital of the Marshlands is filled with all sorts of people, beliefs, and secrets. The lawmen and the smugglers are keeping a fragile peace, while the townsfolk are trying to deal with the local cult followers.

Take a look around and get used to the place!

  • Pier is where your journey in the Marshlands begins. Come here if you need a ride back up the Mississippi river to your Ranch. 
  • Shrieking Head Bar is the best place to go if you need food (both for yourself and your horse), drinks, and healing items. Marie Montana co-owns this place with her friend, Jean Laveau. You will get to hear more about this guy later. 
  • Marshall’s office — The previous marshall of Deepwater has gone missing on the swamps with a whole squad of lawmen. A new marshall has already arrived from the North-West, but he is not yet present in his office. Seems like it has something to do with the fate of his predecessor!
  • Sawmill — The sawmill was built by woodsmen from the North-West who came here alongside old marshalls. Sawmill’s owners advocate for progress, while the locals prefer a traditional lifestyle. Looks like quite a strained relationship!
  • Armor & weapons shop — No shop, no town, they say! One-eyed Jack owns the local store. Need some armor and weapons? Get ‘em here! Jack’s got the goods for all types of customers!
  • Cody Express Mailbox — Cody Express operates in Deepwater, too! In case you get a parcel, there is no need to get back to the Ranch to claim it. 

Marshlands are pretty far from Silverton and your Ranch. Interesting, is it possible for you to get a place of your own here?

Cypress swale


The swamps are the perfect region for the cypresses to grow tall and strong. Just take a look at this rich grove! 

Let your inner hunter out in this place — it is full of deer, black bears, panthers, and other animals! You can also turn them into powerful companions, making it easier to roam the area. Even the mighty alligators!

But wait a minute. What’s that creature splashing in the water?
Oh my, it’s a raccoon! What a sweet local dweller! Even if you felt the urge to cuddle it, you’d better not — it is a wild animal, after all! Appreciate the cuteness from a safe distance! 

Keep an eye on the bandits lurking around for precious resources! Better get those all for yourself, you know. 



‘Squish-squish’, your boots say… Moving around such a place is definitely a challenge! Even though you are not going to drown in here, you should watch your every step.

In the shadows of the Bayou, you can find rare and useful herbs to make healing items from. If, of course, you manage to get away from alligators, mosquitoes, and suspicious cult followers!

In time, you might find even more areas to explore around the Marshlands. But before moving forward, you have to become an expert at survival in the already available ones. 

What better way to do so than to learn more about the local flora and fauna?

Marshlands flora


Swamps, tall grass, mosquitoes flying all around… Your boots won’t thank you for all the dirt you’ll put on them, but in return, you can get various valuable resources both for yourself and your Alliance!

  • Swamps will slow you down, that’s for sure. There is no way to run when your feet are struggling in mud. Make sure no one is following you when you are trying to get through them — when you are moving slowly, you are an easy target!
  • Tall grass ain’t your familiar rare bushes. It’s easy to miss an alligator lurking in the green, so keep your eyes wide open and prepare to shoot! Who knows what else can be hiding in there?

There are a lot more dangers in the Marshlands than terrain features. Care to know more about them before diving in?

Marshlands fauna


The local dwellers aren’t picky about their diet and can always enjoy some fresh cowboy meat. Hope that isn’t a part of your plan!

  • American alligators — These flat and green inhabitants of the swamps have some really big jaws. Even though their limbs are short, when they are hungry, they can move pretty fast both in the water and on the ground. They are also big fans of chilling in the tall grass, waiting for their prey to step right into their trap.


  • Mosquitoes — They are small, but their bites are nasty. Being bitten will cause you to get twice less healing from the healing items. To deal with the flying devils, use a Repellent torch (it can be crafted at the lvl 5 Tool bench) or just… run. Not the most glorious way to fight them, but it will also do! You can also set mosquito nests on fire, if you are not afraid to approach those. Setting them aflame will ensure no more of these nasties will fly out of this nest!


  • Louisiana black bears — Bulky and massive, local bears are worthy competitors to alligators in the challenge of ‘who will eat that cowboy first’. 


  • Louisiana bobcats — Graceful, fast, and dangerous, bobcats are a threat to be aware of. Many brave travelers fell to their claws, but you will fight back with all your strength and win, won’t ya?


  • Panthers — Unfortunately, they are not Bagheeras, and you are no Mowgli. It will take a lot of Spirit points for you to befriend one of these black beauties, but in return, you will gain a strong companion who will help you fight off the local dangers!


  • Raccoons — Awww, the cutest little beings of the swamps! Aren’t they adorable?

All these creatures (except for the sweet Raccoons, of course) will stand in your way to the rare precious resources of the Marshlands. Don’t forget about the bandits and local cult members, too! 

But what can those resources be used for? Let’s find that out!

Gold Rush Leaderboard


With Alliances progressing in both mining and dealing with their rivals, it’s time for the next chapter of the Gold Rush to unfold. Gather your friends to challenge the new Gold Rush Leaderboard!

Gold Rush Leaderboard introduces a new way of getting Alliance resources, ensuring that every participant, both as an individual and a member of the Alliance, gets a guaranteed reward! 

Become more famous in Westland by raiding other Alliances, get more Gold Nuggets, and earn additional rewards for your combat skills and successes! 



From Tuesday 12:00 UTC to Monday 12:00 UTC, get qualified in the new Gold Rush Leaderboards and enter a win-win competition!

How do you take part in Gold Rush Leaderboards?
Steal a Safe with Gold Nuggets from your rivals!

Get more Gold Nuggets than your rivals to progress in Divisions and Leagues and get more rewards! It doesn't matter if you get your Gold Nuggets from the Gold Mine or from raiding the rivaling Alliance bases — both of these methods will do. The higher your place in Divisions and Leagues, the tougher the competition, and the better the rewards!

If you don’t make a single attack during the set time period, you won’t be considered a participant, even if your mine will be producing Gold Nuggets. 

What are Leagues, Divisions, and how can you get better rewards?
Find that info down below!

Leagues, Divisions, and Groups


All participating Alliances will be divided between 3 Leagues: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each League consists of 5 Divisions. Alliances within one Division are divided into Groups, consisting of 10 Alliance-competitors.

At the start, all Alliances will be distributed in 3, 4, and 5 Divisions of the Bronze League according to their Authority Score.

Your Alliance will have to compete with 9 others for the highest ranks within a Group. If you get to be the best, you will get promoted to the next Division! The competition will be growing stronger, but the rewards will be getting better, too!

Top Division 1 Alliances will enter the new League upon the Leaderboards renewal. For example, top Bronze 1 Alliances will start competing in Silver 5 Division, and etc.

To keep your position in the Leaderboards, your Alliance has to participate in the competition regularly. If you get to miss a few competitions in a row, your progress will get nulled and your Alliance will get back to the starting point Bronze 5 League.



This is where things get most interesting! All participants will be getting rewards, without exceptions! The higher the Division and the League, the better the rewards. 

The rewards you get for participating in the Gold Rush Leaderboards consist of 2 parts:

  1. Alliance buildings upgrade materials — a reward for your joint effort! Use it to upgrade your base and get more bonuses, gain more defense posts, and recruit more Alliance members!
  2. Valuable resources for each member of the Alliance — your personal reward for being a part of the competition! Do whatever you find better with those — upgrade your Ranch or craft some useful items!

From now on, Gold Rush Leaderboards become the only source of specialized Alliance materials income. So, participating in the competition and climbing higher in the ranks will serve both you and your Alliances well! 

⚠️ The launch of the fist Leaderboard ⚠️

The competition between Alliances will begin on August 3 at 12:00 UTC. Slick Johnny has told you that he will be away for a while to collect more leads. After all, it seems you all will need more than he currently has in stock!

While Johnny is gone, Gold Rush will be set on hold. Use this time to prepare your Alliance base and yourself for the future competition! Upgrade some buildings, craft weapons in advance, and don’t forget about the healing items. Get ready to show your Alliance’s strength off!

Psst, your previous successes in Gold Rush have not gone unnoticed. Soon, the announcement of the Gold Rush Challenge winners will be made. The new way of getting more rewards for participating in Gold Rush will now be climbing up the top of the Gold Rush Leaderboards!

Thank you for taking part in the challenge! Get ready to conquer those top places in the Gold Rush Leaderboards! 

Alliance Upgrade


Progress can not be stopped, and the same is the desire of upgrading your Alliance base. It feels like just yesterday you were only starting off building your mining towns, yet the brightest minds of Westland had already come up with ideas on how to improve your Alliance buildings! 

Each building at the Alliance base can now be upgraded by one level further. New looks for the level 3 buildings, improved Alliance bonuses, and an ability to recruit even more cowboys into your Alliance — it’s all up to you and your buddies now!

Use the pause in Gold Rush to further upgrade your Alliance base. Every upgrade matters when it comes to tough competition!

Level 3 buildings


From now on, you can upgrade Alliance buildings up to level 3! This will allow you to recruit more Alliance members, restore more Energy, and most importantly, get more Gold Nuggets!

Hurry up to upgrade the buildings and gain more bonuses! 

Alliance resources’ changes


Time goes on, the world changes, and special Alliance resources (Blankets, Playing cards, Stacks of paper, Copper reels, Blasting machines, Creosote) are now found and used differently. 

  • Construction of level 1 buildings no longer requires Alliance resources, making it easier for new Alliances to start off. 
  • The number of resources needed to upgrade buildings to level 2 has been adjusted. 
  • Alliance resources can now only be received as rewards in Gold Rush Leaderboards (except for Coffee, it can still be found on locations). 

Gold Rush changes


Experienced cowboys learned how to find Gold Nuggets even in the tiniest and unremarkable Safes. 

From now on, the number of Gold Nuggets inside Alliance Safes is always equal to or higher than Alliance’s Gold Nuggets daily income (without the Blasting works bonus). And that means that you will surely get Gold Nuggets for a successful raid! No more empty Safes standing around lively places!

If there is less Gold Nuggets stored in the rival Alliance safe at the moment of the attack, the rival Alliance will get into debt it will have to repay before getting an income from the Mines once again. 

There is nothing a good fight can’t fix, though! Counterattack the competitor who managed to steal your Gold Nuggets, and get a chance to seize even more of those during the raid.

Ready your revolvers and set your hats straight — it’s up to you to decide who wins in this fight!

Store more!


The engineers from the cities far, far away found out how to increase the capacity of crafted chests and shared their knowledge with Westland cowboys. Upgrade your Ranch chests to a new level and increase their capacity by 5 slots! 

You can now also stack Dynamite, meaning it will take fewer storage cells to keep and craft it at the Ranch! 

Ain’t that a good reason to travel around Westland and get more rewards and resources?

Ready, set, go!


Woah, all those new areas, enemies, and opportunities are quite a handful! What will you start with, cowboys? 

Will you rush to explore the Marshlands, sort things out at your Ranch first, or get to upgrading your Alliance base to protect and secure your Gold Nuggets?

Pick your priorities and good luck in everything you are about to do!