You need tools to get wood and stone. They get damaged with every hit. So make sure to craft at least a few of them. Low tier tools are less durable, and high tier wood is difficult to cut and stones are difficult to break. This means that even though you CAN break a marble rock with a copper pickaxe, you will probably need a lot of them.

blobid0.png Axe A basic tool for cutting trees down.
blobid1.png Copper axe A copper tool for getting wood
blobid2.png Bronze axe A decent axe made of bronze. No tree can withstand its might!
blobid3.png Iron axe Reliable and robust tool used for chopping all types of logs.
blobid4.png Steel axe A good, steel axe. The first choice of an experienced woodsman.
blobid5.png Alloy axe An excellent axe made of stainless steel. Even the mightiest trunks will fall!
blobid6.png Pickaxe Tool used for the extraction of stone and iron ore.
blobid7.png Copper pickaxe A copper pickaxe will work for mining ore and stone
blobid8.png Bronze pickaxe A pickaxe made of sturdy bronze is much better than one made of copper or stone
blobid9.png Iron pickaxe Reliable, durable tool used for the extraction of all types of stone and ore
blobid10.png Steel pickaxe A good steel pickaxe. Now it's time to hunt for gold!
blobid11.png Сarrot Pickaxe Doesn't seem practical for mining
blobid12.png Alloy pickaxe An excellent pickaxe made of stainless steel. It will serve you faithfully for many years.