Lemme guess. You’re going to build a Wagon and wondering where to find Reins? Fortunately, Stableman Norris has one. You can find him in the Southern part of the Town near the corral. And he’s ready to share them with you… if you help him “a little bit”.

  • “Assemble an altar in Spirit Cave”. If your altar is assembled, then the task is automatically completed. 
  • “Activate Seal of Spirits”. If you do not have a seal, then you need to assemble it. Parts of it can be found in the Cave itself. After visiting the Cave, you must return to the Stableman Norris.
  • “Canyon Trials Myth”. There are also 3 sub-quests: to get to the Canyon, hold out 10 waves, and return to Stableman Norris. 
  • “Kill the Northern Gang leader”. The last thing you have to do is to get to the outpost and kill the leader of the gang. If you have not yet unlocked access to the Northern region, then you need to clear out the Snowy Pass. This is the final quest for the Reins. The stash map can be found on one of the slain thugs. After completing tasks and receiving the reward, try not to kill the impudent man who drove you along the prairie. 

Later, if you accidentally lose the Reins, you can also purchase them from Christopher Pick who stands not far from the entrance of the Town.