Update 4.1.0 — Happy Halloween Update Update 4.1.0 — Happy Halloween Update

Update 4.1.0 — Happy Halloween Update

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🎪 Buffalo Jill’s show is back to Westland! 🎪
Participate in the festive activities from October 21th (17:00 UTC) till November 7th (21:00 UTC) and get a chance to obtain thematic weapons, armor, and chests! 

📜 This year, in programme:

  • 3 unique time-limited game activities; 
  • 30 boo-tiful festive weapons, armor, thematic Ranch decorations, as well as other memorable rewards, including new never-before-seen items! 

Among all the fun hides a danger. Unholy spirits are messing up with the organization of the Fair! Don’t let them succeed! Help Jill beat them up and ensure the safety of the Harvest Fair.

Get in the mood for some thrilling adventures and exciting festive activities! 

Harvest Fair


How to get to the Harvest Fair?

Just look who has came to your Ranch once again! Fred Hatter, the rarities merchant, is once again asking for your assistance. The deal’s of a great importance, so don’t stand still!

Spirits, werewolves… it seems the unholy powers plot something against the Harvest Fair! It’s time for you to take action, cowboys!

⚠️ Please note!
Reach level 30+ for Fred to come to your Ranch and start the festive questline. 

Collect Pumpkins and win spooky-good rewards!

Jill’s dream about brewing the BIGGEST CAULDRON OF PUMPKIN PUNCH is stronger than ever! Collect spooky pumpkins, throw them into the Cauldron, and get festive rewards for helping Jill! 

👂 Psst, some great news for ya!
Previously, you’ve been able to get Pumpkins only as a reward for participation in Festive Activities. This time, you’ll be able to find them by simply roaming the locations of Westland as well! 

More Pumpkins for the Punch — more rewards! 

Meet Buffalo Jill’s crew!

All the familiar faces gathered at Jill’s camp. Let’s recall everyone in a few strokes, shall we?

🎩 Buffalo Jill — The one and only hostess of the show, the bright mind behind the whole Fair, and a great sharpshooter! Speak to her to test your luck in the Wheel of Fortune.

🎁 Fred Hatter and his Curiosity shop — Good ol’ Fred wants to help Jill achieve her dream and will sell you some truly spooky-god items for Pumpkins. Keep an eye on his stall! 

😘 Hannah Bunny — Hannah signs up Fair visitors for the Pumpkin Hunt. She’ll make sure you follow the rules, so don’t get on her bad side! Despite her charming fragile looks, she can teach you quite the lesson!

🎪 Quartermaster Briggs — Briggs is responsible for the supplies, organization, and order. He keeps everything in place here. However, he has to admit that he needs your help in some out-of-camp matters to ensure the safety of the Fair visitors.

Harvest Fair activities

Ready, set, go! Jill always makes sure the visitors of her shows get a lot of things to do. Every cowboy will find an activity of their desire.
It’s worth participating in each and every one of them!

Pumpkin Hunt


To the highlight of the programme! Pumpkin Hunt is a truly exciting contest for showing off the swiftness of your hands. Sign up by speaking to Hannah Bunny and collect as many juicy Pumpkins as you can! 

📜 Time to break down the conditions and rules of the competition!

    • 3 difficulty modes are available right away!
    • You get 1 attempt per day for free. You can purchase an additional attempt in 24 hours if you are up for it!
  • Complete the Harvest Fair Event questline to unlock the activity.
  • No weapons are allowed on the field of competition!

Get yourself together and show them how it’s done!

Nightmare Train


The Harvest Fair train is in danger! Some gloomy raiders dared to attack it and will stop at nothing to rob the passengers. Unless you step up for them and deal with the bad guys! 

Catch up with the train and secure the passengers!

  • Kill all pumkinhead bandits attacking the train!
  • You get 1 attempt per day for free. You can purchase up to 2 additional attempts in 24 hours if you are up for it!
  • Complete the Harvest Fair Event questline to unlock the activity.

Quartermaster Briggs asked for your help not without a reason. What’s that, you ask? He believes in your skills more than anyone else in here!

Fearsome Gang


So all that weird talk about werewolves and spirits is lit? Fair visitors are afraid of those and the pumpkinheads, and where is fear, there is no fun.

Jill thinks there is more to it than simple superstition. Someone must stand behind this, and for whatever reason it is, they want to shut down the Fair! That won’t do!

Speak to Rick and investigate who’s behind the attacks!

Wheel of Fortune


Show must go on no matter what! Jill has taken the matter into her own hands and invites you to try out the Wheel of Fortune!

One Chip — one prize! Spin the Wheel and get special spooky goodies for yourself and your Ranch! 

How to get Chips? 

You can get Chips for participating in the Harvest Fair activities. The higher the difficulty of the activity, the more Chips you’ll get for beating it. 

A ton of festive stuff is waiting for their new owner, and who to become them than you? 

30 boo-tiful weapons, armor, and Ranch decorations!


Pumpkins are both tasty and useful. Harvest Fair Pumpkins are better as an exchange tool, cause they can grant you access to some boo-tiful rewards!

  • Pumpkin Hunter Armor Set — The main prize of this season’s Fair! A new picturesque armor set for the most extravagant cowboys. It does not simply look cool, it also gives you a cool bonus. The more pieces of the set you wear, the less the swamp speed debuff will affect you!
  • Dueling Bill — A rare spooky decoration for your Ranch is back! This guy played banjo quite well. It hid a secret though: there was a rifle inside.
  • Django’s Trick Backpack — No one will dare to peek inside this backpack. So, pretty much anything can be inside!
  • Pumpkin Buster Armor Set — Epic reward for an epic deed —  saving the Harvest Fair!
  • Whitecrest Armor Set — Limited Harvest Fair armor set for those who care about their style.
  • Halloween Weapons — Brutal and deadly. Effective for dealing both with the living beings and… not so living beings. 
  • Unique Ranch Decorations — Make your Ranch even more boo-tiful!
  • Halloween Candies — These sweets are not only tasty, but they also restore Energy, allowing you to travel more!
  • Uncommon Gear — A useful tool for any cowboy out there. 
  • Rare and Uncommon Rings — Their unique bonuses may aid you greatly in your future travels!
  • And other cool rewards!

What are you waiting for? Follow Fred to the Fair and get yourself some useful and stylish items!

Blueprint reroll


Some exciting news incoming! This feature has been highly requested and anticipated, and now it’s here! From now on, you will be able to Reroll the blueprint you opened!

📜 Some important details about rerolling: 

  • Rerolling is free and required to watch but one ad video!
  • You can reroll one blueprint per day.
  • You can reroll Common, Uncommon, and Rare armor or weapon blueprints. Epic, Event, Native American, and backpack blueprints can not be rerolled.

Isn’t that awesome? Go try this feature as soon as you can!

Alliances System Improvements


Gold Rush has taken the world of Westland by storm, and there is no going back now, only forward! There are a couple of new features in this update dedicated to the Alliances system. Let’s dive into them!

Get leads cheaper!

Slick Johnny takes pride in how much he earns, but even he is willing to make a discount to regular customers. From now on, the price of Johnny’s services depends on the number of leads purchased per day!

  • 1st lead will cost you only 200 Silver Coins!
  • 2nd lead costs 400 Silver Coins. 
  • 3rd lead is yours for 600 Silver Coins. 

This change will make it easier for the new Alliances to start off their journey in the Gold Rush leaderboard, as well as pump up the competition for already established Alliances.

Make the best of Johnny’s generous offer! 

Alliance base statue

Want to decorate your Alliance base somehow? We’ve got you covered! 

You can now build a special statue right at your place. It will indicate how far you have gone in the Gold Rush Leaderboard! Let your competitors know who they are dealing with.

The statue’s look depends on your Gold Rush progress. Both the Division and the League you end up in the previous Gold Rush competition affect the way the statue looks! 

Climb higher in the Gold Rush Leaderboard to see how the statue changes!

Hall of Fame

Worked hard to reach the top and want everyone to learn how cool you and your buddies are? They’re gonna know! 

A new memorial has been silt in Silverton. Doesn’t it look glorious? By interacting with the Hall of Fame, you can learn more about the most powerful Alliances in Westland! 

The flags of the Gold Rush Leaderboard leaders are also set on display on it. Each time the Leaderboard refreshes, the flags get renewed as well. There’s no chance to miss this breathtaking monument!

Feeling motivated to reach the top now? Good luck!

Other changes and improvements


  • Emergency replenishment — Feeling terribly hungry or thirsty? There is nothing in your backpack to satisfy the need? When your hunger or thirst meter gets low, you can now restore some points by pressing the ‘+’ button in the character menu. Take care, folks!
  • New offers — Silverton traders can now provide you with basic resources for watching ads. This will make the start of your journey in Westland easier!
  • Icons uniformity — Changed some icons here and there to make things clearer and more cohesive. 
  • Pet interface access — From now on, to view the pet’s interface, you need to open your backpack and tap the pet icon in the side menu. 
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to build the Bait workbench prior to completing the Pet House Project.