New tools are getting developed regularly, and one of those has finally reached Westland! Just take a look at this beauty. Think of the opportunities using binoculars can bring!

Adam McCoy has a new item to offer for purchase. For just 10 Gold Nuggets he will sell you Binoculars — a great tool to scout the area ahead. It can be useful both for Alliance scouts and ordinary cowboys. Pay him a visit and make sure to grab one!

Getting binoculars is a great move when it comes to scouting the layout of your competitor’s base. A cowboy with binoculars will be most useful as a scout for your Alliance. Send this lad ahead to learn more about the competitor’s defense and come up with an effective plan!

Equip the binoculars to get access to a zoomed out mode. Just take a look at what you can now spot! They tried to stop you with a sly tactic, but you won’t get into this trap now.

Each use of binoculars will wear them out, and their durability will go down. Don’t move and keep an eye on your surroundings — an attempt to change position or a sudden attack will kick you out of the zoomed out mode. Take care when concentrating on your target!