Update 3.5.2 — Deep Secrets of Deepwater Update 3.5.2 — Deep Secrets of Deepwater

Update 3.5.2 — Deep Secrets of Deepwater

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Howdy, partners! How about spending a weekend in a cozy swamp?

Adam McCoy offers even more steamboat parts to help you repairing La Belle! Trade 3 Steamboat parts a day instead of 2! 

Captain Lourie is ready to deliver you to the Marshlands twice faster than before. Your tour will include strong drinks (a whole warehouse of booze), a wild party with lawmen and cultists, a visit to the Salt mines, and the showstopper— the hungry and dangerous spirit of Letiche!  And if you decide to stay here a bit longer you will be able to buy a small vacation home.

Sounds like an adventure time, doesn’t it?

And that's not all the news, from now on, you can transfer your progress between platforms to play Westland wherever you are! Let’s dive into the details!

The Curse of Letiche


Holy smokes! The guy in the white hat in front of you seems to be pretty angry and concerned. Perhaps he’s got a headache? Oh yes, he does! He is Barnes, a new marshall of Deepwater. And the cause of his headache is ‘old Deepwater's marshall disappeared with a whole squad of lawmen’. Too many marshalls for such a small town!

But when it rains, it pours. A cruel creature has killed a sawmill worker! Other loggers are scared and believe it was the spirit of Letiche, a monster from the legends. Sounds too much even for the experienced lawman. Marshall Barnes needs your help to deal with all the troubles happening. 


Will you dare conduct a detective investigation, full of mystery, various hungry beasts, and other deadly opponents? Investigate the new side storyline and uncover the mysteries of Deepwater!

New Locations


Marshlands are rich not only with mosquitos but also with marble, nickel, and salt! In case you are not afraid of collapses, Salt Mine development may sound like a good idea. But there is an even more dangerous place in the Marshlands. It is Cultist Сamp. Locals flinch at the mere mention of this place. 

Salt Mine


Many years ago a foreign company bought papers for the land to open a Salt mine here. The idea seemed brilliant. The mine was rich not only with salt but with other valuable resources. Miners dug deeper and deeper. But one day the swampy soil caused a collapse in the mine. Many people died. The darkness swallowed them. Nobody wanted to work there anymore... 

The Salt mine was abandoned for many years. But it is still full of salt, marble and nickel. They say strange noises have been coming from the mine lately…

If, or it’s better to say when, you will visit it grab not only pickaxes but some guns as well. Big guns!

Cultist Camp


Bandits can’t scare an experienced cowboy like you. But the Cultists are not just average outlaws. They are dangerous, they are weird, and they are terrifying. Headed by their mysterious leader, the skull-headed Rougarou, they became a power to be reckoned with in the region.

The one to raid their camp is a true hero or even a worse psycho than the cultists themselves.

But you will try, won’t you? So, make sure to put on your best armor, arm your best weapons and prepare for a serious fight! 

Vacation Home


There are so many things to do in the Marshlands! You’d definitely appreciate having a place to rest and store your loot in Deepwater, wouldn't you? 

Captain Laurie mentioned there is an empty shack near the pierce! It’s not a cottage of course but…Geez, what is the strange altar inside that smells so weird? You should remove it and renovate the house before moving in. There is no way to live there while it stinks so much! Estimate the number of materials you need and get to work, cowboys. Your vacation home won't revamp itself!

Please note!
Vacation home questline will become available only after a certain moment of your swamp adventures!

New powerful Gear for your Ranch


The more traders and smugglers visit Westland, the more active and shameless bandits become. Outlaws rob caravans and steal literally everything that seems to be valuable. 

They say you can now find new useful Gear in the Bandits’ Camps:

  • Emery Wheel — improves damage or durability of the crafted weapons (rifles, revolvers, knives, or sabers).
  • Riveter — improves defense or durability of armor parts (hat, jacket, pants, or boots) for you or your Alliance Defender in Gold Rush.

All new Gear may vary by tier (3, 4, and 5) and rarity (common, uncommon, and rare). So the best one is definitely rare tier 5 Gear!

Currently you can find Gear only in the Winter outpost, Interfluve, and the Cult’s Camp. It seems like you have one more serious reason to visit the cultists’ base!

Cross-platform experience


Are you planning to change your device, partners? 

If yes, it’s likely you want to transfer your progress. No matter the platform or device, each cowboy means a lot to the world of Westland and the development team. We want you to keep enjoying Westland no matter the technical nuances!

So, starting with the 3.6.0 update, you will be able to transfer your progress between various platforms!

Supported login methods (might vary between platforms):

  • Facebook 
  • Telegram

This is just the starting point of the cross-platform experience.


Transfering your progress is easy:

  • Run the game on your old device and open the Settings menu.
  • Push the “CONNECT” button to link your account to Facebook or Telegram.
  • Download the game on another device, run the game, and open the Settings menu.
  • Push the “CONNECT” button again to restore your progress!
  • You will be asked to choose between your new account and the old one.
  • Choose your old account and continue your adventures on the new device! 

Now you can easily transfer your progress between your mobile devices or even enjoy Westland Survival on PC! 

Please note!
You can keep only one account on your device. In case of any difficulties, Westland support team is always ready to help you!

Other improvements


  • Chat on peaceful locations — now you can talk to other cowboys not only from the Global Map or the Alliance Base but from other peaceful locations like your Ranch, Silverton, Deepwater, Native American Tribe, Wandering Traders, and Traders’ House.
  • Red wolves have been discovered in the Marshlands — beware of these dangerous carnivores!
  • New Bandits’ Stash — it seems like bandits found a better place for their Stash. Wait for the bandits to attack your Ranch, kill’em all, find the map, and enjoy visual improvements of the location!



Sounds huge, doesn't it? So what are you waiting for? Captain Lourie has already opened a few bottles of rum to celebrate the start of your new adventures. It’s time to uncover the deep secrets of Deepwater!